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I posted this a while back in a slightly different configuration. Thanks to Cheez (rim) and Da G (seatpost) I wanted to redo it.
The Tom's Bike Shop on the plate refers to an infamous rag-tag team of BMXers who thanks to Tom Derosier (RIP) got their start in BMX. Not totally famous cats but several riders who would put a hurt on people like EK and others when they showed up. People like Mike Hardaway, Pepe Mason, David Garcia, Jimmy McDaniels, Van Johnson and others. I ran the team for a few years in the late 70s/early 80s and took a few trophies back from the nationals. A similar bike was my last bike I bought at that shop

Recently, Tom's oldest daughter Mary passed away. She was good people and helped out the kids as much as she could. My way of saying thanks

Redline PL-20 Frame and Fork
Redline Stem
Redline V Bars

Mits Comp III Front Tire
Weinmann Front Rim
Asahi Spokes
Shimano DX hubs

Shimano SX brake lever
Shimano DX BB
Shimano DX Crank
Shimano DX Post
Tuff Neck Seat clamp

Avocet Saddle
Shimano Tourney Brake
Matthauser Brake Shoes
Oury Grips
Neal Plate
Shimano brake housing

Redline Pads
Shimano plate
Tange Headset
Tange headset lock
Cheng Shin copy (rear)
Ambrosio rear rim

Awsome Redline ! I gotta get me a Proline one day. Thats a sweet bike.
Thanks guys

I have a pic of the man. RIP

You've definitely got the eye. That's a sweet ride, as usual, and an awesome tribute!

Are those girder forks in the upper-right of the bike shop photo?
THAT'S the way I remember Redline! Classic!
Looks very good. A Redline built without the typical Fight cranks is a plus from me.
Hey Reilly, where was Tom's bike shop? No relation to Thomas bike shop in G.H. right? Nice Redline! Thomas' always had nice Redline's that attracted my attention.
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