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A few years ago, I started something a little different and began doing these 1 Off Custom 26" bikes, that are Tribute's to the Earlier 20" Classic's.

I had 5 of these frame made, in which I panned to build differently as time and money would allow. The first is built on a raw frame with blue parts, that I use as a daily rider. The second (Blue Team) most of you may have seen; and this is the third. #4 sits idle on the rack, and #5 is now in Australia. (and being ridden)

I built this one up to mimic the Early 70's look. Rides like a tank@ 42 lbs, Get's plenty of looks in Town. Hope you enjoy it... drinks.gif


Frame: MM26-03 Custom based on 2nd gen OM
Fork: Mongoose KOS
Bars: JC Stainless
Stem: Mongoose Dbl-clamp gold plated/chrome clamps
Grips: Mongoose re-issue
Head-set: Stamped Mongoose
Bttm-Brkt: Stamped Mongoose
Cranks: Stamped Mongoose 180*
Pedals: KKT
Chain-ring: Stamped Mongoose 40
Chain: HKK
Seat: Mongoose suede
Seat-clamp: Stamped Mongoose
Seat-post: Custom milled aluminum w/custom engraving
Mags: Mongoose inspired Motomag's with Bendix 70 rear hub 18tooth gear and Shimano front axle
Tires: IRC 26"x2.125
Stickers: BMX Products re-issue Motomag sticker: compliments of Mongoose Drummer.

It would be interesting to see if those wheels could be made to be light, using actual cast magnesium.
It doesn't get much better than that. Would love to see those frames made available.
Solid aluminum post, with hand engraved Mongoose logo by my wife. happy.gif

The Mags are made from a solid slab of billet.

Parting shot.... going for a ride. cool.gif

Woody's Hot Rods
Wow! Another awesome build! I'm drooling!
Holy Sh*t !
WOW!!! That is a sweet looking cruiser!! biggrin.gif
That is an awesome cruiser!
GFR Industries
Probably the best retro I've seen! cool.gif
Please allow me to be the voice of reason here.

That "bike" (I'm ashamed to even begin to call it that...) is a travesty....HORRIBLE.....

You should get that thing boxed up and I'll have the UPS man pick it up and rid you of that eyesore. I'm willing to do that for you, no strings attached.....just the kind of guy I am.....


Of course I'm just playing....that's absolutely incredible.....

QUOTE (Btpd22 @ Sep 14 2010, 02:41 AM) *
Probably the best retro I've seen! cool.gif

Has to be. Everything on it is either OS, Retro, or custom made specifically for the project. Unbelieveable!
QUOTE (Roc @ Sep 10 2010, 03:41 PM) *
I had 5 of these frame made, in which I panned to build differently as time and money would allow.

It would appear that you have plenty of both; time and money that is.
All the frame details are so accurate.
It looks totally "factory" - they should have done them that way.

...and the CNC'd motomags are just insanity ohmy.gif
This is incredible. I had just posted about finding someone to make a goose pit for my little daughter.
Guess you could say I'm going crazy with the Dad/daughter matching toys. I have a '55 Chevy Bel-Air convertible and now
I'm making her a 1/4 scale replica of my car... smile.gif

Today I was going to ask if someone could make a 26" Goose for me to ride with her, and here one is!
(A '77 Goose was my first REAL bmx bike so they are sentimental to me)

I REALLY like your concept of building tribute bikes in 26" versions as I don't really ride 20" bikes these days.
The 26" motomags you made are super cool. Great job.

Over the years I've had just about every vintage bmx bike that I ever wanted including some really rare
cruisers. I sold all the cruisers because I never found one I actually liked riding.
Having a new 26" version of that I can actually ride really appeals to me.

Please PM me if you are interested in selling one or know where I can get one made.

Nice job Roc! 26" billet wheels?! Dig em.
QUOTE (IronHide @ Sep 30 2010, 11:32 PM) *
Nice job Roc! 26" billet wheels?! Dig em.

Holy cr@p ! ohmy.gif


Damnnnn you!!!!!!!!!!!
That bike is sick! you should have 10 made.. I would have bought one for sure.
Amazing job.
Really nice work, really good eye.
WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!! ooooooozing with coolness !!!!!!! I would so ride that !!!

Thanks everyone... biggrin.gif I have a few other different Tributes in the works. Maybe by the end of the year they'll be ready.
ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif beautiful!!!!!!111one
That is one beautiful build, great job.
For Sale! sad.gif
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