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9th annual Midwest Oldschool BMX Show

Freedom BMX Fund Raiser
Saturday February 13th 2010
Ford Union Hall Local # 551
13550 Torrence Ave, Chicago Illinois

The 9th annual Midwest Oldschool Show

Guest Speaker Midwest Oldschooler JASON PARRATT.

$35.00 Pre-Registration Includes :

1 Banquet Food Ticket

1 Show T-shirt

10 Raffle tickets.

T-shirts are pre-register only,No T-shirts sold at the show.

T-shirt only pay-pal $20.00.

Banquet Tickets the day of show is $20.00.

PAY-PAL : please include T-shirt Size.
Schedule of events:

9:00-10:00 set up.

10:00-2:00 Voting.

2:00 Show Ends Voting Ballots turned in.

2:30 Raffles are done.

3:00 Banquet Starts

3:30 Guest speaker , Food seved, Awards.

Class for show are as follows:

1970's 20 inch 1st and 2nd place.

1980-82 20 inch 1st and 2nd place.

1983-85 20 inch 1st and 2nd place.

1986-90 20 inch 1st and second place.

1991 and up 20 inch 1st and 2nd place.

Retro 1st and 2nd place.

Cruisers all years 1st and 2nd place.

Freestyle all years 1st and 2nd place.

Best Of Show

Spectator entry is Free, Showing your bike is Free, Parking is Free ! !

Donation Raffle Table so far:
BULLSEYE is in this year with some good things.
Midwest Bikes and Billiards Bike shop will be donating.
Ball Park Franks donated the goody bags.
UNI seats are donating some of there new products.
We have a donation from a private collector of some goodys.
Kenda Tires donated some tires and decals for the goody bags
We will be giving away some track passes as well.

If anyone has CONNECTIONS FOR DONATIONS please let me know what i can do to secure them.
Does this look accurate, Ed? When I copy/paste the address you gave into a map program, it says, "cannot locate that exact address". Do you have a zip code I could add to it?

yes that looks exact......but zip code is 60633 if anyone needs that
Got some Good News OM Scot Breithaupt , He is sending out some goods for our raffle !

I have a private collector who wants to work with some of you guys on getting a bike put together for the raffle He is going to put up a Retro looptail Pk ripper ,landing gear forks and head set. If some one has some parts to donate pm me i can give you his contact number to get this project rolling.

3rd gear
why did you move locations? I cannot drive that far sadly.
Brett, truly it isn't that much farther. Maybe 15-20 extra 20min on the hwy..... From the show in Crown Point.

In addition to getting a trophy FIRST PLACE in each group will be getting this comemerative number plate Sponsored by M &D Custom Number

Hotel info:
Baymony Inn
510 East End Ave.
Calumet City, Illinois 60409
$79.00 a night.
Thanks Ed!
My room is reserved. received my payment for the day of show, right?
Tom your allways the first to pay every year ! Got it Thanks !

If any of your are on face book the track sight is on there , talk it up !
i am in ed. payment coming now.
I just wanted to clarify...I am staying in Portage, IN....not at the hotel Ed linked to above.
here's the prototype wink.gif

Ed, payment sent.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.
we gonna go to breakfast again Could totally go for a burger and a beer
Payment sent. Lookin' forward to it.
just typical i get to work that day...luckily i work down the street right off 394 and least i get to pop in and drool
Ok guys I started Midwest Militia BMX Group on Face book feel free to join.

The t-shirt cut off is January 31st. so let me know what size your going to need.

If you would like to sell parts , vend or need a table I need to know tables are limited.
Capt. Nemo
I'd love to buy a couple "package deals" and commit to a table, Ed. But the last two years my plans to attend have been de-railed by Mother Nature.

With my luck, if I commit monetarily, we'll get the biggest storm of the century. rolleyes.gif
QUOTE (Capt. Nemo @ Jan 14 2010, 02:14 PM) *
With my luck, if I commit monetarily, we'll get the biggest storm of the century. rolleyes.gif

Karl you live in Wisconsin, dont be skeered!!!!!!
QUOTE (GR8BNDINI @ Jan 14 2010, 12:30 PM) *
Karl you live in Wisconsin, dont be skeered!!!!!!

I agree! I'm driving from East to West...right into the teeth of Mother Nature every year....on tread-worn tires, in a car with 130K on it. You can do it Karl.
Payment sent! Those number plates look awesome...Can't wait till the show guys...

Roll call
the wife and i will be in attendance maybe 1 bike this year
I'll be there...1 bike
Bven and I will be going and I'm trying to round up about 3-4 more. I need to decide if I will be able to attend the banquet or not to determine ticket purchase.

I'll be bringing 1-2 bikes
Capt. Nemo
Not to jinx anything, but I'll probably be there with a few bikes and maybe a kid or two. smile.gif

I'll have a retro PK F/F in gray and my woodgrain OM for sale if anyone is interested.

I'll be there.....1 bike.
I'll be there with my three kids in tow.. and a few bikes smile.gif
Guys 1 bike ?????
Did i forget to say the hall is the biggest weve ever had bring ALL YOUR BIKES !
Paul and the Chicago flat land guys will be hanging out again this year.

We are WAY off right now on ticket sales , WE NEED TO SELL TICKETS !
These ticket sales pay for the show and help raise money for the track.

We are dropping the show package to $30.00 It includes:
Show Tshirt ,Banquette dinner, 10 raffle tickets.
Paying in advance gets you $10.00 off and your tshirt ordered NO shirts will be sold at the show.

We are also going to change the schedule of events:
Schedule of events:
9:00-3:00 set up,voting.
1:00 Guest speaker, Food Banquette.
3:00 Show Ends Voting Ballots turned in.
3:30-4:00 Raffles and Awards.

Please Pay-pal:

I will have some photos posted of the raffle bike soon.

We are going to have some cool stuff from PORKCHOP BMX on the raffle table.
A big shout out to Stuart at HRP designs for his help.
all payed up ed. cant wait should have a few bikes with me that day. and the hall is pretty big guys so we shouldnt be worried about space. bring all the bikes u can.
I can't make it again this year
I'll try to jam more bikes in my car Ed....

I wasn't going to bring any bikes (as I have nothing new to show). OK, I guess I load a few of the old ones up again.
Paid the full $35.00. Maybe I'll bring another bike or two- depends on the mood. See everyone there.
erea211 we dont mind seeing "the same ol stuff" bring all your bikes
If I get creative, I can fit three bikes in my car, but that's the max....
my being able to go has been put in the air. Have to sit down and talk it over with the boss now more news on or before 1-30-2010
Sounds cool. I have room for a bike and a pit, anyone else bringing a pit?
All paid up Ed, myself and Frank The Crank will be in attendance! Hey Carruth, what about you??????
Average Joe
I should be able to make it with a few bikes.

Feb 14 is the misses B-day and some other special day so it will totally deplete any good will points I managed to acquire lately. laugh.gif

area211 please bring your ProlineII

Three weeks smile.gif
Below are pics of the wheelset I built and am donating for the Retro Ripper. Also sending along a ton of other stuff for the raffle table.

QUOTE (Porkchopzz4 @ Jan 23 2010, 11:18 AM) *
Below are pics of the wheelset I built and am donating for the Retro Ripper. Also sending along a ton of other stuff for the raffle table.

yeah awesome stuff you sent justin, thanks alot dude. roll call anyone else showing up for the show
I'll be there, with bikes this time! At least 2, probably 3, maybe 4 if I'm lucky. I'm going to send the paypal Thursday. I'm definitely in though, took a vacation day for Saturday and everything.
with Lilly?
Vivi. wink.gif Maybe. It'll depend on if my wife has school that day or not. Right now she does, but if she can get the hours in beforehand, which she thinks she can, then she'll probably stay here with her. We'll see.
still IN the air if i am going or not will come down to the wire. If friday goes well i will be there If it dont i wont.

im gonna try to make it out...possibly with a bike.
Vivi! Sorry, Don...I knew that! Anyway...will be cool to see you...
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