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ANT DOG 3:16
On November 14th we celebrate the life of Kevin Anderson. Kevin was a CJBMX local who raced along with his son. Kevin battled cancer and passed away last week. But We will honor Kevin on Nov.14th 2010. We will have an Old/Mid School race. 10.00 entry fee, with prizes. We will also have a pro am, for those who do not have an old school ride. Rules for the old school
Canti –lever bakes are allowed for this race.
No euro no- thread less stems. No carbon fiber forks. No cassette hubs . (unless they are the old school version.)
Pro am
16 & over -10.00 entry fee- No cash prize, but we will have items to award the riders.
Let’s come together as one big family and support our fallen racer. Below is a list of the people donating prizes
chip N dale bikes
grove street bikes.
scarred4 life clothing.
Team Point Pleasant
Rennen -SC Action sports- Pork chop BMX

If you wish to donate please send all donations to
SC action Sports 2449 Route 9 North Howell, NJ 07731
Attn antdog/lisa heath- benefit race.
Thank you for reading this and if you choose to help we would be grateful.

If anyone wants to contact me is my direct email.
ANT DOG 3:16
Update we are adding a 26 inch wheel open as well.
ANT DOG 3:16
It's getting closer hope to see some people there from vintage.
ANT DOG 3:16
Sorry for not updating,I am back in school. Thank you to all the sponsors that gave product, There are more sponsors than listed I am waiting to get the list and there will be write up with pictures,
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