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I did a bmx search on my local mtn. bike forum,and it would appear that allot of these mtn. bikers used to race bmx......How do we get these guys back on the bmx bike????
Many many Mt Bikers are former BMXers

Jill Kintner had was a BMXer that start Mt Biking and then came back to BMX for the olympics.

How to get them back?? Sponsor money i'd guess
$$$ is right!

How about, former mtb'ers who now BMX. I know at least a couple.
Up in Mass I know Mike Nathanson 35-39 Cruiser Nat'l #1 in 06" I think races mtb now. He was on Dan's in 07' then retired. Not sure why he hung it up, I PM'd him.
Some guys outgrow bmx and switch to mtb for various reasons. The mtbs look and actually are more complicated toys you can spend more money on, they also look more like adult toys for those who don't want to explain all the time that they are not riding kids bikes, riding the mtb has more alternatives than bmx, with the appropiate equipment you can go downhill one day, epic next day and go to the trails on the third.

Not to mention the scenic factor. As far as sponsorship and prizes at the races there is more of that availailable than in bmx.

MTBs are more forgiving if you make a mistake riding. I switch back and forth but bmx is t
he true love.

In response to the question, not everybody think racing is fun. I know very accomplished riders who won't trade a good mtb ride for a 10 moto race, I do.
vincent decastro
I've been to 1 MTB event and raced dual slalom. That was the most fun i've ever had at a bike race for several reasons. 1) very chill atmosphere without all the uptight volunteers and parents yelling. 2) race was run quick and the other classes were fun to watch when i wasnt on the course. 3) best of all they gave out a TON of product if you made podium! I got some awesome shades, cane creek cronos headset and fly gloves. I know tons of guys who have made the switch from bmx to mtb for those listed above and others
All you have to do is pick up a MTB mag and look at the names for slalom & downhill. A lot of BMX'ers go for the money and the professional aspect of the sport. No matter how much I love BMX (I raced for 9 years and now both of my kids race), the sport is not seen as one where you can advance. The advancement IS going to MTB's. Back when I raced it was a normal sight to see company teams with trailers promoting the sport. Now there are none. When I got my kids into bmx and we went to our first national I couldn't believe it. Barely a race environment compared to what used to be. Moto counts for nationals a little over 100, sad. We used to have moto counts over 40 for locals! I guess video games are to blame, HAHA! I agree, lets get some MTB guys back into BMX! Then they can bring their kids too.
MTB is one of the main forces pushing the bicycle industry. BMX is not. DXR's for instance are a late appearance, after years of hollowpoint II and outboard bearings in MTB, cassette systems became available for BMX after almost a decade of use in MTB, v-brakes are an MTB development same as the 1 1/8 std, SPD the same.

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