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Join us in Michigan at Stoney Creek Metropark on Saturday, July 25th (rain out day is Sunday, July 26th) for the 2nd Annual "Beach Party"!
  • Old School, Mid, New, Retro...whatever, just bring those bikes to show off and ride!
  • Bring the family too. Stoney Creek is the perfect place for a day with the family. So much to do: trails to ride, golf, beach, sailing, water sports, etc.
  • Bring your own food. Grilling is always welcome.
  • Bring your own drinks. Pop, water, even's legal and welcome.

What you will NOT find at this event:
  • Trophies
  • Voting
  • Awards
  • Stress
  • Static from anyone about anything!

This is a family-fun event held at a family-friendly park. There is clean, new lodging within 3 miles of the event for those coming from long range. Hyatt, Hampton Inn, Marriot, Courtyard, etc

Please contact me with any questions or concerns. I can help.

Here's where we do it! biggrin.gif

I'm there with something new. Tom you know what it is. little hint its TAN.
I think "tan" will fit in perfectly for a day at the beach! Bring the wife too, Jon.
I'm going to try to make it this year.

Don't forget Waterford's 35th anniversary is August 1st at the track.

Too bad the dates are so close. I'm hoping both events have a great turn out.
I will be there again this year. This time with some bikes. biggrin.gif
I sure hope more people are going to find out about this. I'm puttin' my Patterson back together for this. Sounds like fun though.
I'll be there with my two friends that came last year with me. This year I don't have any bikes to show but my friends will have a bunch this year to make up for it. And seeing as how I live about 60 seconds from the Stoney Creek entrance, I don't have far to drive either. LOL laugh.gif

It should be a fun day....people from out of state are coming this year as well.....

Ohio will be there. How about Indiana? Illinois? Anyone? Ron? Todd? Bven?
Can you post a general address so I can mapquest it to see how long it will take to get there? Thanks!

Moosegoose Nick
DAMN...That's the weekend my sister-in-law and her family will be here. Sorry Tom.
QUOTE (monocoquemike @ Jun 17 2009, 02:38 PM) *
Can you post a general address so I can mapquest it to see how long it will take to get there? Thanks!


Try Stoney Creek Metro Park 26 Mile Rd. and Van Dyke in Shelby Twp. Mich
I'll be there with the family and a couple of oldschool bikes. Tom
Here's the address, phone number, and website:

Stony Creek Metropark
4300 Main Park Road
Shelby Township, MI

phone # (586) 781-4242


Thank you for posting that Brian...I was out of town a lot lately.

FYI: Official Start/End time is 10am-4pm
4 weeks from today......It will be here before you know it. smile.gif


The first picture is a satellite map of Stoney Creek Metropark. Pay your entry fee where indicated, then proceed around the "park road" in either direction indicated by red lines to Baypoint Beach. Approximate distance from park entry to Baypoint is about 3 miles.

Once you turn into Baypoint Beach, park close to the building/concession area and set up at the TOP OF THE GRASS (near the parking lot) where the red oval is shown. We are not allowed to set up closer to the water....our official area is only where the oval is.

I hope these maps help out. Let me know if you need more info.....

The entrance fee is $4.00 not $7.00
Just got it back together last wekend can't wait to get to Stoney
Keep It Warm,
I'd like to bring a couple bikes to this show if you don't mind some custom stuff...


ANY bikes are welcome. Bring them and have some fun.
Very Cool guys
I just joined the site and I'm looking forward to coming out and seeing some more oldschool stuf like mine.
Nice to have this at Stoney also as I'm 45 min away.

Any local guys remember Endless Summer Skatepark and BMX track that used to be in Roseville ?
Yep, Endless Summer was cool! There is a MicroTel on that property now I believe.

Glad you're coming out....bringing bikes???
I'll be there with my Survivor RL20 II

QUOTE (ZA09 @ Jul 10 2009, 10:23 AM) *
Very Cool guys
I just joined the site and I'm looking forward to coming out and seeing some more oldschool stuf like mine.
Nice to have this at Stoney also as I'm 45 min away.

Any local guys remember Endless Summer Skatepark and BMX track that used to be in Roseville ?

Raced ther every weekend it was open, rode in the skate park on the other days.
I just wanted to let you guys know that Waterford Oak's 35th anniversary is August 8th at the BMX track. It's an oldschool show and you will no doubt see some old faces from the past. I hope everyone can attend. Please contact me with any questions.

At Waterford Oaks County Park 1702 Scott Lake Road Waterford, MI
Show hours 10:30am 6:00pm
For more information visit:
Phone: (248) 858-0915

Have a vintage BMX bike you would like everyone to see? Participation in the show is FREE
What is a vintage BMX bike? For this show it is any BMX bike that is over 10 years old
FREE Parking & Admission
Vendor space is $10.00 for the day (no food or beverage vendors please)
We will have an inflatable obstacle course and a bounce house for the kids to play on
Onsite concessions stand, picnic tables, and clean restrooms
The Wave Pool will be open (entry fee required)
Reunite with old friends or make new ones
Waterford Oaks BMX getting RAD since 1974

If you or your kids are interested in getting into or back to the sport Jeff Upshaw and Tommy Zula are putting on a clinic the day before the reunion (August 7th) the cost is $25 and starts at 6pm.


Please look at the attached picture. Take note of the local construction that WILL impact your drive. You will not be sitting in gridlock, but you will need to avoid the three red arrows because these are all CLOSED.

If you are unsure of how to get to Stoney Creek after viewing this, please tell me where you are coming from, and I will be able to instruct you on which road you DO WANT TO TAKE. The construction should not deter anyone from coming, I just want to make sure people are aware of it so they don't get caught by surprise....


I-75 North and Southbound WILL BE REOPENED by this weekend.

5 days left!

For anyone coming from Ohio or the Downriver area, I-75 North AND South are completely open as of today. No detours, you can come right thru.

If your coming North on M-53, the 26 Mile Road EAST exit ramp is open and has detour directions/signs posted up on the road to get you back on 26 Mile Road WEST. Basically, you'll get off at the 26 Mile Road EAST exit and veer to the right. Take 26 Mile East to Jewel Road(first stop light you see) and go left/North on Jewel. Take Jewel Road North to 27 Mile and turn left/West. Take 27 Mile Road West to Van Dyke and go left/South. Take Van Dyke South to 26 Mile Road and go right/West on 26 Mile Road. Take 26 Mile Road West a couple miles down and the entrance for Stony Creek will be on the left side.

Also, instead of taking M-53 North, you can take Van Dyke North all the way up to 26 Mile Road and then make a "Michigan Left" (turn right and then left around the island) and then take 26 Mile Road West down till you see the park entrance on the left. This way has more stoplights but traffic still flows goods and relatively fast. Hope to see everyone there. drinks.gif

According to the weather forecasts that I can find....the chance of rain on Saturday is now up to 80%

Should we activate the "rain out day" clause and have the gathering on Sunday? There is a 30% chance of rain on Sunday.

Please chime in with your thoughts.....
I'm going to wait another few hours before deciding. I will decide for sure no later than 9pm EST tonight.
OFFICIAL: The show must go on! Tomorrow is the day!

If it's raining at 10am at Stoney Creek, we will all meet and some one (me?) will drive around looking for an open pavillion we can use.

It's not fair to those traveling to cancel/postpone this close to the event.

I hope you will all still come out at 10am tomorrow. We'll make it happen somehow. It won't be the first time I've drank beers in the rain.....
Keep_It_Warm rain yet! See everyone at 10am....
8:00 AM weather report: No rain...Skies are gray and overcast for most of the sky, although the skies in the west(over Stony Creek) are more clear and look alot better...

9:00 AM weather report: A very, very light sprinkle just started...Sky in the west over Stony has some clouds but still not as dark as the rest of the sky...A couple of the "highly paid guessers" on TV said that the sun should come out around 12:00 noon and then later tonight in the PM there might be some showers...I'm heading over to Stony in a few minutes to see if there's any canopies/shelters that are a decent size and we might be able to use...

It's 12:00 noon right now at Stony Creek. The rain stopped and the sun came out about an hour ago. Right now it's bright and sunny here. There's a few clouds but the weather report says it should be sunny all afternoon and no chance of rain till tonight. There's a bunch of people here now with bikes and people are setting up. So we should have decent weather for the rest of the afternoon. So come on out if anyones was on the fence. Hope to see you there.

What a day! The rain stopped just around 10am....then the clouds broke for some sunshine for nearly the entire day. We got about 10 minutes of sprinkles around 3:30pm, but that was it! We got the show in....and with nice weather!

I was speaking with several people and they estimated around 65-75 bikes total. Not too bad at all considering the horrible weather forecast. I was really happy to see everyone out there and I hope that everyone had a good time. The vibe is a bit more subdued when the sky looks like it could open up at any second. I have no doubt that if the threat of rain were removed, we would have had more people/bikes.

Special thanks to Rob (vintage chromoly) and Ron/Liz/Otto (area211) for making the trip from out of state! It was great to see you and to spend some time with you.

Pictures later today......
Man, I wish I could have made it. This weekend was our family trip up to Charlevoix. My mother in-law lives up there, and we go up on the weekend of the city's Venetian Festival.

Need to see lots of pics.
Do not forget that Waterford Oaks is having a Vintage show August 8th. We would love to see everyone out at the track. We are raffling off two 2010 Supercross frames during the show.

Other Upcoming 2009 Events at Waterford Oaks BMX

Saturday August 1st Bob Warnicke Race
Quadruple points

Friday August 7th Clinic with Jeff Upshaw
Registration and warm-up 5:30 6:00
Clinic starts at 6:00
Cost $25.00

Saturday August 8th Vintage Bike Show
Have a vintage BMX bike you would like everyone to see?
Participation in the bike show is FREE
The Wave Pool will be open
Vendor space is $10.00 for the day

Saturday September 12th Double Points Race
Get some extra points before the track closes for the season.

For more information please visit
Or call the track at (248) 858-0915
Hey Tom! where are the pictures? laugh.gif
Anyways, I got tide up in traffic and didn't get there till 3pm when everyone was packing up...I was bummed.

Some other people were late as well and we had a great time. Mike and his family had a bunch of nice bikes and they let me take their new school GT Fueler for a group ride around the park. Wow, it has been some years since this old boy has been on a 20" for that length of time and I was a bit sore the next day but not as bad as I thought I would be.

Thanks Much to Mike, his son and anyone else who invited me to go on the ride with them. If you belong to this place please pm me with some contact info so we can set up some other group rides. I also belong to many other BMX places with the same name "TOMMY2WHEEL" and you can pm me there too, but it may take me a while to relearn my pass words to get on to those places.

Thanks Tom for another fun, relaxed Beech Party. Hope to do it again next year.

drinks.gif Tommy
I hope you guys can all make it to Waterford Oaks 35th anniversary on August 8th from 10am-6pm. You can get in earlier if you need extra time to set up. It's going to be a great day as many of Michigan's old school racers will be in attendance.

I left you a message on a couple of threads to give me a call when you get a chance. 248-760-9517

Glad to hear your event turned out great and the weather held off. Sorry i couldn't make it with just having surgery and a very sick lab that I thought we were going to have to put to sleep there was just no way I could make it out.

Tom I am glad it all went well sorry i didnt chime in and as you see wasnt able to make it. The wife and i are strapping down for the show in august and we are also in the middle of purchasing a house. Hope i can make it next year rain or shine

I'll be ready for the 3rd annual. biggrin.gif

I would like to try and make it out this year map quest says 5 hr drive Tom any news?
I would like to come down and check out the bikes. Does this place have a Boat Launch?
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