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Hey Gang,

Just wanted to ring in and let you all know that, for the first time since I took over in March, we have topped 1,100,000 pageviews on the site. We topped 1 million in April and were just under in May (thanks to the May 1 outage), but for June, we ended up at 1,129,811.

There are a lot of ways to skew these numbers (put less content on each page, requiring more pageloads being the most common), but I am not as interested in comparing VBMX to other sites as I am in comparing one month to the next of our own stats. What can we do better? How can we attract new users? How can we get the users we have more involved? etc, etc, etc.

This site had 27,547 "Absolute Unique" visitors in June. Absolute uniques is widely accepted as a comparable figure to the "paid circulation" of a print publication. And I am proud to say this number is in close proximity to the circ of many of the print BMX publications out there (higher than some I used to work for tongue.gif).

So, just wanted to give you all a brief shout out to say thanks for making what it is today. Now get back to reading those forums biggrin.gif


solid Mike. I'm glad to see that someone is actually looking at this type of data and interested in furthering the site and it's activities.

You're such a Data Miner tongue.gif

Let's chat next week.
rock on . its not over unless you cross the finish line biggrin.gif
gmta happy.gif
Gary Mason WWR
You mean people really read this **** we post here ?
From a very humble beginning.
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