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Anyone know the difference between the MX 2 and MX 3 - the little knowledge I have is that an MX 3 is the complete bike while the MX 2 was f&f.
ya there is a difference in the frame wise

your grap in the bottom & top tube of the frame .......... Not all way a like ......
Not meant to be rude, but I dont understand what you mean. Do you mean the dimensions of the frames are different?
Well, to start with, the 77/early78 MX-II still had the head tube gusset between the top & down tubes like the squareback did...
Bill Curtin
Anyone know the difference between the MX 2 and MX 3

The difference is:

Nothing. The Japanese vendor building the bikes for Redline misread a purchase order and created decals that read MX-III which were applied to the MX-II frames.

I have somwewhere, an explanation that came direct from Linn Kastan regarding this.

Back in the day, they didn't have computer design or email. Communication was difficult and stuff was lost in the translation.

I must admit - thats exactly what I thought.
My Redline site may help you.

MX2 was the frame used (or sold seprately) and made in USA.
When they started making complete bikes in Japan, they were called MX3 on the decals only. It was still a MX2 frame.
In 1983 they released the Series 3 frame and I believe in 84 started getting bikes from Taiwan (from memory so this may be inacurate)

So a MX3 was just a MX2 frame sold as a complete bike made in Japan. The Series 3 was a new design.
that's what I gathered.

Having owned and MXII and MX III frame they seemed exactly the same.

MXIII came in two (complete) flavours.

Amongst other things the MXIII 600 had one piece cranks, MXIII 700 had three piece alloys and was more expensive.

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