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want to hear everyone's opinions and suggestion on a frame i have been working on for a few months now. i got some feedback over at a little while ago and want everyone's from here as well.

i won't go into all the details regarding the geometry but lets just say the rear is shorter than any normal cruiser and the head tube angle is slightly quicker than a normal cruiser.

sorry to be so vague on the's late here and will fill everyone in at a later date.

working on having a batch of 50 made and they will be 100% usa built. some will have 990 mounts and some will have v-brake mounts.

mine is set up with campy spec headtube and mid bb shell with 14mm dropouts,990 mounts and 25.4 seat tube

thanks in advance smile.gif

I love it... looks like a modern day Torker.
thank you for your comments smile.gif

i miss the old twin top tube frames so that is how the whole thing got started

currently there is a 26" version being built and a urban/street mtb frame is in the works

need to get more pictures but here are a few more

Bill Hayden
Really really nice!
That thing looks good. whatcha gonna sell it for?? whats geo on 26? gottag MTB show team going, looking for rides. let me know.
I'd like to see the 26 & know the geometry. smile.gif
I like this!
I think that is sharp!
thank you for the compliments everybody and i apologize for my late reply.

i change pictures every once in a while and you can see the bike here also.i had the geometry up but took it down for a little while.

you can also see it at

my friend is in the process i building the 26 as we speak. i had hoped to have it by now but he is really busy with other projects and kinda put mine on the back burner.

it should be built this week (fingers crossed) and then in my hands after he ships it to me.

i won't reval the geometry just yet but i can tell you it will have a fast headtube angle and enough clearance for barspins and other worries about the wheel hitting your foot when the bars/forks are backwards.long enough toptube also smile.gif

the rear will be short and tight as well.

basically it will be slightly bigger than the 24" pictured above and use all the same features like mid bb shell,990 mounts and 14mm dropouts.,etc..

believe it or not i have had horrible luck with finding a builder in the usa that said they could do the work. it has nothing to do with money or how many i want built either.all of the top companies you can name that make made in the usa bmx frames gave me some kind of story. one company flat out told me they could not bend the seat stays and asked if the builder who built my first frame would be interested in doing the seat stays then they would weld the rest. i thought they were joking at first. they were serious.

the next company told me they could do it but wanted to do it their way and do the chainstays completely different than i asked for.

another company offered to sell me their cruiser frames and put my decals on them

the list goes on and on

there are two companies i did find that can and will do the work but are busy at the company is in canada while the other is an individual that builds custom one off frames and said when he has time he can build me a batch.

the bad news is that with either builder i choose it will cost me roughly $350 per frame in raw with no paint .

i am buying insurance and everything else i need to be covered but not sure how many people would buy a frame in the $400-$450 range? i don't think too many would. i can't blame them either.even selling them at this price i would not break even but i'm still going to give it a shot.


stoked on your twin-top tube Torker / Haro Master influenced 24" !!

i have a 97 or 98 Torker aluminum 24". this morning decided to put my full sized Odyssey 4x4's (8.5 rise). reminds me how
in the late 80's there was a huge cruzer scene in Austin and i remember a lot of people putting full size Redline Forklifters on 24"s.
also reminds me of being 12 and learning boomerangs on my '87 Master.

* 44 X 18 gearing
* Odyssey Excalibur 1 piece cranks -- the only 1 piece that didn't immediately bend.

setup kinda reminds me of Kuahara or Redline.
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