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Scot OM Breithaupt
Hey everyone; I sincerly appreciate all your mad love, acceptance and empowerment you have bestowed on me.

I have been HIGH on LIFE for the last 30 days of freedom and owe that blessing to all of you and the BIG man upstairs... For those of you that have faith in a higher power, (I call mine God), please say a prayer for His will to be done tomorrow.

I've been speaking to some small youth groups lately, and am invited to do 3 more in next few weeks if the DA and Judge allow me to stay out a little longer.. and if they don't then I will just stay focused on my recovery, become stronger and share my experience , strength and hope when I get out! For now, I still owe a debt to society.

I will have my Lil' Bro Sean post my address when I get to the big house if they take me tomorrow. If you have the time to write, I promise to write back. I value your friendship and support. Keeping me in the loop makes me feel "part of"...

God Bless you all...
BMX Love to you all...
Scot The OM of BMX :ThumbsUp:
Take Care Scot...
Ken Pliska
Sending Positive Thoughts your way, my friend.
The Bicycle Source
I wish you well Scot, good luck...
QUOTE (Scot OM Breithaupt @ Jul 8 2008, 01:18 AM) *
I have been HIGH on LIFE for the last 30 days of freedom

Cool! Glad to hear you're doing well.

I just put an SE sticker on my Jeep last week, I'll send you a pic.

Good luck tomorrow!


Continue your prayer and strong faith. Tomorrow is another challenge for you and remember that God will never give more than you can handle. Your a Champion no matter what but I pray you win for you now because your worth it.

I try to never say Aloha, we say "A Hui Ho" and Nos Vemos, Until we see each other again,

I will shoot some letters and brain teezers about everything BMX, Thanks again for writting to me yesterday!

Stay Rad Scott,

Mike Morgan

Gary Mason WWR
God bless , and good luck OM .
Hold it down, OM. Charly Narly's got your back.
Take care
OM, Hope you get to see this. A safe and productive stay, wherever you touch down. Please make sure Sean posts your address, or at least PMs it to those of us who want it.



OM -
Positive thoughts from me and my family to you and your's.

- Bob

P.S. - Kate is 3 now and quite the lil' ripper on her tricycle...........and my older two girls want some baby blue bikes 'like Daddy'.
I'm hoping the judge will be cool to you today Scot.

We've got your back!
Walter Holda
hoping for the best. God Bless

Good luck and stay strong, no matter the Judge's decision. Always remember that we're here for you bro.

-Jon Hinkle
Best of luck OM...
R. Serafin
Take care Scott.
Keep your head up Mr. Breithaupt, I hope that Sean posts your address, you can count on letters from me if he does.
Take care OM
Jason Bender biggrin.gif
stay strong and take care of business scot, one day at a time...
Wishing you the best.

Best of luck Scott. Remember, everytime we crashed we learned something.
I'll paraphrase what Vince Lombardi once said: "It's not how many times you fall down, it's how many times you get back up. Hang in there!

Take care Scot. I just saw this on another site and it is worth the watch.
Take care of yourself Scot. Best wished to ya. Stay strong!
Scot OM Breithaupt
Hey all .. the judge gave me a 14 day extension on my O.R. Waiver! I will be going back to court July 22nd..

Looking forward to hanging out with my BMX family between now and then.. Thanks to all for your prayers, supportive words and thoughts.. ...

God Bless you all...
Jason Chang
I hope more good comes your way. Thank you for sending Stu to Hawaii back in 78 for the NBA race, I am sure like me that hundeds of racers have fond memories of Stu and SE being in Hawaii.

Chevron Envy
Great News OM!

I hope you understand that the thousands of people on this site who call it "home" probably wouldn't have been here if it weren't for your pioneering spirit in that empty field in the early 70's. Not to mention all the familes that gather at tracks all around the world enjoying y(our) sport.

Please keep things in perspective and know that we all admire you for your determination. That same determination needs to be pointed on the straight and narrow to recovery.

A sincere good luck from someone who has BMX in his heart for 30+ years and probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for your vision back then.

Good Luck!

Mike D
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