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3rd gear
post up your favorite Bikes from your stable....

My 2 are,

My Patterson PR240 all original finish w/ campy graphites....and my 89 Free Agent Limo...

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These 2

1979 Mongoose Motomag - nearly identical to the first real BMX bike I ever had:

1984 Hutch Lil Holeshot - built around the time my daughter was born, so I think of her whenever I look at it:

I don't have any pics as of right now but I would have to say my OM Flyer and my Bassett 26".

Kelly B
As far as my vintage bikes go it would be these.


QUOTE (PEP @ Jul 8 2008, 11:36 AM) *

Like the redline!!!
Damn, i only have 3, i feel bad leaving the cruiser out:

The GHP (of course) and the Patterson PR200.
A lot of Pattersons here so far!

My 82 chro-mo Quad and my prototype VDC

Click to view attachmentAll my stuff took a beating or I failed to lock it up and it never made it to vintage status. Soooooooooo, I am beating on this and I now lock it up.

pk ripped
Geez, FOUR "4" Patterson's already! All sweet!

Chris, I dont remember your RA-10 looking that awesome at Rockford, very nice!
There are some nice rides above!
Here are my two favorites as of right now.

First is: 1981 26" GT with all orginal chomre and decals. I changed the wheels and grips ONLY. pads or originals too (Thanks Kerry).

The second is my 78 Redline MX-II - This was the last bike I owned BITD.

Thanks to this site, I have been able to recreate every bike I ever wanted or had. Tough to choose just two!
My white tahoe 20' and my zeronine with custom zeronine forks.3rd gears 24 patty is sweet.
old time
i think all my favorites our on here, if i knew how to put picks on here i would. Very nice builds guys. The bikes i have now my favs our my skyways 83'84', pattersons84's, supergoose81'.
My favorite bike i raced was a hutch pro racer, and the ultimate ride my vdc(never break this thing)
I really want is a patterson cruiser, and of course my old vdc. But realistically the patterson cruiser
My Ashtabula and my Matthews....seen together

For me, it's my 1980 Diamond Back Senior Pro & Shimano 5000 (Tange made)
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It would have to be my Hutch Windstyler and my Hutch Pro-Racer
Richard Vogt - bmxmountainbiker
Man, I am digging the Pattersons... tongue.gif my all-time favorite bikes... pk ripped has my brother's '82 Patterson frame... he knows I like 'em... too bad they didn't make black pads like masterstint's BITD... they look HOT!

Since Pattys are so friggin' expensive and rare now, I have to settle for riding my '96 Boss Hogg built to Brent and Brian's geometry and specs when Brent was an owner of Boss in the mid-1990s...

Richard Vogt

P.S. Reilley1, I'm with you on the Hutches... NOT! ohmy.gif
Holy Moly! (not cromoly) I haven't seen an Ashtub on here in YEARS!
Been thinking of tracking one down forever. Remember when they came in
a blisterpack with everything but the wheels? The LBS had one of those
and I honestly thought, 'that's gonna be worth something big someday".
They were SO cool looking!

As for my 2 favorites in my stable, it keeps changing. Some are sold off.
So not in my stable. But it seems everytime I finish a build, IT'S my fave.
Even when I felt like "this bike just ain't goin' nowhere."

Great idea, limiting to two!

Let me get back after I think about it, for a WHILE.....
Very hard choices...I'm gonna say it is my 1982 Mongoose Black Chrome Pro Class and my 1985 Mongoose Eric Rupe Signature Edition.

Although my 1984 Mongoose ERSE is growing on me fast!
I've added a bunch to my collection recently, but my two faves are my original race bikes. That's an old picture of the turbo, but it doesn't look much different 25 years later.

Original Profile (Bought new in 1984)

Cook Bros

My original bikes from bitd.
77 Motomag and my 81 Supergoose.

My 1979 Robinson and my 1970s Cheetah:

This is a great website...I just close my eyes and I'm back on the hill waiting for the gate to drop.

I'd have to say my 2 favorite bikes were the Patterson PR200 and the one I still have, a 1982 (or 1981) Patterson Long.
Average Joe
Let's keep this thread going; there have been lots of amazing bikes so far.
Here's my first love & first build. 1980 Redline MX-II.

Average Joe
and my latest love and latest build, 1984 RL-20 Prostyler in chrome; it's a freestyler but it has racing roots.

But I have a new project that I'm really excited about, 1984 RL-20 Prostyler in white

Here's my two favs....

My 1981 GT 26, and my 1983 Patterson PR240 (My 1982 GT24 follows close behind)

3rd gear
Come on guys...
First off one of my two faves is not a bmx bike it's my 1952 schwinn DX. I've owned the bike since I was 18 years old. I bought it un restored for $10 bucks. it was taken apart about a week after I got it for a re-paint and I never put it back together. I hauled it around with me everywhere I had ever lived for 16 years then I took up the restoation again in 1992. I compleated the bike in 1999. every bike I own will go before this one. happy.gif

#2 is my 1974 Yamaha moto-bike. This is the bike that got me into collecting BMX and back into BMX in general after being away from it for the better part of 20 years. It's an A-model serial # J6000770 which makes it the 770th moto-bike produced I only know of maybe two others with lower serial numbers in the hands of colletors and both are ownd by the same guy in Texas. (if he still owns them that is.) laugh.gif

original paint original frame stickers. most of it's original parts except for it's tires, grips, seat, pedals (but I have them.) and chain guard.
my 79 JMC long
and 83 nat pro

B. Apold
Well I don't have two OS bikes, but I have one. Its an 82 pro and its forsale....

1979 Team Jag

1978 Team Mongoose

66alfa_gtv, love those both!
jerry a hutcher
Click to view attachmentFabweld 001 is one..
jerry a hutcher
Click to view attachment And #2 my 83 nattie pro!! By the way this is the 1St pics i have posted on this site..Its about time huh...
HPR '82 & HXL24 '83

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