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I heard of an instance here recently that got me thinking. and let me preface this by saying that i'm not trying to stir anything up with anyone in particular here. Just curious about local track rules at different tracks.

At steel wheels, it doesn't matter if you are a factory rider or not, you can be rostered on whatever team you wish and can be used on the team sheets. There are some tracks that disallow factory riders from being on team sheets. To me, this just gives another reason for the top riders to not race locals. I don't really see a good reason for not allowing them to be used as long as you have rules in place regarding team jumping and such.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
I guess it all boils down to keeping the local teams open to guys that can't quite get a factory sponsor. Why let that factory rider take a spot away from a kid that can't get to that level, but wants to be a part of a team?
ABA team rules only apply to National races. If you have a multi point race at some local track and want to put a sheet together for the event, you can put whoever you want on your sheet as long as they agree to it. No rosters, no matching jersies, no 4 month blackouts.
In Minnesota this year most tracks have come together and agreed to run a state wide team and pro series in conjunction with the state races and the state finals. We have broken things into divisions so that it keeps the series fun and interesting for all levels of riders. While I agree that there are no set rules to how you run your race in my opinion if you want to keep kids involved you need to be creative in how you structure the team sheets. Where is the fun in it for a group of local riders going against a team of factory riders who may or may not have nag plates. It is my guess that this is why the ABA has different classes of teams and riders. I guess unless your offering huge pay outs it is still for fun. Find a good way to involve as many as you can and engage your community of riders then all will benifit. Just my 2 cents.
ANT DOG 3:16
I had my buddy danny smith on my state team for 2 years. He is factory roadkill.
I guess it all boils down to keeping the local teams open to guys that can't quite get a factory sponsor. Why let that factory rider take a spot away from a kid that can't get to that level, but wants to be a part of a team?

I do not think that the factory rider would taking away a spot from another kid. More over he would just be on the same team. He may be used on the team sheet more often than the non factory, but they would both still be on the team. At least I would hope so.

As far as not being allowed to run on a local team sheet, I agree with obsessive, just another exclusionary rule that would, in my opinion, deter the factory riders from participating, although if a rider wants to race he will regardless of team affiliation.

Just my .02, interesting topic Obsessive.
I think it sucks the fun out of locals. Most local non factory teams think it's worthless to compete with factory teams........that's why they are bike shop or trophy teams to begin with. I also believe it sets a bad example. It's putting a ringer on the team. So do these factory riders have two different team jerseys? How would their sponsors feel if they weren't represented at ALL races they attended. Personally if I was a sponsor of a factory rider I would expect that rider representing at all races and even practices where there is exposure.

Just my 2 cents smile.gif

Brandon your point assumes that if factory riders are eligible locally that it would leave other kids off of teams and also that the reason for picking up riders is for team sheets. I think if you polled the local teams out there that 90% would say the local team sheet has nothing to do with why they would pick up a rider or not. So, in my opinion, its not taking away a spot from a local kid who may be less talented.

Also, if factory riders are allowed this doesn't mean they will all be on the same team. All this being said, if the local track was blessed enough to have alot of teams and good riders, you could run two divisions. you can also get creative with your scoring structure as well to level the field.

And on a side note, kudos to the Minnesota peeps who just seem to keep raising the bar in the Midwest.

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