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ANT DOG 3:16
I hope this is in the right place as it involes my racing. Back in septrmber I started fesomethieling weird. Well i got scared I fell over in the gate, Something I never do. went to the doc and at first he thought I had a bad cold. My left arm was kinda numb but i had heard it pop

( the sunday is about 4 weeks ago)

sunday we were watching football all of a sudden my face (left) started tingling. Went straigt to hospital they gave me a cascan I had a spot on my brain. I was numb. it was not a stroke but it has the same symptomd. It was a legion they put me all types of pills. but then i started going to the bathroom ALOT. I ended up with coloitis. back to the hospital I went then I then had to go for p/t spent a week in rehab at my mom's job so the guy I had to share a room with is kind off and does not smell so good .

because of the legion I dropped 30 pounds. cant fit my clothes etc. I lost out on getting my first regional plate. Man that hurt. but through all of this my wife has been there for me. and she actually told me when you recover you will be stronger and faaster than before. I was ready to quit but she said don't alot of people actually ddepend on you.

Well i did the first step cut out alcohol and I am going to school. I am grateful to be able to race again Yeah i missed out on a few things. But BMX racing is my motivation to get better. I am out of work till next year, my diability finnaly kick in but it is still rough. God got me this far and he is at my side please forgive any miss spellings left arm is still jacked.
Hang in ther Antdog 3:16! Take time to heal good2.gif
ANT DOG 3:16
I know but I wanna race so bad. But I realize I can not. I will be taking pics . If I am able to go to track
Hang in there and take your time. Don't push it. Before you know it this will all be behind you and you will be riding again in not time.

I'm kind of in the same situation myself. I busted my right shoulder this past Easter and just then I busted my left shoulder at the Fall Nats during practice. Now both shoulders hurt and it makes it hard to ride. I'm skipping our first state race because of the shoulder injurys, well and money is tight right now with the holidays coming up.
Hang in the Ant Dog!

As your wife said, this will give you a chance to come back faster and stronger!
I can really relate, I was in a pretty nasty motorcycle accident in oct of 06, nearly lost my left leg, they managed to put it back together with alot of stainless steel, pins, screws, muscle, skin, and bone grafts, 9 surgeries so far in all with probably at least 1 more to go in the near future to get at least a partial knee replacement so the I can get the stability and some smoothness back in my knee joint, but I am determined to get back on the track and at full speed again, physical therapy is a good thing, I have been hitting it hard for the past 2.5 years and am finally down to what I weighed 20 years ago and am in better shape than ever, if I can find a doc capable of finishing off the work on this knee you guys had better watch out on the gate cause I am gonna be a beast!! LOL If you want pics look in the everything else section, the thread is called coming back from the worst crash in my life.
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