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John De Bruin
I am pleased to announce that I have recently acquired full ownership and trademark rights to the company Hutch Hi-Performance BMX, and am able to share preliminary plans for the future.

A brief history about me…

Always been a “Hutch guy”. Bought my pre-serial # in August of 1983, raced/rode until 1987. I enjoy building show-quality bikes today, and am a strong advocate of actually riding them.

In my dad’s younger days, he was a paid diver searching for sunken Spanish ships. Later on and when I was around 10, he wanted to go to the deeper wrecks, and I watched him use engine lathes and other big equipment to build his own submarine. From that point I knew I wanted to make stuff too. My professional career has always been new product development, and because I started at the beginning of the PC age, my strength has been advanced CAD/CAM programming combined with the use of CNC milling machines. Working directly for one of the largest CAD/CAM software companies, I traveled the world training and helping many high-profile companies with advanced machining concepts.

“Alright, so what are your plans?”…

My plans are to introduce new product “re-issues” that are remarkably similar to originals, but having at least 1 feature different than the originals. That 1 feature will fit the criteria that, in order to remove or modify it for the purpose of deceiving to be original, would take more effort than realistically worth while based on the likelihood of it being recognized as being altered, or would simply destroy the integrity of the item altogether.

Using today’s technology, I am confident that quality will either meet or exceed the high-quality standards of the originals. I will NOT do anything to jeopardize or degrade the reputation of Hutch as being the finest-quality bicycle components manufacturer ever.

“And what will these re-issues do to the value of my original stuff?”…

Your natural first reaction may be that it will decrease the values of the originals. I believe this will be completely false and backwards. In fact, values of high-quality or NOS originals are likely to INCREASE, based on increased demand through an enlarging population of collectors entering the sport…which is directly based on the availability of lower-cost re-issues. As a certain percentage of those new collectors mature, they will eventually want to collect vintage originals, and the larger base of collectors will support increased values. This equation is common to the fields of vintage guitar collecting and vintage muscle car collecting, just to name a couple examples.

“What did it take to resurrect the Hutch name and company?”…

In short, an immense amount of research…and money. Hutch Hi-Performance BMX was fragmented after its demise. Besides ownership and trademark rights, it was required that I solve beyond a reasonable doubt any potential issues relating to the various other legal issues that happened along the way. I formed my company in 2005, so it has taken more than 2 years to complete this process. The cost to purchase the rights was significant as well.

Making small consumables such as decals or pads requires little investment compared to the durable components. Imagine for example any 6 parts that Hutch made, then imagine the costs associated with making minimum batch requirements large enough to bring costs down enough so that the product can be priced accordingly. That quickly escalates into huge numbers. Anyone who doubts my willingness to defend these rights should strongly consider what I have invested to get to this point.

“What is your company?”…

My company is Trick Bike Company, LLC. Hutch Hi-Performance BMX and the Hutch logos are registered trademarks of Trick Bike Company, LLC. All rights reserved.

“Any plans for new-school products?”…

I envision new-school products that have a slight flair of the brand-specific styling to vintage originals. New-school offerings are a “phase 2” subject and will not happen right away. However, I strongly encourage and welcome any design recommendations, and will make a fair and equitable business arrangement with anyone that brings a viable or interesting product idea forward. The real potential for exponential profit lies within the larger retail market of the new-school population.

“What are the first products you will be offering?”…

This is an exciting time for BMX. We have the Olympic events for the first time, and we are also smack-dab in the middle of the 25th anniversary of the greatest era ever for vintage BMX. The Hutch product line is as in-depth as it gets. Therefore, the potential for strong interest is good. I will be announcing products and availability at the point of manufacturing where I receive the first prototypes in-hand and can inspect quality. Quality must meet my expectations to be considered as an available product. Pre-orders will only be offered after quality has been assured with the prototypes. I do have multiple projects working simultaneously now, and I may even have something at Rockford.

“Anything else besides Hutch coming?”…

Yes. I have acquired rights to CW, and I am working on acquiring rights to a few other select brands. I am also attempting to work with some existing and still-in-business companies for product re-issues. I hope this broad-base of new product offerings will allow our sport to grow, and also won't compromise the value and heritage of original vintage items for those who wish to collect only those items. It is a fine balance, and one I have given considerable thought to.

Thank you,

Wow John - you going for the serious approach here - nice work.

Your decals sets and hardware have always been top notch so if anyone should be doing this it's you.

Did you have to make contact with Mr. Hutchins at all during the process?


Congratulations on realizing the summit! Pop a bottle of Dom tonight before you ascend to the next peak.

Looking forward to seeing your handiwork...and doing what I can to ensure your success!


Again, wow. So I suppose the XL-24 decal set you've just sent out to me has morphed overnight from quality re-pop to genuine equipment! Cool, as now I can re-flog them back onto the bay for thousands. rolleyes.gif

Even a re-run of grips, aerospeeds and number plates alone will probably net you enough loot to elevate you to almost Bond villain levels of wealth. Whatever you paid for the rights is going to be oh, so worth it. Just keep the quality super-high.
This is great news. I can't wait to see what happens . Good luck.
That's terrific news John. I was just thinking the other day that the owners of trademarks like Hutch and CW should really be capitalizing on the popularity of old school BMX. I will be eagerly watching to see what unfolds.

Now, if we can just get the Patterson brothers thinking along the same lines....
Wow! I am impressed that you are undertaking this, and I think it is great. Hutch is one of those brands that should still be around. It is to bad that alot of the great companies went under, or are now a shell of what they once were. It is good to here that you are going to keep the same high standards that hutch kept in the 80's.

Good luck to ya and I cant wait to order stuff!
I applaud your venture and eagerly await product flow. This is most exciting news as I am a huge CW and Hutch enthusiast.

Cannot wait!!!
Right on youre taking the right steps to do this the right away
Wow congrats:)
Loved Hutch stuff when it came out and ordered a bunch of parts from their mail order.

Being a Torker guy I never got a Hutch but man those bikes and parts were fabulous. Glad to see someone with the proper passion is takin' this on the right way and lookin' forward to seeing what is generated for both Hutch and CW.

Will Heidi be around as a model???

At least I still have my Hutch Team shirt and that is not me with man boobs wacko.gif

I want a XL26 cruiser John!!!!!!! Great news

I hope some 26 inch cruisers are in the works, easy for us 30 and 40 somethings to actually ride and gets around being mistaken for original at the same time at least for hutch since they never made a 26"

I really love the idea of legit re-issues way to lead by example!!!!

I definitely approve. I look forward to seeing some of the results!
Good for you John. Drop me an email.

I need to chat with you about some items.
I hear she is a mortgage broker in Jersey...anyone?

QUOTE (RL @ Apr 29 2008, 07:37 PM) *
Will Heidi be around as a model???

John De Bruin
Thanks for the positive feedback. I do appreciate it.

[quote name='AndyDiamond' date='Apr 29 2008, 10:25 PM' post='530708'
Did you have to make contact with Mr. Hutchins at all during the process?

No, Richard signed his ownership rights away a long time ago and was not a necessary component. My interpretation of Richard's seamingly intentional lack of presense indicates to me that he would prefer to stay distant from his history with BMX, and I can respect that.

I was happy to get that auction a couple weeks ago that included the original Hutch Factory Team jersey and very early catalogs. Was that Heidi who was posing for photos inside?

it's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine

j/c, best of luck with your business venture.
Interesting question: what happens to other Hutch repops being made - can you shut them down?

Did you have any problems with the Hutch sport equipment people?

Good luck.
talk to todd lyons....I heard he's good with shuttin people down with lawyers tongue.gif

~ respectfully

Very cool. I can't wait to see what comes of this.
John De Bruin
QUOTE (AndyDiamond @ Apr 30 2008, 02:37 AM) *
Interesting question: what happens to other Hutch repops being made - can you shut them down?

Try to think of it this way: Hutch never evaporated. It always existed, but for the majority of time was unused due to whatever reasons determined by the previous owner. But due to my investment and desire to put the brand to use, it would be in my best interest to protect those rights.

I won't comment on specifics regarding the Hutch sporting goods company, other than to say it was also one of my primary research subjects, and I am confident in my findings.
Super cool.

I often fantasize about doing this with my fave brands. I spent a bunch of years in the bike biz and am a month from starting a new career in industrial design, however, so I know how huge an undertaking it is, which means I'll never go for it.

You have my respect and best wishes for success.

im brainstorming with a simple way to id the new from the old. primary concern is to keep the aesthetics correct imho, like 1" and side pull mounts etc...but what is a way to easily distinguish it enough to make it fool proof? were you planning on going the se way using taiwan parts, v-brakes and 1 1/8th etc....? granted that stuff has its place and they do function better in many ways, but I was hoping your goal was to be true to the og spec when possible?? anyway i really hope that this is the case and nowadays this country could really use a lot more made in america product, i could imagine a hutch booth at the nahbs (north american handmade bicycle show).

btw nahbs is where its at if you havent seen the bikes there you owe it to yourself.

waiting list?

Wow - this is exciting news John! I'm a real Hutch fan & look forward to your product development!

Please keep us all posted on your progress, I'm sure there will be plenty of guys watching this thread!
This has got to be one of the most interesting / exciting post I've read in some some, the mind boggles with what could become of this.

If you make nice quality stuff, then I'm sure that you will have everyones backing ($$'s)

The Very Best of luck to you
QUOTE (John De Bruin @ Apr 30 2008, 04:50 AM) *
it would be in my best interest to protect those rights.

Poacher turned gamekeeper, huh?


Well done John, best of luck in your new venture - I am sure you'll do well at it.
Congratulations John. Just a couple of questions:

1. Do you plan on building freestyle bikes/parts as well or are you concentrating on race stuff in the beginning?

2. Any idea of when you will begin selling items?

Very interested to see how this shakes out - congrats again!

raddad old schooler
ok i have a cracked frame is my warranty still good ? jk best of luck
....double the fork dropout thickness please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John De Bruin
QUOTE (raddad old schooler @ Apr 30 2008, 11:15 AM) *
ok i have a cracked frame is my warranty still good ? jk best of luck

I'll have to read one of those warranty cards, but my guess is that it gives the options of "repair, replace, or refund at manufacturer's discretion". A refund of $139.95 might not be a bad deal for me, huh? lol

Because I was always a racer, the race stuff is what I began working on first. I understand that freestyle is hugely popular too, so I will be listening intently to what you guys want. I will also need to learn some basics, such as on what platform the Trick Star was built on(modified Judge or Pro Racer?) I don't claim to know every detail, but I will need to learn them.

Some of my more complex tooling is already finished, and more is scheduled to be finished around the second week of May. Prototypes will come shortly after. Assuming quality meets my standards, and that I can publish photos of the prototypes so you guys know what to expect, then I can begin taking pre-orders for the first batches. I'd love to have something in-hand at Rockford. That's my immediate goal.
Oh, and so what of this old, old website?

John De Bruin
It's not mine. Looks like Ben Stoneham is paid through to 2011 also.
Cook Bros Seeker
This is great news. I'm big Hutch fan especially because I did not have one as a kid. I now have Trick Star. In addition to the vintage products I would like to see you make the brand popular with kids of today so that it could continue into future generations. Of course, this would require making "street" bikes that can withstand feeble grinds, etc.. as well bikes that kids can race at today's tracks.

Good luck. I'll certainly be one of your first customers.
Best wishes and congratulations John!
Wow, i just ran across this thread.

Not one nor have I ever been a Hutch fan but this is great news with lots of potential.
Best of Luck!

and now that I've got the schmoozing out of the way, would you please add Hutch labeled Comp II tires to your inventory? wink.gif
talk to todd lyons....I heard he's good with shuttin people down with lawyers

~ respectfully


I will second the request for an XL26! I will have money ready if you build them!!
Moosegoose Nick
Wow, Great,whatever...

Another person who is going to profit from someone else's work. Big Whoopee
And so it begins... My question is (and I normally stay out of these threads I just like to ask for help and what not), but I like Hutch stuff. What is the cost going to be for the normal Joe?? I mean a Stem might command anywhere from 250-450 right?? Bitd they cost what 50 bucks? So what about your reissue will it be worth it? Can I buy one for 75-100. If it's going to cost almost as much as the real thing why not buy that? But for 60 70 bucks hell yeh I might slap one on a bike. But then people will be like ha ha he has a repop not the real thing nar nar nah nah nah, and I would be sad. Seriously what will the cost comparison be to current value real stuff? All I need for my Hutch build is a 1st Gen DK seatclamp if I could buy a repop right now for 15 bucks instead of waiting for one on Ebay for 30-50 I would buy one right now.

someone else's work

is why Hutch went out of business.
John De Bruin
QUOTE (BridgeCity @ Apr 30 2008, 01:41 PM) *
...would you please add Hutch labeled Comp II tires to your inventory? wink.gif

I've been trying to get through to the right person to bring back skinwalls. If I establish the right connection, I would ask for early label re-issues, black tread only, Comp II and Comp III, 20x1.75 and 24x1.75 sizes only. That's a total of 3 injection-molds and setups required (Comp II didn't come in 24", correct?). Anything beyond that request for re-issues and they will laugh you out the door.

I'm not sure if anyone's seen or talked about the 25th Anniversary blackwall Comp III, but I think it's a mighty fine-looking tire and would certainly compliment retro builds or even re-issues. And yes, I would ask them to make the 25th Anniversary label in a skinwall too, which IMO would be phenomenal.

To those wanting to pour out the Hateraid:

The guy purchased the company, it's his to do with as he pleases. He can build and sell Hutch bikes to WalMart if he so chooses. I for one applaud you for rolling the dice. Good luck.

John De Bruin
QUOTE (WILD ZEBRA @ Apr 30 2008, 03:12 PM) *
My question is...What is the cost going to be for the normal Joe??

Excellent question. There are 2 factors I will use to calculate price.

1. the actual costs associated to manufacture, package, market, deliver, and properly represent, and 2. a comparison of originally advertised component prices, adjusted for inflation. Obviously, the first item is a more significant factor. But looking at cost-comparisons, adjusted for inflation, gives a good assumption that if people paid that price BITD, then they would likely consider it to be a fair price today. This is especially true with Hutch, since they have always been a premium-priced product. And some items will simply cost much more to make today then back then, but it's still an interesting comparison.

I will NOT factor a cost comparison of NOS original items at today’s market value for the purpose of “most profit”. I would rather sell at less cost and more volume, so that our sport can grow.

I am hoping to sell primarily through traditional retail, online, and perhaps catalog sources. EBay is not my preferred source, but it's popularity should be used at some point as an economical marketing tool. Regardless of the outlet, predetermined MSRP's will be suggested to be maintained, and will also factor typical retail commission structures.
Bedlam Bikes
Glad to see someone is doing this the PROPER way. Best of luck with your business venture and I wish you much success. When you truly believe in what you are doing and do it with a positive attitude and good ethics, you WILL succeed!

Hopefully in the not too distant future, Hutch will once again become a household name at the local tracks!

My only suggestion: Try and find out EXACTLY WHO did Hutch's chrome plating in the early days. To this day, I've never seen better or even equal quality chrome on a factory bicycle.
Well if it's like you say based on profit margian rather than "people love Hutch I can sell this stuff for a mint" Sounds reasonable. I mean look at the current state of Hutch repop stickers 79.00 for Hollywood stickers yikes whats the profit margian on that 400 percent?? I had to pay 13.00 for one Downtube, but I did, I needed it, cause my dumb butt messed up the one I paid 5 bucks for 1 year ago.
Now if DK would repop the first gen clamp I'd be set (O.K. I'll get off it) Well I can say I look forward to seeing the products and their respective prices.
Capt. Nemo
QUOTE (Moosegoose Nick @ Apr 30 2008, 03:01 PM) *
Wow, Great,whatever...

Another person who is going to profit from someone else's work. Big Whoopee

That is the American way, isn't it Nick?

Name ONE company that is over 25 years old and still in business that isn't doing EXACTLY the same thing. If you CAN name one, I can name a hundred that are.

Businesses get sold, rights change hands, that's the nature of the game.

How is this different than GT purchasing the Robinson brand in the 80's?

Or a million other scenarios outside out little BMX community?

I wish you luck John, and am looking forward to purchasing a new school or retro 24" Hutch.

"looking forward to purchasing a new school or retro 24" Hutch"

Yes what is the full extent of the product line?? Will it include f/f or even complete bikes? When the post first got started I just Imagined accessories ie. clamps, stems, pads, stickers yada yada
John De Bruin
QUOTE (WILD ZEBRA @ Apr 30 2008, 05:16 PM) *
"looking forward to purchasing a new school or retro 24" Hutch"

Yes what is the full extent of the product line?? Will it include f/f or even complete bikes? When the post first got started I just Imagined accessories ie. clamps, stems, pads, stickers yada yada

I doubt Richard Hutchins could've answered that question at the beginning either. I'll just start out with a few things, see how they are accepted, and expand if people like what they see. This is one of those deals where word-of-mouth is key, so I'm pretty sure I'll be able to sense whether to expand to other parts. But hopefully the quality of my stickers has set a precedence. I rarely list them on eBay anymore because word-of-mouth has brought most people to me.

I learned the term "vaperware" working for the CAD/CAM company. Vaperware is software capabilities that were in development, but we didn't have them yet. I'd rather not say what I have in development, because I believe I don't have anything until I get prototypes in-hand. It will start off as parts though.
One more suggestion...

If frames, forks, bars are part of the equation, definitely at least go with the old school chrome, white, and the candy red and blue, if not all the OG flavors.

But I'm sure you knew that already.

See how when you actually own a brand, and aren't making 80s clones "lightly stamped" as repros, how it just seems to be more well received?

You may incite a riot with repro grips, however, LOL...

But I think...if you made them using Krayton rubber like the new school grips and made 'em unique yet true to the origs...I'd buy those. Always thought the look was cool but as actual useable grips, they sucked worse than any grip I know, including the ones you bought at K-mart BITD.
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