Happy Friday all from truly beautiful Nashville, Tennessee.

Conman and I cruised in here last night to visit with our good friend German Medina who is traveling with some of his South American compatriots. We've always heard this track was really cool and from the looks of our quick visit last night - it lives up to the hype!

We landed later than expected and once the bike showed up we sped the 5 miles to the track from the airport. Got there as the sun was setting and the Latvian team was packing up in their rental van. ALways cool to pull up and see top riders and hear a foreign language! I am guessing we're gonna see some stacked entertainment in the Elite class! Can't wait.

The approach to the track is way cool as you pull off of Bell Road turning into a gap literally carved or blown out of solid rock with TNT. The track is set off back in the woods and after you park, you walk towards the track with the first straight facing directly at you. It is as much a first straight as it is a 1/4 mile sprint track or launching pad. Way fast and waaay cool. Connor was giddy having a ball. "I just wanna go fast", being his favorite line.

Stileman and Justin of the NBL were grinning and both in good form as we arrived. Gotta love Justin's positive vibe and boyish enthusiasm. The track folks were way cool and let Conman rider the remaining few minutes of practice without charging. Thanks very much for making us feel welcome. We also ran into our good friends the Hines family. What a great family. Momma keeping Todd in line and Chase just as happy as can be. Good to see him feeling better after getting stiches @ South Park.

Timing was perfect as the temperature was dropping and I got to hang with some great folks for a few minutes. FInally got to meet LACK of Vintage fame, in fact he and his brother. Good folks and good stories. Al Roybel (spelling) was also hanging at the picnic table after he and two friends just drove out to Nashvile after competing last week's Summer National in Roseville. Road trip, anyone? It was a really nice evening seeing friends and brothers in BMX.

Conman's snozing like teenagers do and I'm just clearing e-mails looking forward to seeing more friends and Saturday's racing. We're heading home tomorrow night and skipping Sunday.

Conman told me he thought Terri Sonner's eyes went wide when she saw him, probably thinking we were sending a team. Not so, though. Just Kris Fox chasing Logan for the Super Class title and Connor and I seeing our mates and catching up with German while he is in the US.

Dan's, if they send a team, might pick up a few points this weekend and eat into IPOT's current 6 point lead. OFR will probably show up and I'm hoping to WATCH a nice battle between OFR, Felt and Dan's and not have to worry about team sheets, rider groups and all that other stuff.

More info after practice today. Sure wish I could do some sight-seeing in Nashville - this town is a wonderful surprise most being don't know about.