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"The Lumberjack"
"The Rajun Cajun"
"Big Daddy"
"The Mangler"
"The OM"
"May Day"
"The Warlock"
"The Jackal"
"Mr. T"
"Yo Yo"
"The Avalanche"
"The Human Dragster"

Who are they!! Add yours!
Secret Spin
mine is "NinjaTurttle"

just ask Garret Rosh or Tony Spencer, hehe
"Pistol" Pete Loncarevich
"Big Daddy" Eric Rupe
Stompin" Stu Thomson
"Turbo" Harry Leary
"Hollywood" Mike Miranda
"The Jackal" John Purse
"Stumpy" Randy Stumpfhauser

that i could recall of the top of my pointy head...
Allow me to add:

"The Ripper"
"Freight Train"
"The Red Baron"
"The Coca Cola Cowboy"
"Mad Dog"
"The Corona Kid"
"The Herminator"
"Juicy Jaws"
"Special K"
"Tony The Tiger"
"Leapin' "

"Raccoon Lips"
"Mr. Sulu"

"Big E"
"Spicy Mike"
"Skip 2"

Great thread! I see a TOF in your future!

Mine, for a time was Mike "Mileage Plus" Carruth


And I'll also proffer my guesses on Gino's

"Crazy" Ronnie Anderson
Gary "The Lumberjack" Ellis
DD "The Rajun Cajun" Leone
Eric "Big Daddy" Rupe
Stompin' Stu Thomsen
Scot "OM" Breithaupt
"Turbo" Harry Leary
"Hollywood" Mike Miranda
Kenny "May Day" May
Warwick "The Warlock" Stevenson
"Bubba" Harris
John "The Jackal" Purse
Wade "Bootsey" Bootes
Randy "Stumpy" Stumpfhauser
Richie "The Avalanche" Anderson
Tommy "The Human Dragster" Brackens

Chris "Mad Dog" Moeller
"Dizz" Hicks

"The King"
Here are two easy ones... smile.gif

Pole Cat
Mr. Smooth
Corona Kid
poodle head
chicken george
the grubby one
doctor nurse

"Chicken" George Seavers.. That was a classic!
Todd "Wildman" Lyons
Paul "goose" Gosserau
Greg "poodle head" Esser
Clerance "earthquake" Perry
Greg "the grubby one" Grubbs
Tony "doctor nurse" Nurse

And then there is that "other" McGoo.. Harold "McGoo" McGruther
Who was "Mr. Bill"?
Good one! Billy "Mr. Bill" Griggs

QUOTE (specialb @ Oct 23 2008, 08:51 PM) *
Who was "Mr. Bill"?

"King Edward"?
Poodle Head has lost the shag!!

Some awesome names for sure guys, havin flash backs!!
And who is:
"The Businessman"
"The Machine"

There are some good entries on Wikipedia! Some need updating, though.
I love nicknames!
"Jammin" Jena Sagendorf is my sisters and mine is Desiree "dirt diva" Sagendorf but i never use it.
When my middle son first started racing he came up to me and said see that air I was getting. I told him that the front tire 6 inches off the ground is not big air, so from then on we called him big air.When his brother and I started racing we needed nicknames so his little brother we called him lil air I got the nickname no air when the oldest boy started racing we called him frigid air. That is how Team Air was born
James No Air Lawrie
Brandon Big Air Porter
Kristjan Lil Air Porter
Joey Frigid Air Porter
Mine is Andrea "smiley" Maslanka Just ask Cheryl Rau she gave it to me
(I Always smile when I race)
Nicole Maslanka Is "Miss Attitude" Her attitude always determined the race day she was going to have One day i was telling her to drop her bad attitude and there was a nickname born.
My son is "the Terminator" he had a habit (not on purpose) of racing the girls in open class and getting too close and he would knock them down. He learned since not to do that. LOL
Someone needs to coin the "Spider Monkey"
Ben Barron
Todd "Wildman" Lyons

I was thinking Frank "Wildman" Post

How 'bout "The Flyin Hawaiian"
QUOTE (specialb @ Oct 23 2008, 09:12 PM) *
"King Edward"?

Eddie Fiola " THE KING OF SKATEPARKS" sun_bespectacled.gif
Ben Barron
"Trash Can" Morgan
"Jumpin" Jim Pratt

Mr T

The Mayor and The Governor of Rockford
"Sick" Rick Lowry
"TP" Todd Parry " Mr. Incredible"
Darrin "Black Hawk Down" Mitchell
"The Diesel" Matt Hayden
QUOTE (Ben Barron @ Oct 23 2008, 10:16 PM) *
"TP" Todd Parry " Mr. Incredible"

and todd '40 on a 20 ' parry

how bout 'butter' suprised that was not mentioned yet
My son Wyatte received his nickname smile.gif from everyone at the track after his first race when he was six. He didn't make the main but when he crossed the finish line in last place he had a Smile a mile wide, and to this day his Positive attitude and bright smile inspires many every race day even his dad who often forgets what this sport is about.
yo-yo kiyomi waller...
Girls Nicknames in the past

2 Legit

Boy's nicknames in the past

Showtime- used as a younger amateur

How about "road block" for all the fat a$$es that dont get out of the way biggrin.gif
QUOTE (workman @ Oct 23 2008, 09:12 PM) *
Eddie Fiola " THE KING OF SKATEPARKS" sun_bespectacled.gif

I was going for Eddy King on "King Edward"... but I did post "The King" thinking Eddie Fiola. I didn't even realize it; 2 Eds, 2 Kings... rolleyes.gif
"Sky" Walker
Dr Smooth
Karim the Dream
Bling Bling
The Demon

Does anyone remember "sheepdog"?......Allen Godfrey
QUOTE (Gino @ Oct 24 2008, 12:17 AM) *
"Pistol"-Pete Loncarevich
"Crazy"-Ronnie Anderson
"The Lumberjack"-Gary Ellis
"The Rajun Cajun"-D.D. Leone
"Smooth"-Craig Reynolds
"Big Daddy"-Eric Rupe
"The Mangler"-George Andrews
Stompin"-Stu Thomsen
"The OM"-Scot Breithaupt
"Amtrack"-Charles Townsend
"Turbo"-Harry Leary
"Hollywood"-Mike Miranda (now Felvy?)
"May Day"-Kenny May
"The Warlock"-Warwick Stevenson
"C-Dog"- I can't remember anyone named "C-Dog", but I do remember that Steve Veltman was nicknamed "V-Dog"
"Bubba"-Hayes or Harris
"The Jackal"-John Purse
"Bootsey"-Wade Bootes
"Stumpy"-Randy Stumpfauser
"Mr. T"-Terry Tennette
"Yo Yo"-Kiyomi Waller
"The Avalanche"-Richie Anderson
"The Human Dragster"-Tommy Brackens

Who are they!! Add yours!

Sheepdog-Kevin Hull

Mine is my screen name
Jeff "Hit Man" Pierce

Smokin Steve Styler
I thought it was Matt 'The Master" Hayden?

Or did he change callsigns later after I dropped off the radar?

QUOTE (Ben Barron @ Oct 23 2008, 10:16 PM) *
"The Diesel" Matt Hayden

They don't call me "The Hawaiian Heartthrob" for nothing!

Leasure, $50 bucks if you corner marshall the next national in those shorts you wore for that ride you took with Shannon and Mooney.

QUOTE (MikeCarruth @ Oct 24 2008, 02:26 PM) *
I thought it was Matt 'The Master" Hayden?

Or did he change callsigns later after I dropped off the radar?

In the later stages of his career he went by Diesel

QUOTE (HA Y N @ Oct 24 2008, 02:46 PM) *
They don't call me "The Hawaiian Heartthrob" for nothing!


So you DO pay them to call you that! I knew it! LOL!!

If Jay wants to pay you to wear those shorts I might have to make a counter offer to NOT wear them and save countless young minds from being abused by that sight......I'm just saying..... biggrin.gif
Tim "BOFLEX" Kniep He hated that.

My oldest daughter is "Boo" cuz we used to call her Courtney Boo.

My Youngest girl is "Punky or Pippy".

My is H2old after some kids wanted to name me for water I told them h2o but by the time it got to the t/o it was H2old which ended up being cool.

QUOTE (kidagain @ Oct 24 2008, 01:52 PM) *
Does anyone remember "sheepdog"?......Allen Godfrey

Allen, He is a friend on my myspace and lives in Washington state. Says he is thinking of a comeback.

I have been called many things in the past. TJ, The Vulture, Tommy Gunn, but I like TJ99 the best my initials and my NBL since 81 for twenty and the same for my cruiser since 07.
Rebel Rouzer
There's some Dork in the Southeast goes by the nickname "Rebel." biggrin.gif
One of the best nicknames in bmx " The Human Dragster "
Iam (WILD BILL) and my son is (BILLY THE KID)
What about Tom "I am gonna get beat by kidagain" Johnson. I like the ring of that.......Allen Godfrey
I nicknamed my oldest "the machine" because that just clicked one night when I was watching him ride. My newest rider, 5 years old has won the nickname "The Demolition Expert". If you spent a day with him you would understand why smile.gif
We have a Jackie "The Juice Box" Muterspaugh at our track... it was rather funny--he had come up with Juice Box nickname and was trying to get one of our kids to take it. My 5 year-old pretty much told him off and none of the other kids in our little group wanted it... so we were talking we needed a Johnny, or a Jimmy, or a.... JACKIE! So, Jackie has it--he's about 6' 4" and rides in the 36+ Intermediate class--he's just a little guy.
Kamikaze kid
Masato "Kamikaze" Pischke.

His mom is Japanese so I thought it was a cool tribute to her herritige.

The Corona Kid
What about "The Beast"
"The coyote" or "Butter"
"The People's Champ" it fits
"C-Money" or "The Hoarney Toad"
My sons are "Buckshot" and "Lil D"
Bubba don't call me Melvin Hayes

1rad dad
I like to name people. I came up with the "Retro Rocket" for Ken Robinson, My son is Ethan "EZ Money" or "the destroyer" Burns (for what he does to hotel bathrooms), and I named my friend's kid Eric "E-rock" Jennings. There's also a kid we know called "the explosion" cause he's always gobbling up all the dirt. Named another kid "Machine Gun" Murray Seabrook and his little brother is Parker "Supafly" Seabrook. There's also a kid at our local track called, Brandon"Watch This"Keller. Nick names are cool...
We call my kid "Mowgli" ...when his hair is long he looks like Mowgli from the Jungle Book (animation).
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