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A little trail, a little road and a killer little downhill.

Let's figure something a date. I have done a partial recon of the area

Contact me if you are interested
lets hit Kearney!
That would be practice. Not a ride, besides I would probably not see you

Saturday 26th of July 9:00 AM meet time On the West side of the 163 over the Cabrillo Bridge at Redwood Circle Take off time for the ride itself 9:30 or so

Koho, Chula etc, you guys in?
"That would be practice. Not a ride, besides I would probably not see you anyways.."

Also, KMP doesn't run on Saturdays. You could always hang out and ride KMP the next day , when they run a regular race day.

I'll be there! Sounds like fun Rick.
Did a recon ride today. Not a girlie man beach ride for sure but fun. Some downhill, some climbs some single track, some pavement, and some gnarly jumps; will post a map later but starting point is at the corner of El Prado and Balboa Drive (West of the 163 and a few feet north of the Lawn Bowling fields) At a place called Redwood Circle

Big wheels recommended as well as Camelback and helmet and maybe a front brake..

More info later
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