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-Rider wobble; How many degrees were you throwing the bike side-to-side? Does this really affect how fast you move from point a to point b? I thought some side to side was good and reading an article little or no side to side is what you are trying reach. My 20" I can keep it at a min. but, when I switch to my cruiser I tend to throw it around like a rag bike. It just feels more stable to get the wobble to side when I am trying to pedal manuel a table or other simular obstacle. I hear some parent coaches yelling at there kids for whiping the bike on jumps instead of just jumping straight. I use the whip to kind of control the jump if it is a kicker or I have way more speed for the jump than I need.
When I was a kid, I used to whip the bike side to side, my dad saw me do this one day, and told me to "STOPPIT, You're using more energy in your arms than you need to, and need to conserve that energy for your legs..." which i will have to say, makes sense...less wind resistance I suppose....
raddad old schooler
take a wheel to a small hill roll it smooth then roll it so it wobbles witch one get to the bottm faster?
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