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Full Version: Breaking News: Dominique Daniels on Factory Avent/Bombshell > BMX NOW > BMX Racing
Just as I was rolling in to the Hotel Parking lot here in Louisville, the phone rings. Caller ID: Tim Daniels. Tim had some exclusive scoop for me, and a press release waiting in my inbox:

Avent/Bombshell is proud to announce the signing of one of the USA's most dominant Girl Pros to come along in a long time. "3D" Dominique Daniels has joined the great team at Bombshell. In addition to outstanding bikes and bike components Avent/Bombshell will be introducing exciting additions to our line of products for 2010. Check out Dominique at the NBL Grands sporting her new frame, forks and wheels.

As the current ABA Girl Pro Champ, UCI North American Champ, USAC JR Elite and Womens Elite we are looking forward to seeing how she does competing for her first NBL Elite Womens Title. With a long-term agreement with "3D" we look forward to an exciting future with Bombshell and at age 16 and with only 5 years racing experience we feel Avent/Bombshell can take her to the ultimate for a BMXer THE 2012 LONDON OLYMPICS.

Let me say congrats to Dom on finding a well-deserved ride, and best of luck this weekend! Looking forward to posting the first photos of her aboard the new scoot very soon (Tim said they were building the new bike at the track as we were speaking). Also, big thanks to big Tim for keeping us on speed dial!


That's good stuff. She is well deserving of any sponsorship coming her way. Congrat's to her and her Family/ Team.
Kamikaze kid
Congrats to Dom. She def deserves support from a top flight companywhich will give her the opportunity to continue her dominance of domestic scene & to continue her growth on the international scene.
Congrats to Dom !!! Now go get them wins this weekend!!!
Thats great news. I was wondering who was going to pick her up. About time.

This may be a stupid question, but what took so long for a big sponsor to pick her up?
Depends on what she was asking for.... Plus, here we are 3/4's of the way through the season.. Most people have already spent, or at least committed, whatever sponsorship budget they may have...

Way to go Dom!! Congrats!!
Congrats 3D and Avent/Bombshell!!! Good luck to all parties this weekend too.
The Riddler Al-F
Congratulations on the new ride 3D! Its well deserved for sure. cool.gif
AWESOME!!! Congrats!
WAY TO GO ! we will be looking for ya this weekend !
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