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Got this off of Craigslist for $10. I know its not top end! but I had to have it. Lot of flyingO's around Oklahoma....I didn't know they had a 24" cruiser though.

Brian B
It's a farmed out Murray X-24R, mild steel. They came with ACS stems and Dia-comp brakes. Pretty cool for 10 bux and it's a brand I haven't heard of till now.
I bought a lot of bike parts from Otasco when I was a kid. The stores were like a Western Auto (at that time). Oklahoma Tire and Supply Company.

Pretty cool bike...definitely a flashback for me.
Mike'Ultimate Sin of Bmx'Crehan
Western Auto is where my dad bought me my first and only pair of Tuff's.
Cash Matthews
My first ever bike was from Otasco. Man I loved that thing. It had a three speed stick shift and was the same color as your bike! Awesome pics!
Otasco! I haven't heard about them in years! I remember asking the manager at the store in Okemah, OK for a summer job putting the bikes together, he seemed a little, uh....let's just say, not to happy, to have a 13 year old kid tell him that the forks were on backwards, the stickers were scratched etc. on a brand new Blue Max they had on display, and I didn't get the job either!

Cool find.....memories........
WOW, that is a name I havnt heard since I was a "youngin", lol! Grew up in the town of TONKAWA, about 10 miles west of Ponca City. Raced for HUFFY bitd, and having a last name that started with an "O", I was given the nickname "FLYING O"!!! I may have to go dig out my old echo fullface and take a pic to use as my avatar on here!! GOD, this is an AWESOME FIND!!! I can still remember my DAILY trips up to the Western Auto and the OTASCO stores, they had everything in there!

chris oscarson
SWEET SCORE! Im from Oklahom too (Ponca City) and I grew up near Otasco....I loved that place! They had mini bikes and go karts! I remember the Flying O 20"bikes well.....sweet cruiser though! Great score!
Yea when we lived in Kansas and came down to Tulsa to visit the grandparents we always wantd to go check out the bikes at OTASCO! I think its why I wanted this one! If flying O's ever get as high priced as Hutch I know where there is a pile of about 100 Flying O frames in Talala Ok! LOL
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