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RL-20II Guy
I bought this GT Aggressor as NOS never built Frame and Forks. I never recognized this style of decals and could not match it to any year.

So, I built is as I thought I wanted it. However, I am now putting to be era correct for the year. The Serial number is 8891387.

Normally that is a 1989 made in August. However, the is for sure not a 1989 model, due to the curved-upwards rear chainstays, and the square tubing in between the chainstays near the BB tube. Plus, the 1989 model's down tube went more into the center of the bike, not into the BB, like this one is.

That seems to make it a 1990 model then. The frame matches exactly to my 1990 catalog. However, now the decals are not the same. That year in 1990, the models had that checkered red/yellow construction/hazard sign type decals.

So the big question that I need to know, is where did these decals come from???

Oh, buy the way too, in 1991 the GT Aggressor bash guard became a bolt-on, not welded, so it is not that year as well. And 1992 did not have anything close to this style decal too, and 1993, and in 1994 I don't think the GT Aggressor was made.

yeah, its a 90 model year aggressor.

with late 89 decals.

yeah someone put the 89 decals on it or maybe at the factory gt didn't have the newer "hazard" graphic ones made up yet before selling it or sending it to a sponsored rider or something.
Although the frame in this pic is the earlier model than yours (Joe Johnson's Agrressor's downtube & chainstays are not parallel and the drop outs are of earlier style) the decals do match. GO! march 1990:

Can't say i remember those decals either so i guess they weren't around too long? The article doesn't say when the competition was held but since this is march '90 issue you'd assume it was held few months earlier like late '89 or very early '90. With this in mind the decals could be from that time period, maybe a small run just before the "hazard" decals were introduced.
On the next page there's an image of Gary Pollak tailwhipping a spine on the '90 style Aggressor (frame exactly like yours) but with the hazard decals.
RL-20II Guy
Thanks, that really helps!!!

I know that the 1989 GT Aggressor was thought to have issues with how the down tube was designed, and it was changed for 1990. So, maybe the started making them towards the end of 1989 since they were breaking? Thus, still using up all the decals from 1989.

I thought the 1989 GT Aggressor decals look different though??
DYNO mite
Intersting thread Stephan...nice looking frame set!
Stephen, i browsed thru most all my '89 magazines and came up with quite a few interesting images of the '89 Aggressor with the same decals as yours in two different color combos. Here's my theory about the evolution of the Aggressor decals.

The Aggressor "prototype" was introduced in april '89 issue of BMX Plus! Inside Scoop titled "Great minds think alike" reference to Haro's brand new innovation the bash-Master prototype which was featured first time in march '89 issue of BMX Plus.
Quote from BMX Plus! Inside Scoop april '89:
"The GT bike name is still undecided, according to GT president Richard Long, but whatever it turns out to be, it should be available this spring as a frame and fork set."

Then came the actual GT Aggressor test review in june '89 issue of BMX Plus! featuring Woody itson, Trevor Hernandez and Ken Powers as test riders. Obviously the name was already decided but the bike, atleast the one in the test review, didn't have the name "Aggressor" written anywhere on it yet.
For the test bike they had just used the purple/pink/blue '89 GT "swirl" theme decals likely just to give the bike the distinctive "GT graphics look" for the review cause, my guess is, they didn't have the official Aggressor decals made just yet.

So Your '90 Aggressor has the mid-to-late '89 style decals that were produced for a while, but not long for very it seems. I'd say they are very rare, probably as rare as the '88 and '89 GT PFT decals.

In my '89 magazines i've seen images of the '89 Aggressor with those decals in two colour themes. White lettering for black '89 Aggressors and pink lettering for chrome '89 Aggressors.

Here the images. I pretty much scanned most every pic of the '89 Aggressor i could find, those with more less "clear view" of the decals in question, here goes.

First things first, here's the inside scoop "spy photo" of the prototype:

The first Aggressor test review, june '89.

Gary Pollak fence riding on, which i'm guessing is, the same bike from the test june '89 test review. BMX Plus august '89.

Now this is interesting. Joe Johnson on his blue '90 Aggressor with Pro Freestyle Tour decals! Guess the hazard theme was already on during this photo shoot but the Aggressor decals didn't make it early enough to his bike for some reason.

...and this photo pretty much proves also that they were late with the '90 hazard decals.

From the cover of the GT 1990 Freestyle catalog, Joe Johnson and the '89 decals.

More random '89 Aggressor pics.


RL-20II Guy
Wow 2FRESH - You out did yourself!

Thanks a lot!

I have part of the early '89 decals, in the yellow with magenta backgrounds on clear material. I never caught on to them be the same as on my Aggressor now, since the color were so different.

I also have part of a set of the later chrome "Checkered" decals on chrome material.

Now, I have a good idea what I want to use for the parts!

Did you notice the very rare (I don't know if these were even ever sold) 'silver' ACS BOA brakes!

2FRESH - send me your mailing address - your post deserve a sticker set - one that I think you will enjoy and can do wonders with, with another custom build, like you are always good at.... tongue.gif

The R
Didn't GT make a mountain bike called the Aggressor, or have I gone insane?

Anyway, I think the really interesting thing about the first BMX Plus! post (great minds think alike), is that GT was probably not ready to release the bike at that point, but Haro apparently beat them to the punch! So they had to show something ASAP -- and that's probably why it had no name nor any stickers. Cool history.
RL-20II Guy
Yeah, there is currently a line of Aggressor mountain bikes out there now...
They do have the mountain bike called Aggressor but it didn't happen until years after the BMX Aggressor.

Here's the "Ultimate Freestyler" giveaway from dec. 1989 based on customized Aggressor.

RL-20II Guy
I wonder who won that Bike?? I wonder if that splatter paint is a painted on with a brush? It almost looks like it , since the "run" marks are going all direction in each splatter.


Can you scan the cover of the magazine??

Thanks for all the Scans!
Yeah, i would like to know that too! Who got it anyway? It was truly one of a kind, not exactly my personal favorite byt cool nonetheless.
The graphics (the splatter theme and i'd say most definitely the "Aggressor" and "GTGTGTGTGT" lettering on the chainstays too) were made by quote: "Our special thanks goes out to Bob June from Bob's Crazy Brush for the custom paintjob he kicked down."

Here's the cover for ya in allits distinctive "Pete-Kearney-vs-school-bus-full-of-girls" radness, lol.

No problem with the scans.
wow. and timo comes up with the goods big time. interesting reading. biggrin.gif
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