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Old-School bikes racing today(besides Antdog KOS series).

1. Hutch Pro racer
2. Skyway TA
3. JMC
4. RL 20 (i think that what it is)
5. S&M Challenger 1st year with 1 1/8 head tube (i know that this is a mid-school bike but it is significant to me)

Out of all the bikes the Hutch is getting ridden the most. Hes about 14 or so. Typical "yeah I know its old and worth a lot of money". He was a little surprised I knew what type of bike it was and all the parts on it. Even took a good crash today. I cant believe how big of a smile I get when I see these kids riding OS bikes.

Absolutely nothing beats BMX PERIOD!!!!!!!

well thats true, except for maybe swimmin' with bowlegged women


QUOTE (old-skull @ Jul 28 2008, 12:41 AM) *
Absolutely nothing beats BMX PERIOD!!!!!!!


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