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ONLY a month away! Everyone is welcome! The show will be Sat the 28th of Nov...We had over 50 bikes last year and want to really blow it up this year. About to outgrow the room we usually have.

We will have the "Cash Matthews" best of show trophy up for grabs again for the 5th year. Win it and you keep the trophy for the following year and the number plate is for you to keep. Then your name is engraved on the trophy for eternity!!almost as cool as the Stanley cup! biggrin.gif

Only a few weeks left!

Also we are promoting the event a little bit better this year with some signs and stuff so we can get more viewers into the show. I know Thanksgiving is a tough weekend but try to show its a blast with all the racing and vintage bikes. any questions feel free to ask or PM me for details. thanks Derek

Hay guys thanks for having this show every year it makes the experience at grands that much better, will you be moving it out to the floor this year?
The room is cool but gettin tight Im sure shannon can hook u up with something.

As far as us not to sure were going to make it this year this would make it 10 years in a row...
Looking at the tenn. race instead.

Keep up the good work ! Ed
jjvh66 and I will be there smile.gif
tick tick tick....... the time is flying.......can't wait !!!!! if you are bringing bikes to show, let us know. we had about 60 last year, maybe we can surpass that mark this time ?????
I think we can surpass it easily..with you and D on a building spree.......Its like christmas aint it??
My son and I will be there with 1 or 2 bikes. Plans were for the two of us to be racing, but due to a nasty skatepark accident he will be on the side lines with a back brace. I was going to scrap the whole trip but he really wanted to go anyway....a big reason for that is that he has been working on his '81 GT junior for this show! I enjoy it as much as the racing. See ya in a couple of weeks.
COOL! cant wait to see the GT!
I will not be racing this year... however will be attending Saturday. I can't wait to see everyone. This will be my boys first year to attend the Grands!
Cool glad you could make it...................No chrome this year ok??? sarcastic_hand.gif
only 5 more days!!!!!!!!!!!
Good times and a lot of really Killer bikes!!! The turn out was great! Moving part of the show to in front of the room was sweet. There were a lot of people enjoying these old bikes. Special thanks to Dewabo, 60l89, OsRLracer, Tznutts, and Thumperpilot for "Makin it happen". One of the best BMX bike shows I have ever seen, and I was just glad to be a part of it. Can't wait to see some of the pictures that you guys will hopefully post!!
This was the best vintage bike show I have ever been to. The mix of bicycles was unreal. From the really rare, to mass production bikes... and about anything in between. I have been going to the show at the grands for many years now and saw it start out with very few bikes and now it is up to 85 plus... unreal. In no specific order, Tommy, Derek, Brian, and Pat top notch job. The shirt is very nice and I appreciated it very much. I will wear it proudly. I am already dreaming up what to bring for next year. As always, I need to figure out a way to bring them all my bikes for 2010. The ABA is always hospitable... Shannon.. you are the man... Thanks for hooking us up! Klye it was good to see you raise from the dead... no I really did not think you were dead wink.gif... Yes Kyle the legendary, most winnings pro to come out of OK Bubba Mcintosh signed the trophy... I did not know he was sponsored by CW BITD until he saw my CW at the show and told me about it.... very cool. Again great show guys... until next time.

Best of Show Winner:


Next year I don't think "we" will be flying the "" banner either. I think I speak for everybody that was involved as well. We did nothing but support Vintagebmx at this show and had nearly 100 bicycles show up. Mike Carruth the owner of Vintagebmx was at the Grands that entire week and weekend. He was there the entire time and did not show his face at the Vintagebmx show even once. Other people saw him there, but not once did he come by the bike show. Sad. We did everything to support "his website" and he did not even care enough to come by and look at all the cool bikes. We were not looking for a pat on the back or a "nice job guys" but everybody involved knowing that he was there all that time and did not even come by disappointed Myself and everybody else involved. That just told me that he cares nothing for the hobby and only about the Almighty dollar there promoting his other websites. Kinda like seeing him holding the STR1 frame in a $10,000 starting auction. If anybody involved with that frame actually cared about what it was it would been in a museum where it belongs. Notice nobody bidded on that one??? I have a feeling that I am not the only person that was disgusted by that one. I am still a member of only because the people there are very knowledgeable and very good people. But Mike Carruth upset myself and a lot of other folks at the ABA Grands to the point that we will NEVER promote that website EVER AGAIN. ChicagoPat.
I did not know this thread had gone this way until today, when someone mentioned it to me at the Midwest Old School Show.

There is a lesson I have learned here, and it is: DON'T PROCRASTINATE!

This year's grands was really buzy for me. And before you think I am going to lay out a whole truckload of excuses, there is but one: I procrastinated too long.

I walked past, or near the area a few times, and was on my way from somewhere or to somewhere else, all the while thinking that I am going to take a chunk of time out to walk through the NEXT time I come up from the infield. Well, you see how that plan turned out.

When I walked into the arena on Sunday, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Until now, I thought my absence had simply gone unnoticed. I guess I was too embarrassed to call it out on my own.

Pat, what you wrote above definitely underscores my regret. And parts hurt...a lot. But it is well-deserved! I can relate 100% to where you guys are coming from—-right up to the sentence about the "almighty dollar." From there...well, no point in to going further into it, except to say that I hope it was the hurt feelings talking, and not how you truly feel.

There are two hundred eighty some days between now and the 2010 Grands. If you guys decide to do the show again, and further decide not to include us due to this one transgression, I'll understand. I hope you'll reconsider, however, as I'd like Vintage to continue its involvement. We are a community. Sure we may have a spat or two over the years, but at the end of the day, we share the bond.

Missing the show was disrespectful to the organizers and to the guys who brought the bikes. It was not done as a blow-off, but the net result is the same, and I feel terrible to have disrespected your efforts. It's strange how, in most cases, when you write something, it tends to come across stronger than when spoken (no voice inflection, and all that). In this case, saying "I apologize!" seems to not convey strong enough how I truly feel, but please hear it in the most emphatic terms.

I hope we will get a chance to trade PMs, or maybe a call before November 25. Whether jointly under the banner of Vintage and other sites, or just the other guys, I'll see you then, so have a ballot ready for me!


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