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Anybody know what this is? Model/year, etc.? I'm from the old school and have no idea....I bought it though to mess around on and get me off the couch. I'd appreciate the info though!
Bosanova Bill
It looks like an 05 based on the fact that it has an american BB and large sprocket. Model I have no clue but it should get you off your couch and riding again. Remember start slow!
Bill, I agree with misterskin, It is about a 2005.Not sure of the model because Hoffman has been through so many new riders. May be a new school Condor but not 100% sure.
I found it. It is a Rhythm EL-1, they made them from 2005-07 from what I found.


I actually went to the little local skatepark tonight. Maybe I am making excuses, but the park seems small and tight, not really made for bikes. But I am, nor ever was a ramp expert by any means. The 1//2 pipe seemed to be 8-10 feet wide. I was scared of flying off the edge of it. I did ride up it and launch onto the deck though I ice pick grinded the picnic table and 50/50 a short rail. It was good to be back on a bike. That bike rode real smooth and was real tight. It's brand new and I think it was just an unsold from a shop. I caught a deal on craigslist and only paid 85 bucks for it. Still has the little finger thingys on the tires. It's a little heavy, 32lbs I think. But its tight and real solid. Needless to say it has a scar or two now. lol (and my wrist hurts). Oh well, I'll play slow and ease my way back in.
picked my kid up a little redline too. it's a pretty cool little bike. some kid took the brake off and painted it flat black but I got it back to red with black bars and forks. looks pretty good I guess for a garage job. aircraft stripper works great for melting off the old paint. it's a good little tight bike too and real light and i only gave 30 bucks for it. i just need to find a u brake and lever somewhere. no bike shops anywhere around me : (
holler if u have an old set up laying around. i can paypal.
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