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In 1979 Roger Worsham owned a bike shop called Coast Wheels, this was located in Yorba Linda which is a small town next to Anaheim in California..
Roger then started a bmx manufacturing company in the early 80's which became CW Racing.

CW stood for Custom Works.

About 2 years ago i started searching for my CW z frame set and finally came across a non serial oval top tube 1980 F/F's..
I believe this would be one of the first lot of frames made..
I had always loved a pic of Mike Miranda in a mag and decided to do something similar..
so after a long journey, here it is...
BIG THANKs, to GUS for painting the frame..

Awesome! We hardly ever see any CWs here. Great bike.

Thanks MC, love Cw's...have quite a few..

Another nice one mate. Well done.

I missed out on a Skin max seatcover a few nights back...
bitd, we never knew what CW stood for so we just called em California Wacing. lol not sure where that came from either.

I always thought the seat tube angle was too far back. Kinda like an earlier diamond back senior pro but more profound. They had several great riders tho, pistol pete and a local guy here James Pritchard. I still love it though. They are from the best era of bikes ever, imo.
Yes a very lazy mast...cant understand why people use laybacks on them..
very good for doing wheelie's... LOL
You just damn near built that exact bike Miranda is riding! Pads, and pedals and sprocket i think are the only difference. In the photo it kinda looks like suntour beartraps and thick black chainring. naw maybe they are hutch pedals. hard to tell but youve replicated it 98%. Nice job!

edit: definitely hutch pedals now that i look closer.
Head angle of 69% and high bottom bracket made them feel kind of floppy. I had a couple and got used toe em though.

Pritchard rode for CW? I just remember him on GT.......I had a "disagreement" with him at the Burlington N.C. national one year.
I was looking at titrons, but funny enough i like these pedals that are on it..MKS
just simple, but classic..
And being an 80 era..??
I think Pritchard rode a CW before he started racing alot of nationals and got a factory ride. He was racing here locally every week and mostly in jeans and racing jersey. He was way fast for sure and his little brother was too in his age class. I was in James age class so I got smoked by him alot.
Another brilliant build Matt. Nice work mate.
pk ripped
Matt, I cant believe you did that. I rode a CW in 1983 and this Hot SHots pic with Mike Miranda was one of the motivators for me getting one. I loved that yellow frame but it looked like a wierd different kind of yellow and you replicated it right on!! In recent years I thought about doing my CW TFM in similar colors. Great to see someone out there thinking like me, lol!!
Thanks Alex
The first time i saw the Miranda pic was when Andy Diamond posted it in the Aussie section on page 671..
I will never forget...LOL
My heart jumped out of my chest, fell in love right there..And knew i had to build a CW around this..

diden't cw stand for coast wheels also? scratch_one-s_head.gif
John De Bruin
Okay, I'll say it. This is my favorite build that I've seen in the past 12 months. I love the bike. I love the color. I love the photo.
jerry a hutcher
Dam classy build...the brakes ,pads,the color with chrome.. so mutch set it off!!Very well done!
Very nice! Could you please post pics of your other CWs? As stated earlier in the thread we dont see many round these parts.
I just saw a bike exactly like this over the weekend. An old-schooler has his kid racing and was riding around on a CW, he said he kept it all these years. It's not as clean and restored, but the Zeronine plate folded over the CW bars still looked cool. Had the Araya chrome rims, not the 7x kind............

Nice job on yours.........
pk ripped
QUOTE (JMCGT @ Jun 16 2009, 01:10 PM) *
Thanks Alex
The first time i saw the Miranda pic was when Andy Diamond posted it in the Aussie section on page 671..
I will never forget...LOL
My heart jumped out of my chest, fell in love right there..And knew i had to build a CW around this..

I guess Miranda had it powdered as CW didnt offer that color which isnt a straight up yellow, has a llittle green in it. I have always wanted to do this build - the difference is, I drempt it - you actually did it, lol. Very impressive, well done!!

From what i have read Coast Wheels was just the shop name..

Alex, we say that the paint has a hint of Avocado in the tint..

Thanks John, Special words from you as i think you are one of the best builders out there..

Here's a few more pics.. I will get a group shot of all the gear too as i have pants,jerseys bags and other bits that i have been collecting for a while now..

wow Matt - that is awesome!

That yellow CW was my favorite bike BITD too (that shot of Miranda did it for me!).

His pedals in that shot are actually Hutch beartraps.

Anyway, very cool - well done.
pk ripped
Yep yep yep, that CW red is KILLER!!! Thats what I want for my TFM...Jeff Haney had a Phase 1 24 in the same colour. Are there any better lighting pics for the red? They are a pit dark. What kind of red is it? Seems a bit darker than standard red.
ill second what JDB build ive seen here in the better part of a year.
absolutely brilliant on all counts.

what kind of brake is that?

Yes your right, It is a bit dark...
hard to get a great pic of the colour..
try this
I have seen Jeffs 24, just beautiful.. thought his looked a tad light..

Diacompe centre pulls
Micro mini cruiser..
can anyone tell me the seatclamp..??

pk ripped
Much better pictrue. Was there a name for the red used? Pretty sure there is not a hint of avocado in that one, lol.
Hey Alex
I do have a few pics of the Original colour before it was re-done..
send me an email if you like
Had to come back for another look - hee hee.

You know, as much as I like the Phase 1 frame I always like the regular CW frames - ZL etc better.
QUOTE (AndyDiamond @ Jun 17 2009, 01:27 PM) *
Had to come back for another look - hee hee.

You know, as much as I like the Phase 1 frame I always like the regular CW frames - ZL etc better.

Same with me, I think the only real difference between a Phase 1 and ZL, was the lightning bolt in the Phase 1 and the fact the regular ones could actually be raced without fear of it snapping in half!

I've come back for yet another look too! Just spot on Matty!
Wow, very cool!

CW has always held a special place in my heart, LOL. I was always into the Miranda/Pitsol/Dizz years, this is a great tribute to the early years.
pk ripped
Actually, the Phase 1 and the ZX Pro had the same geometry...the ZL was a longer frame which would later become the Pistol Pete model.
I would like to do a PP build..
there is a nice frame on the bay now but the seller has average feedback.. sad.gif
Beautiful Matt. You have done it again. I thought that Black Shadow was the best, but that CW tops it
Nice Pic Andy
anyone got a pic of the Red PP that he rode..?
Here is a pic of my Pistol Pete (serial # PPP704) that I rescued from going to the dumpster. I was going to give it a facelift but I decided to just leave the finish and replace the parts that needed replaced.
I remember running pads like that, I think one of our teamates mom actually made them out of old courdory pants..

beautiful bikes, indeed.

group shot... check out the phase one singlet


Stunning build. Really like the collection too.
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