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Full Version: Really Old School MTB ..... KLunker 5 > Special Interests > Vintage Mountain Bikes
Needed another bike right now like I need a hole in my head, but this one was to cool to pass up:

Anybody recognize these tires? Should I swap 'em out before I hit the trails?

Man, that is a hard to find bike! They only made them for just over a year, before another company sued Schwinn. It seems someone already had a copyright on the "Klunker" name. In that amazing condition it would probably be worth about $300+. I was bidding on a junker one 5 years ago, and it went to nearly $200.,,,OS

I believe those are the original tires, if I'm not mistaken?
Finally got a chance to get some dirt on the old girl's tires.

Here's a pic just for fun:


PBR Streetgang
That mild steel frame is not going to like the wheelies, that's for sure. I heard the Marin klunker guys were not too happy about that name, either.
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