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Full Version: First Photos: 2011 Redline Flight and Proline Completes > BMX NOW > BMX Racing

Just posted a tidbit on BMX NEWS with six photos of the 2011 Redline race completes.

Featured in the piece:

2011 Redline Flight Pro XXL (the one in the video)

2011 Redline Flight Pro Micro

2011 Redline Flight Pro 24

2011 Redline Proline Pro XL

2011 Redline Proline Micro

2011 Redline Proline Pro 24 (above)

Check it at:


Redline's new color schemes appeal to my eyeballs. A couple observations... forks: Scythes are gone, right? Daggers to replace them? I like the red on the inside of the fork legs. cranks: 2-piece flights on the Pro XXL and Cruiser? 2-piece AL cranks on the flight micro? Handlebars: can they be done with that design yet? Is it just the look? I think most people I know have swapped them out with something bigger. Seat: Tioga Spider! Reducing weight all over the machine! Stock outta the box weight guess under 21 lbs? Frame tubing: looks interesting! a nice touch and also more weight reduction as described in the video that was floating around with the engineer talking about it.

two enthusiastic thumbs up!
I also like the colors. The bars are probably the standard factory cro-mo. If they added the higher quality butted Flight bars then the MSRP would just be higher. Too bad they didn't go with the Device cranks which are lighter and you can replace the spindle with a TI. The only other thing that needs to be upgraded would be the hubs. Then it would be the best out of the box without the need for any upgrades. I'm getting atleast 5-6 for our team.

Looks like the models that have Answer forks are running Scythes (with a new graphic, and custom Redline paintjob).
will the smaller size Flights sport the frame changes like we saw in the video?
So awesome... Have seen in person.

2-piece cranks
Tioga Spider
Scythe Forks
Killer Tubing

Getting a XXXL and an Expert in Sept
Scot F.
Dang it! So many websites are blocked on my work computer! First, I couldnt see the 2011 Redline Flight FB video, now I cant go to bmxnews to see the pics! They must know that BMX bike pics are like porn! biggrin.gif
Those new flights are hot to trot!!!
Jason F.
xxxl for my son for sure.
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