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We bought my son the 18" Hoffman Scarab.
I swapped out the seat and post to a McNeil and that saved 1/2 pound.

the bike weighs 25.5 pounds now, think I need to get it a little lighter.
already has plastic pedals.

I have ordered a new Fly stem for it.

any other ideas?


I'm currently rebuilding my son's Hoffman Rhythm 16.

We started at 26+ lbs and my goal is ~20lbs..I'm going all out on this thing.

Those stock seat/posts are heeeaavvyy man. We dropped 500g by switching to a eastern pivotal seat with thermalite post. Next big things are wheels and crank/BB and sprocket for us.

Check out he got some really sick 18" wheels on there.

Good luck.
Hey thanks!
I am thinking you and I are the only ones reading this section.

We also have an Intense 16" we got down to 20lbs. I will get a pick of it and post up here.
Its his "racing" pit bike though. LOL

Cool, I'll get some pics up too!
would be easier, if there were 16" and 18" folding tires.

i would ditch the pegs and gyro. it would save weight and the kid could focus more on the basics.
as you know, not much choice on tires, we don't have pegs on it, was thinking about keeping the gyro for him, but could take it off for now.

My other choice it to put some racing parts on it, bars and cranks. Not sure how long they will hold up though.


personally, i'm NOT a fan of 48 spline cranks, but this might be the best option in your case:
you can get profile crank arms with a ti spindle. that way you would have to swap out the arms only, whenever your kid outgrew the shorter arms.

for example ... got there:

... and try this:

41D8, $20 off $80 or more

or if the code doesn't work, pick one from this page:

if you were to invest in a profile mini race rear hub, you might even get away with a flatland sprocket and a lighter racing chain.

i can't really see, which brake you have there, but if you want to save a few more gramms you can get this one:

they are front brakes, but work very well in the back. if you don't like the color, you can strip or paint it. ... or pay $45 more to get them in a different color. wink.gif
Jason F.
a Uni seat will make it a good pound lighter, that seat and post have to weigh at least 1.5lbs if not more.

drill some holes in it. serious. come on, its a 16 inch... its not like he is gonna do 6 foot airs and case, or somehting.
I drilled all kinds of holes in my stem, brakes, lever, seat, seatpost, etc.... it crazy how much you can lose. I ended up with over a pound and a half. lol.
actually Woody, its an 18".
He is a racer, so we are always looking at weights. lol

the goal is under 25lbs so we will have some fun swapping parts out to see what we can do.

i would look in to the UNI seat & seatpost combo. i used to ride a race bike all the time for street and ramps. bike was a 20 inch weighed 21 lbs.
Definetly a Uni Seat.


We got a Redline Pit Boss too. Just less than 15# and perfect for my 47 lb 5yo at the Parks and Trails to throw around.

I would't put my 7 yo on it though. It's definately more Race inspired than Trail/Park.

Some may argue that the Groms could never reach it's limits. I disagree. Kids...small ones....these days can shred, especially when you have a couple older guys who are teaching and challenging them to go bigger ond boost sheeeit.

I would think this guys kid is way to big/advanced to ride that RL in the parks safely.
If Redline made one with an 18" top tube they would sell a ton of them!
Yeah, he is too big for that, we have a friend on one that is 6. Great little bikes.

Seat is changed out, the stem will be this weekend and will order bars.

will let you know and post a new pic

sorry double post......
QUOTE (ChadHerrington @ Feb 22 2010, 03:20 PM) *
Check danscomp before making any final choice on parts. They list the individual weight, on virtually everything they sell. Grams add up to ounces and ounces to lbs! A cheap weight saver is the new dk plastic pedal, $11 and on average 4 ounces lighter than the other plastic pedals. My 20" park bike is 20lbs and I'm working on getting it down to 19lbs. The most important thing, for any bike, is to constantly check it for stress cracks. Have fun and ride safe!!

Switch out the cranks Scott. I need a new cruiser frame, got a line on one?
Trim the pivotal post down way short, change the cranks to something else because those stock cranks weight a ton. Profile Magnataniums would be perfect. Couple that with a titanium spindle and you have cranks that I bet would weigh half what is on there now. Change any pegs you have out to some plastic or aluminum park pegs like the Stolen Themalite pegs or the tree trick sticks. Change out the wheels becasue I guarantee those weight a ton too. Although I must admit I have no idea who makes light 18 inch wheels. I would also check the weight on those bars, my guess is you can definatelypick up some lighter weight 13 butted ones by the brand of your choice.
Late to the party on this one.

I've got a big 6yr old and a small 8yr old on two of the Hoffman Mantra frames w/ 18"HB fat free forks. Only colors are different but setup is, Profile race hubs, profile cranks w ti axle, Fit seat and seatpost and 18" tires, S&M 6.75" bars, odyssey pedals one one, Premium plastic on the other, Odyssey elementary stems. Both are right around 21 pounds.

Oh, and I bought many of these parts when they were on 16" SE lil rippers so just transferring up as the wheel size grows.

I looked at that Redline too but it's geo reminds me of an old robinson amtrack frame where the cs is as long as the tt.
QUOTE (Smorrow @ Feb 9 2010, 03:52 PM) *
Hey thanks!
I am thinking you and I are the only ones reading this section.

We also have an Intense 16" we got down to 20lbs. I will get a pick of it and post up here.
Its his "racing" pit bike though. LOL


Where is the pic?? ):
There is a great article on two 18" bikes from we the people and redline in this june 2011 BMXplus

The we the people arcade looks great and got great reviews for designing every other part on the complete around an 18" frame

some guys are spending enough to get a good complete bike just to save 4 lds

lighter bike with full size parts messing up the geo or a little heavier bike with every part specifically designed around an 18" frame????? The stock arcade is around 24 lbs ... plenty lite for a street bike

btw the 7 and 10 year old test riders loved the arcade more than their personal bikes
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