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I saw him racing the slalom at Sea Otter and he rips.
Without even opening the video I can tell you that he used to race BMX for quite some time... The name off the top of my head is brandon? When i started racing in like 96/97 he was killin it and was pretty damn fast back then, Ive seen lots of MTB stuff with him as of late.
Jason F.
wow, that is awesome.
This dude (a friend of mine) is also pretty rad.
Awesome, now just think of all the little things we complain about. Or should I say shouldn't complainn about.


Imagine having the worst time on your bike possible (bad lap, squirreled out, ate dookie, broke a part, etc.) and letting out your frustrations. Then, imagine this guy saying back "Yeah? I've only got one leg."

I saw him race in Vegas back in 97 or 98 and always remember the lap he had. He was solid third or fourth when the lead riders tangled and one slid out. This guy takes the lead and the ENTIRE crowd was on their feet cheering for him. One of the riders just nipped him at the line and my only thought was- 'dude, there's no way I could've taken that from him'. The reality was though that I never saw a more exciting race to this date and he was out front giving it everything he had, with the whole crowd cheering him on. Absolutely the coolest moment in my entire BMX experience.

That is awesome.
Pat Male.

The G.O.A.T. BMXer in my eyes.
Like Bill, I raced the 90's ABA national scene some & saw plenty of Pat at the races & the crowd loved him. If the race Bill is taking about is the one I'm thinking about it was featured on one of the "Crank" or "Pump" Fox TV shows at the time. It was a race like 14 novice & he had the lead till the last inch.
I had the chance to gate up with him in the late 90's in the 17 & over mixed open class & I always started sweating him knowing that he had mad skills once he got going. He was sponsored by Herdas Hotshots near the end of his BMXing days & the last I saw of him was around 00' or 01'? Great, great kid & was always very friendly. I'm glad he still rides & tears it up.

Here is some footage I took at the 99' ABA Reno nats. This footage doesn't do his racing justice but I can't find the other footage I have of him packed away somewhere.

I was going to save my "6666" post in here for something special & this thread is it. drinks.gif

that guy shreds. i wish i could ride like that with two legs
.He rides a CECIL JOHNS Grossman mt bike.
seen him shredding northstar last year. inspiring.
I remember seeing a kid at the ABA Grands in 96 or 97.. ripping around the track with one leg.. had the seat hiked all the way up and busting down the first straight.. wondering if the same dude??
that is what i needed to get the day off to a great start! good trails, cool music and one helluva inspirational story...kind of helps put things into perspective a little...
Little off topic: Back during the 2004 AMA motocross season at the Binghamton Ny national I seen a guy on a Yamaha with 1 arm gating in the 35 plus class.(amateur day Saturday) I Was shocked, he did not get a great start but he started charging threw the pack pretty good and was jumping EVERYTHING on the track. Next thing I notice was the cheering section that built of National pro's who were watching him.Nick Wey, Randy Valade Heath Voss,Grant Langston, Josh Woods, Kelly Smith and other were all watching in amazement at the guys skill and determination.

the human spirit in an amazing thing...

*not sure if this is the video, I you-tuded "1 armed New York Motocrosser and this came up..
Patrick was and is AWESOME!
AMAZING!!! good3.gif good3.gif good3.gif
wowww that is just amazing! Ive never seen or heard of him before but he is just plain awesome..he needs some more recognition!
HELL YEAH! We were just talking about him a few weeks ago, trying to remember his name. I remember seeing a news story on the local news about him (back in the Bay Area) in 95/96 maybe, he used to go ride trails too, its rad to see he is still riding.
I'm sure this is the same guy I seen race back in the 90's. Pretty amazing. Glad this thread came up as I wondered what ever happened to him. Glad to know he is still riding. Last time I seen him race was the NBL Grands back in the late 90's and yes he was good. Pretty inspirational...

When i saw him racing at Primm in 97 it was crazy to watch him. That was the only time I got to see him race live. I saw him make this crazy tight high low cut in turn two and go right in between two riders and make a pass. It would have been an amazing move for any rider. THe fact that he did it wiht one leg made it even more amazing. I remember when I watched him ride I thought he rode really well and had to actually look to realize he was one legged. Jsut glancing at him I didnt notice it. THat is how good he rode.
That's awesome that he is still riding...

People like him are why those of us with complete bodies should never use the words "I can't".

He is awesome.
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