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Cash Matthews
Well, Mike was kind enough to offer to fly me up for the banquet but i was in need of some windshield time. I drove the 19 hours over two days and really enjoyed the time off from life. I made it just in time to catch up with Ken Pliska, Elvis, and a friend of his from Arkansas, the new SoCal. All fellows were in fine form.

We went over to Luby's and met up with Jason Leikam, Troy Rouzer, Deanna, Bill Curtin (Happy Birthday!!!!), Shannon Gilette, and the Australian guy whose name just escaped me. Dang it, so sorry. It was a long, long trip! Deanna and I had a great conversation as usual!

I am excited to see everyone tomorrow at the breakfast.

Pliska raced tonight and got 2nd.

Leikam and Troy are staying in a camper at the track and having Spam omlettes in the a.m.

I brought a 26 old Schwinn with radial wheels. Fun!!! More later.

Cash Matthews

Sorry I missed you night owls last night. Had to get back to the suite to get a few details dialed in.

For those of you who missed the details for Friday, here is a rundown of the day's activities:

9AM: Site Supporter Breakfast - Clocktower Resort (Eli Terry Room)

11AM: Hospitality Suite (1703) Open at the Clocktower for Checking in and hanging out.

4PM-7PM - Swap Meet at the Track (Weather Permitting). In the event that the 70% chance of rain rears its head, we'll come up with some kind of Clocktower-based contingency plan. That decision will be made an announced at 2:30PM in the hospitality suite.

8:30PM-11:30PM: Chill With Ron Wilkerson - Clocktower Resort (Eli Terry Room)

Follow vintagebmx on Twitter for throughout-the-day updates on events, and any weather-necessitated changes to the schedule.


Cash Matthews
Good Morning!

It's 8:20 and the thunder is booming like Mike Redman during the third round of AA Pro at the Grands! Good stuff going on up in the atmosphere. Pliska and I are about to meet. Troy and Jason are spooning over at the track in Jason's trailer that I hereby dub as "Spam Bucket". It is good to be at Rockford.

It was just a couple of years ago that I broke both of my arms here during a race, forever changing the path of my life. My first recollection was my great friend Hal Marshman (Vintage BMX Icon) telling my I had been in a bad accident and that everything was going to be ok. He was right!!!

In just a few we have the site supporters breakfast. Mike Carruth is doing a great job with Rockford and with Vintage. I remember how hard Bill Curtin and Hal worked to put this thing together in previous years. For those who get what he has done here, make sure to give MC a big pat on the back. More news as it becomes available!


Twitter? I used to listen to his music! Conway Twitter was always one of my favorites.
Cash Matthews
Owen from Zeronine gave a great presentation after breakfast this morning!
Cash Matthews
Here with Ken Pliska and Chillwag from Vintage. We are gonna run over to the track and see the boat races. It is raining hard and mucho lightning. Sounds perfect for golf!!! Armen is coming over tonight to show the draft of his new bmx movie and it is previewing right here at Rockford!!!! Buzz me if you want to see the first the movie.

clocktower hotel
Tim Earp
Rebel Rouzer
For the record, no spooning last night, no spam this morning. I'm just gonna race my bike. lol. It was great seeing everyone last night. Made love to my VBMX homies !! 26"er where are you? It's gonna be a great weekend !!
The breakfast this morning was a great start to the Friday festivities! Thanks Mike and others for setting this all up. Last year was a blast and this year is going to be even better. Owen's mother even showed up at the breakfast! She was one of the ones cutting and sewing all the Zeronine gear BY HAND! Yes, by hand!! Who knew! Really put a new perspective on the Zeronine history. Owen was a great guy, couldn't have asked for a better start today, thanks again.
QUOTE (Rebel Rouzer @ Jun 19 2009, 12:56 PM) *
For the record, no spooning last night, no spam this morning. I'm just gonna race my bike. lol. It was great seeing everyone last night. Made love to my VBMX homies !! 26"er where are you? It's gonna be a great weekend !!

Unless you are Hawiian Spam will only slow you down

so how were the directions did ya make good time
Cash Matthews
Nearly 7 pm and the rain is pouring! Jason and I played 10 holes of golf before the storms came and we had to bail out. They were nice at the Aldeen Golf Course and gave us a FULL refund! The storms right now are very strong and I am not sure but would bet that racing is off for tonight. That is just an opinion of course. Time to find Mike and see what's next! Leikam and Troy are in a small trailer....scary.
Cash Matthews
The Friday pre race will be run Saturday a.m. and the National will start right after. Wild weather up here right now.

Spent the evening with Stu, Ken, Jason, Deanna and Scott Jones form Buffalo. It was great to sit down and catch up and hear Stu and his stories. Tomorrow night will be fun! Stu is indeed racing both days!

Pliska looked great in practice, and though he has been off the bike for a while, watch this guy.

Jason and Troy are racing as well as Deanna so we have lots of fun to watch for the race portion.

Ron Wilkerson did a presentation full of history, bones, and blood tonight. I had to walk out when he started showing pics of some bad bone moments. What I did see was funny and he was entertaining. The room was full tonight and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

More tomorrow!
Keep the updates coming Cash... Sounds like a blast!

Post Pics!
jerry a hutcher
very cool times for sure cash thanks for sharing....missing it another year... mellow.gif mellow.gif
Cash, make sure to say hi to everyone from pq thunder quinn!! The news is reporting a big train derail deal up there. hope everyone is ok. wish I could be there.
Cash Matthews
What a day! The bikes are just amazing as always. All of you should be so proud of the fine work that has gone into your bikes. I won't say who I voted for but there were some great stories there today!

I bumped into 2006 Hall of Fame Inductee John Crews and we walked the line of bikes together and it was so cool to see his reaction and comments to all the bikes. He was absolutely blown away! Mike Redman did a nice interview with us both and I could tell that he was blown away also!

John and I went to a BBQ place called Daves Famous BBQ. It was great to catch up with him and meet his cousin Rick who lives near Chicago. John was in town doing an SRAM visit for his shops.

I am back at the hotel and about to preview Armens new movie about BMX. He is showing a 25 minute clip and I am excited to see how this thing progresses. He has worked on this for 5 years now and it is time to make a public appearance!

The banquet and interview with Stu is tonight If you want to send in any more questions, send them to as soon as possible

More tonight!!

Cash Matthews
Sorry for no pics. No camera and I don't really know how to post a pic on top of that. Use your imagination!:)
Lots of people, bikes, and bench racing. The Best!!!

Time to get ready to make final preparations on Stu's interview and agenda items. Gonna be a blast tonight!
I just got home from the show. Cool to see so many cool old bikes in one place. Im new to the vintage bmx scene and now I really want to build an 80's bmx bike (Skyway TA)!
First time down to Rockford since 1985! Was a blast to check out some racing and see all the Vintage area as well! I would have liked to hang out longer and run into some more people but had my dad and daughter along for the ride. Next year looks like I need to come down solo with a couple cases of Leinies, bring my JMC and grab a hotel to stay and party! No luck on the DY bars but the Vans motorhome must have been retro prices... scored a sweet Vans tee, hat, deck o cards and a handfull of sticks for 10 bucks! Thanks guys!! Track looked fast and mint!

Great job on the VintageBMX area look forward to making it next year...

Mike Howard
Cash Matthews
Just got through with the banquet and the interview with Stu. It was awesome and the event went great. Mike did a great job and I was so proud to be part of this historic event.

Cash Matthews
Pat Quinn and Stu talked for a while on the phone tonight! Pliska and I won the Quad kit.
The Red Baron
Congrats Cash and to Mike for pulling it all together. An event like that takes more than time and effort to put together, it takes grey hair and intestinal fortitude to do what others are not willing to stay up late to do. Even though I have never been there, thanks Mike for all your effort.
Just hit the southside of Indy on my way home to Louisville from Rockford..Mike thanks for letting me be a Big Part of the Event.It was GREAT!!!!! It was great to see everyone and meet some new its time for me to close my eyes and pray Heather can't drive worth a poop poop poop, I say again, poop.See Ya Joey Sears.
I was leaving a Michael Schenker concert in San Antonio last nite and Cash called me, it was like 11:30, some guy came on the phone I think it was Mike, said they were giving me a Patterson shirt or something...

QUOTE (Cash Matthews @ Jun 21 2009, 07:48 AM) *
Pat Quinn and Stu talked for a while on the phone tonight! Pliska and I won the Quad kit.

Oh crap that was Stu? I thought it was Mike Carruth or somebody. Stu surely has heard of Michael Schenker?? He was having a hard time hearing me....
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