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I need some help figuring out what this stuff is ??

I pulled these forks off from a early 80s GT Pro, I'm not sure what they are but they are definetly not markings on them, pretty interesting design though with the flared legs and funky dropouts....decent welds, and fully capped legs and steer tube...

I picked up a nice ZX1 yesterday, but the forks dont look like the CW forks that I've seen...anyone know what these are ? Perfect welds and chrome, they are a very nicely made fork. They have kind of funky tubes, not really round, kind of "flovalish"...

The CW also had these bars, the guy I bought the bike from is pretty sure they are Race Inc. but I dont know much bout the Race Inc stuff....

Thank you !
mr coasterbrake
top fork is a Thruster, but it looks bent sad.gif

the fork on the CW looks like a Tange.
yep they are thruster, and thats a damn shame they are bent
Thanks guys, Thruster...Cool ! smile.gif

The drops are a little "tweaked", but should be easy to straighten them out....I'm guessing that these forks probably shouldnt be drilled for front brakes ....

mr coasterbrake
some were drilled, some not. the placement of your brake hole isn't factory, though.
i dunno if im right, but I think that tange forks would have it stamped on bottom? or was that earlier/later? also four holes?
I dont see any markings on the forks, I havent taken the bike apart so there could be something on the steer tube...

How about these Zeronine pads ? What years would these pads been out ?

mr coasterbrake
if this fork is a Tange, the stamp will be on the steerer tube, so you'll need to remove it.
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