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We went to the newly rebuilt Jax BMX last night and it was great!

1st straght is still a big Step up step down , big double into the turn.

2nd straight is a roller, then a 25 ft step table that replaced the old triple. bigger double, and reshaped step up into the 2nd turn.

3rd straight is a small double, step up, double, double, double. They come up quick and are really fun. its like a trails section almost. It will def make you think fast and react when going through it at speed.

The 4th and last straight is a reshaped and built up rythm. pretty deep but not stupid deep. there is a step down 3 rollers in where the table used to be.

Its fast fun and there were a bunch of people there last night. Its so nice to have a top quality track within an hour drive.

Big thanks goes out to the crew at Jax BMX from Kyla and I. You did a great job on the rebuild!

James Reed
We will gocheck it out after Thanksgiving. sounds super fun.
will hit it up over the XMAS Holidays depending on the weather
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