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To All You So. Cal Vintage Dudes!!

We hope you can join us for our 3rd Lengendary "Street Ride" from HOLLYWOOD to DOWNTOWN L.A.!! If you missed the last ride, we were 90+ strong!! All BMXers mane!! Check the reviews!!

"That night was bitchen.Met some cool heads and there was a ton a crazy rad bikes! But at the end of the night ,where was I at?Standing on Hollywood Blvs,eatin pizza at midnite with MR.GREG HILL!!!!Man not in a thousand years could I think something like that would ever happen."-LIVE TO RIDE

"Didnt know LA did it like that! must come out to more rides around here.
90+ headcount. crazyness."-Rainer(From San Deigo)

"The whole experience was awesome!"-acuzerfdw

"Damn, that was one fun azz ride! I can't believe you gathered all those BMX riders together like that. It was like the BMX version of Critical Mass...nothin' but BMX bikes!"-reservoir.grizzly (from San Diego Mane!!)

"It was sick taking over the streets all deep like that... "-WhiteBear78

"too bad the video and pics don't show us rollin' 60 deep like a swarm of hornets through downtown flying though red light intersections at will. that was insane!"-sourrox

The route goes as follows THERE'S BEEN CHANGES; First we meet at the Hollywood/Highland Subway Station at 7:00pm on March 13th 2010. We "Roll Out" at 7:30!! BE ON TIME!! Then we bunny hop and wheelie our way down to Wilshire Blvd. and stop at CVS for some diet cokes and energy bars. We'll be there for 15min. Then we "freewheel" over to the Macarther Park Skate/Bike Spot for a quick meditive breathing break, while the upbeat dudes do tricks!! We'll be there for 25min. After we work our way to a Spot on Bixel and 4th to regroup for the hill mane!! Then it's to 4th street, that's right chromies, 4th street where we hit a sweet, long down hill, winding over the 110 freeway and into the heart of downtown!! It's a total rush mane!! Trust me!! We'll cruise Downtown for a bit before grabbing a quick drink then back to Hollywood Via Subway!! We are sure to be there by last train back!! THEN JUST ADDED, whoevers down we'll shoot to PINK'S HOTDOGS(we've had lot's of requests!!) for a late snack before calling it a night!! This ride will be MEDIUM paced and at night. So no "slow pokes" Tune and test your bike and bring your lights, tools, bike locks, ect. No rider will be left behind!! HIJACKER'S WILL BE DELT WITH POST 911 STYLE MANE!! This ride is for the extremely "Cool" and "Fly" Only!! No Drama!! And Absolutley NO SPANDEX!! There's plenty of rides for the "spandex guy"!! Just cool dudes, in a cool city, on some cool bikes!! So we hope to see all the usual suspects there, Boog Knight, The Kernal, Weas, Sweets, Shags, Da G RYD, Greg Hill, Relic, LIVE TO RIDE, Sourrox, The Masked Crusaders, Todd Lyons, Canoe, Kristeven, JasonGT, joefromlynwood, eastlosbiker, no100sy, Frank250, ect!! So polish up the chrome and we'll see you there!!

Love, Peace and Chain Grease!!

The 4130 BMX Club!!

peep the videos from the last ride!! IT"S OUR NIGHT TO SHINE!!
well fellas guess what?!! tonight i went over and met da g ryd and relic at greg hill's racing clinic in whittier. what an experience!! i didnt ride due to an injury but got to see what was going down and guess what?!! i totally recomend this clinic to all interested. tonight they were working on flying out the gates. and i'll tell you this, getting racing tips from a legend is awesome. made me think of when i got to go to the michael cooper basketbal camp as a kid. you better believe you'll catch me at these clinics in the future!! i can use them... hope to catch some of you chromies there too!! here's the info!!

plus i hear gregs having an "old school day" for us more sophisicated dudes on april 3rd. stay tuned for that. but untill then, we have a subway series to ride mane!!

ohh yeah... mr greg hill will be at the ride saturday night... +2
the group shot from the last ride!!

whats up bmx'rs!! here's a itinerary of the "Subway Series" ride!!

meeting place; Hollywood/Highland Metro 7:00pm DONT BE LATE!!

roll out!! 7:30 but NO LATER than 7:45pm.

1st stop; CVS Wilshire and Western before 8:30pm., 15min stop.

2nd stop; Macarther Park Skate/Bike Spot before 8:50pm., 20min stop.

3rd stop; Bixel and 4th at empty gas station. before 9:10pm, till everyone catches up.

Then it's the Hill Mane!!

4th stop; Chinatown!! before 10pm. stop for a drink and chill. 30min. stop.

Then we'll cruise by Olvera St. before hopping the "Subway" from Union Station back to Hollywood. leave before 11pm.

We'll exit the subway at the Hollywood and Vine Station. Cruise Hollywood Blvd. then down La Brea to World Famous Pink's Hot Dogs!!

It's going to be great fun, I SWEAR!!

a motivational track for the day!! you're going to dig this... it's right up our alley!!

see you chromies tomorrow night!!

gotta go, know why?!! cause i need to polish my ELF for the ride mane!!

Well chromies, we did it again!! THANKS TO ALL THE DUDES and GALS WHO SHOWED UP FOR THIS RIDE!! 94 was the official bike count!! super dope ride!! more to come, photos, video, ect!!

heres the pics i got!!

the bikes!!

so many cool bikes!! so many cool dudes!!

the peeps!!

lots of good times!!
next ride!! april 10th!!

see you chromies next month!!
peep the new video after the jump!! it's dope!! i swear!!

next ride april 10th!!
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