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drinks.gif Calabasas Park is the place where we all grew up on these BMX bikes. This spot has been used since the early to mid 70s. It was a creek bed that was carved out over time by BMXers and mother nature into a most insane riding spot. That was finally bulldozed by the city.

Amid the outcry, from such people as Ryan Nyquist and others that park was rebuilt. Not to its former glory, but to the standards of todays X Games. It is a place that holds rich history in our minds.

Suffice to say, this will be our best yet by far. I will begin your award for distance traveled. Lol. There will be bike judging, a big air contest and some very special guests. This is looking like a reunion of old Norcal freestylers and the like

May 1th event...Registration 10 till whenever (Dusk?).....10-12, 12-2:30 judging (by public votes), 3pm Awards presentations....Bring family, friends, bikes for show, parts sell and trade, BBQ, Picnic, etc. come early to get a good spot!
Late Yr.

6 more days laugh.gif are you coming popcorm1.gif
QUOTE (ncbbmx @ Apr 25 2010, 02:24 PM) *
6 more days laugh.gif are you coming popcorm1.gif

Im back LIK
Well, I'm a new oldschool guy around the forums and to the Bay Area, but I will be coming to browse. Won't have any bikes ready for this year. But will be looking for parts. Will also bring a camera and take some photos.

Very surprised there's not many responses to the posts for this event. Events in a small town in MI get lots of attention, but millions live in the Bay Area and its like crickets. Can't all be out riding in this weather. wink.gif

QUOTE (ncbbmx @ Apr 25 2010, 01:24 PM) *
6 more days laugh.gif are you coming popcorm1.gif

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