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GRAND PRIZE - $500 USD, and a Trophy
Special thanks to for providing this great prize.

January 25th a winner will be declared.
1983 Bob Haro Freestyler

Featured on the February 1983 cover of BMX PLUS

I'll start off with the bike that got it all started, the Bob Haro Freestyler!!! Every detail is covered and hope you enjoy it!!!


1983 Bob Haro Freestyler

Cycle Pro Shotgun seat with no shotgun holes, rare

Hadley bottom bracket in rare gold

Skyway Graphite generation I Campy's with no fading and Campy axle nuts

Vector Bob Haro bars, flex fighter, Dia-Compe cables, and original tan grip tape


Frame - Haro Freestyler owned by J.T. since 1982 with original tan grip tape and signed by Bob Haro & Ron Wilton in 1983
Fork - Haro Freestyler J.T.'s original
Bars - Vector Bob Haro Signature with blue flex fighter
Grips - Grab on MX-3
Plate - Haro Series One with exact stickers and zip ties as seen on the cover of BMX Plus
Brake lever - Haro two finger
Caliper - Dia-Compe MX-1000's
Brake pads - Skyway Pro black with chrome fins
Headset - Tange
Wheels - Skyway Graphites with Generation I Campy hubs, Suntour coaster brake, and blue plastic valve caps (details)
Front Tire - Cycle Pro Snakebelly
Rear Tire - Raleigh blackwall street tire
Chain - Torque
Chain ring - Redline 44 teeth
Cranks - 1982 Redline flights with pinch bolt
Bottom Bracket - Hadley sealed in rare gold
Pedals - KKT rat traps
Seat - Cycle Pro Shotgun seat without shotgun holes, rare (properly placed dark rivets, not silver)
Seat post - Chrome-moly
Seat post clamp - Suntour
Pad - Blue Haro double stem

1983 February BMX PLUS
1985 RL-20 II...

bike has many original parts, i built the wheels myself from all NOS packaged parts. i replicated the number plate as close as i could to RL Osborn's plate from his hazard yellow RL22 though i didnt try to make the bike a replica, just built it how i liked. im dreaming of having is autographed...

parts list:

frame: RD 06625
fork: original W/original pegs
stem: forklifter original
handlebars: forklifter original
cranks: redline 401's original W/ original BB
headset: baretrap (now has hatta mx-100 not pictured)
brakes: dia-compe FS 880's, ACS 860 locking levers
seat: elina flyte tech
clamp: tange sc-2
wheels: peregrine HP 48's, correct hubs and spokes
tires: tioga comp st
pedals: suntour xc II's
sprocket: redline 44t bubble font
chain: izumi
freewheel: shimano
grips: oakley f-1
# plate: redline freestyle
1984 hutch trickstar

this is my favorite bike because i always loved pink trickstar's since the first time i saw one when i was like 10. i finally was able to build this bike and i got in contact with Woody Itson and talk a bit about how i got into collecting now and he was nice enough to autograph it.. thanks again..

parts list:

frame: trictstar US made
fork: hutch short peg
headset: hutch
stem: western H
handlehars: Mike D ladder bars
crank: redline 401
disk: aerospeed
chainring: tuff-neck
chain: KMC
pedals: hutch baretraps
brakes: dia compe mx 1000's, tech 6 levers, stamped cables
rotor: ACS
grips: akron
seat: dominator
post: hutch
clamp: hutch US made
wheels: ACS Z wheels
hubs: ACS Z hubs
freewheel: shimano
tires: hutch
dice: hutch rad kaps
here is my 3rd and final entry, hope everyone enjoy's my pics...

all the chrome on this one is new, i really think this looks sweet with the all chrome and green...

parts list:
frame: 86 trickstar
fork: hutch long peg
headset: hatta kongo
stem: westers H
handlebars: Woody Itson
grips: stamped DL-909A
brakes: dia-compe nippon's, tech 6 levers, stamped cables
rotor: ACS pro
crank: redline 401, techmatic BB
sprocket: redline 44t bubble font
chain: izumi
freewheel: ACS
pedals: hutch baretraps
wheels: araya 7x
hubs: hutch mag-ti
tires: hutch
dice: hutch rad kaps
seat: trick top
post: hutch
clamp: hutch
'85 Pink Haro Sport Pit

frame: '87 Haro F-16
fork: Haro F-16
headset: Tioga
stem: Anlun
handlehars: '85 Haro cut down 1 1/2"
crank: 155mm one piece
disk: Anlun
chainring: 39T Sugino
pedals: Victor VP-300
brakes: Dia Compe FS880, Tech 4 Levers, Dated Cables
grips: Am'e Minis
seat: Dominator Jr.
post: Generic Layback
clamp: Dia Compe Hinged
wheels: Original NOS Skyway Tuff IIs 16"

This is a '87 Haro F-16 that I made into a Pink '85 Haro Sport Pit. I made this for my daughter since I thought she shoud have what Daddy has!
no offense to anyone, but i hope a trickstar doesnt get it.

im voting for either dans pit or jt's freestyler....the details are killer!!!
so you already decided and you have only seen 5 bikes posted so far?? my bikes have plenty detail man take a look at that redline.. the 2 trickstars are currently my best other 2 bikes and i feel they are all worth a shot in the contest so i posted them.. i think there is gonna be alot or crazy bikes to come yet, the guys here are insane with their builds.. someone els post some entry's
$500 bucks.... Count me in.


This bike is special to me because I saved it from finding its way to the bin. I got the frame and forks for free from a friend who was about to put her in the bin.

I always wanted a Haro Master Team as a kid but the price was way out of my reach. I agreed to take the frameset off his hands and set to work restoring for the next two years.

So here are the detail pics,


Complete parts list...

1988 Haro Master Frame and Fork
1988 Haro Kneesaver Bars
1988 Haro Team Stem
Haro Fluted Seat Post
AJK Sticker Set
Ame Grips (old logo)
Dia Compe Tech 7 (182 Aerial) Locking Levers
Dia Compe Nippon (883) Front Brake (stamped 87)
Dia Compe AD990 U-Brake (stamped 87)
Dia Compe Front Brake Cable (stamped 88)
Dia Compe Freestyle Brake Shoes (white)
Odyssey Gyro with Odyssey Type 1 Gyro Cables
Dominator Seat with Blue Lttering
Peregrine Seat Clamp
Peregrine Sealed Bottom Bracket
Haro Compact Disc
Peregrine 3 Piece Cranks
Victor VP 500 Pedals (1988 style)
Suzue Hubs High Polish
Peregrine HP 48’s High Polish with Custom Made Ukai Stickers
Haro Tires
Izumi Chain
Yst Headset.

Any further details on the story of this bike can be found here: 88 HARO MASTER TEAM

Thanks for watching, Roberto.

1984 3rd Generation, Overseas Made Haro Master
Factory correct build
Sugino CT, MKS Graphites
Blue ring
Vector bars
Alloy flange tuffs
Panaracer Freestyle tires
shotgun II
haro flex fighter
mx hinged clamp
'84 1st Gen US '84 Haro Master in Chrome. I would have to say that this bike is my favorite bike in my collection for several reasons; It is the only complete 1st Gen in chrome that I know of (moose has a Survivor frameset) the parts and color combo go amazing together, and look at that chrome shine!

frame: '84 1st Gen US Haro Master
fork: '84 Haro
headset: Hatta MX-10 Annodized Blue with Haro Flex Fighter
handlehars: Bob Haro Replica Vector
crank: Sugino CT 175mm
chainring: 43T Sugino
pedals: MKS Graphite
brakes: Dia Compe MX900, Tech 3 Levers, Dated Green Cables
grips: Oakley B2
seat: Cycle Pro ShotGun II
post: Smooth Anlun
clamp: Dia Compe Hinged
wheels: Skyway Tuff IIs Alloy Flange
tires: Panaracer Freestyle
NOS '85 Haro Master in Neon Green. This bike is 100% Factory Correct for '85 and was built using all NOS parts.

frame: '85 Haro Master NOS
fork: '85 Haro NOS
headset: Hatta MX-10 NOS
handlehars: '85 Haro NOS
crank: Sugino 400 180mm NOS
stem: Redline Forklifter NOS
chainring: 42T Sugino NOS
pedals: MKS Graphite NOS
brakes: Dia Compe FS880, Tech 4 Levers, Dated Cables NOS
grips: Oakley B2 NOS
seat: Viscount Dominator NOS
post: Haro Fluted NOS
clamp: Dia Compe Hinged NOS
wheels: Skyway Tuff IIs Rear Coaster NOS
tires: Panaracer Freestyle NOS
Thanks very much to BMXaddicts for doing this for the site. I'll have to check them out sometime. As far as I know, this contest is a first, and it sounds like a fun idea.

Man, I really love all the builds I've seen around here. Even if there's a ton of stuff I'd maybe do different, there's always something to learn and appreciate from every build.

I gotta say I really love Roberto's Master. I know all builds require time/effort/energy/$/etc., but they way he documented and detailed the restoration from day 1, and shared with us the personal experience of the entire process, really makes it memorable.

That being said, here is my submission that I will be voting for. If I were to get any other vote, it'd most likely be out of pity.
Don't get me wrong, I love my bike dearly, but I hold no illusions as to how it stacks up against the competition.

Think of me as the dad who enthusiastically cheers himself hoarse watching his small child fail helplessly during an athletic event. As long as the kid is having fun...
Gotta represent. Home team and all that.

Besides, it does happen to be my favorite bike in the world at the moment. It is very much responsible for getting me riding again. It feels great. I wish we were all jamming and I'd let you take it for a spin and I bet you'd be amazed by how tight and solid it rides, with really comfy geometry.

1983 Skyway T/A I practically put together by accident. Bought the mags and the rest was just hanging around.
Yeah, those are Redline forks with an unthreaded headset and a 1" (early 90's Hoffman) clamp-on stem. That fork/stem setup is what makes the whole bike really work so well. I wouldn't even want to ride it with the T/A forks, not one bit.
You could say it really ties the bike together.
It's something of a Hoffman tribute build.
Anyhow, here's the thread that tells more if anyone is dying to know:

Instead of retiring this bike this winter as I'd planned, I've decided to slow my roll on my new rider build, and rehaul this one to be more flatland-friendly. I really want to ride it some more. Even when I finish my other build, I've decided to keep this one together instead of selling it or playing musical parts. I'm going with some pegs and a Gyro and some drivetrain alterations, and will post some pics of me riding it soon.

Jeff S: we gotta make that video...

eric hestermann
1983 MIKE BUFF TACO BELL SPECIAL as featured in the 1983 april bmxa magazine
1983 pk ripper frame and fork
first gen profile cranks
nos dx pedals
43 tooth suntour chain ring
hatta alloy headset
acs stem
cw bars
mx 1000 dia-compe brakes front/rear
zeronine plate with buffs sponsors stickers
acs stoker seat
acs seat clamp
acs z-rim with high flange acs hub (front)
acs z-rin with suntour coaster brake hub (rear)dia-compe seat post clamp for coasterbreak arm
irc tires
Click to view attachmentClick to view attachment
1988 Ozone Method:Air custom
Ozone was my holy grail for over 14 years until finally in 2004, my dream became reality. The Method:Air frame & fork was purchased used from AJK Bikes and it included the rare Ozone FS bars, used Mushrooms and a Pitbull. Everything else has been aquired separately in the period of three years to make it look like it does today.
It has been a lot work, a lot of waiting for the right parts to arrive, cleaning, polishing, wheel lacing, taking photos, the list goes on.
NOS means nothing to me. Most of the parts gathered for this bike have been restored, polished, cleaned up and customized from used ones to my best ability. To me more important than what's "NOS" and what's not is the complete, finalized result, the overall form of the bike, the balance of parts and colours in relation to each other. That's what makes a build for me and i have also noticed there is always room for improvement.



Parts & specs:
  • Frame: 1988 Ozone Method:Air (Tri-Moly)
  • Serial#: SC80601706
  • Fork: 1" Ozone made by Akisu, adjustable wheelbase
  • Handlebars: Peregrine Q-Bar 1 mkII - real gold plated
  • Stem: ACS 55 "Rotor stem"
  • Grips: A'me Round (original 80's production bubble font)
  • Seatpost: Lowrider Collection 10" tall, 22.2mm - "gold chromed"
  • Seat: Viscount, labeled as "Diamond Back"
  • Seatpost clamp: DK "noncon" from the 80's
  • Brake levers: 80's production Dia-Compe Tech-77 w/locking buttons
  • Front brake/pads: ACS Tangent 860F w/Skyway Freestyle Tuff Pads
  • Rear brake/pads: Altenburger Concorde centerpull from the 70's w/Skyway Freestyle Tuff Pads
  • Gyro: original Odyssey 1"
  • Gyro cable upper: SST Oryg custom cut
  • Gyro cable lower: SST Oryg/Odyssey Slick housing
  • Headset: Tioga Beartrap-2
  • Cranks: GT Power Series 1pc. 175mm
  • Pedals: KKT ½" alloy body
  • Front sprocket: Tioga CDC-1 Compact Disc 43T
  • Bottom bracket: YST waterproof 24T USA-BB
  • Chain: KMC Z ½ x 1/8" two-tone
  • Rear sprocket: NK 16T
  • Rims: Peregrine Super Pro HP-48s stock hard baked black powdercoat w/original rim decals (not repros)
  • Front hub: Peregrine/Suzue sealed 48H w/aluminum GT adjusters from a GT Superlace hub.
  • Rear hub: Suntour Freecoaster 48H 3/8" bought as "Static". The only difference is the weld-reinforced flanges.
  • Spokes: 183mm black with long black brass nipples
  • Pegs: Diamond Back dual thread 26T/24T same shape & style as Ozone pegs, just different lettering.
  • Tires: ACS RL Edge skinwall tires 20 x 1.75
  • Tubes: Kenda
  • Original retail price: $329.00 (Source: Freestylin' march 1989)
  • Approximate value: holy grail - priceless.


1987 Cycle Pro Radix
*With given Ammaco identity*

(a.k.a. "Traker Rumbler", a.k.a. "Sterling FS-600" etc)

This bike was completely restored from abused, mismatch frame & fork set into a complete bike. The frame was later identified as Cycle Pro Radix also known as Traker Rumbler, also known as Sterling FS-600 and who knows how many more names and identities this model has. I've read that the frame was designed/built (?) by Voris Dixon which, if true, is a cool bonus.
Transforming the bare metal frame & fork into a complete bike started out more less as a side project but evolved into much bigger and ultimately, it turned out to be the most fun and exciting bike i have worked with so far. The absense of the original decals gave me the "artistic" freedom to get creative with this bike including giving it a new identity and name it after the legendary UK based bike company, Ammaco. There's also more less exaggerated amont of stands and platforms all over this bike and it is purely intentional. I wanted to go completely wild with the pegs and stands and add as many as i though would still be within the limits of "half decent" and stylish looks, not to create "Project Bolt-on" part 2, lol!

Here's the photos:

This is where i started, a poorly stripped frame and fork set from ebay.

Preparation for powdercoat was done 100% manually to get that certain raw "texture" on to the tubing. The previous owner had used a belt/disc sander for removing the paint (all 4-5 layers of it in different colours) and caused more damage than good. He didn't even bother to remove the chrome plated headset cups and had sanded those aswell. Maybe he had ever heard of stripping the paint chemically?

Here's the fork after manual labor.

Ready for powdercoat.

Fresh from the oven.

Applying the decals.

Completed. After many phases and parts changes these are the looks i've settled down with.

In detail:

Part & Specs:
  • Frame: 1987 Traker Rumbler/CyclePro Radix (with Ammaco decals)
  • Construction: 100% Chro-Moly
  • Serial#: DS 70473327
  • Forks: 1" threaded, taken from a Mongoose freestyler w/Pacific Freestyle fork stand/platform at the crown
  • Bars: Boss "Step Ladder" Freestyle bars
  • Stem: SR/Sakae MS-422 labeled as Dyno Spin-Tech
  • Grips: SM Mushroom by ODI
  • Seatpost: Stylizer snake 22.2mm
  • Seat: Viscount Dominator Pro w/custom lightning decals
  • Seatpost clamp: DK Freestyle w/standing platform
  • Levers: ACS Tangent (by Polygon) w/locking buttons
  • Front brake/pads: Dia Compe FS880, ACS Z-Pads
  • Rear brake/pads: Dia Compe MX901 w/Weinmann adjuster, ACS Z-Pads
  • Rotor: ACS Pro Rotor
  • Rotor cables upper/lower: Odyssey Slic
  • Front brake cable: Odyssey Slic
  • Headset: Tioga Beartrap-2
  • Cranks: JM 1pc. 175mm Cro-Mo
  • Pedals: Victor VP-555 1/2" DX-style
  • Sprocket: Power Connection power disc, w/Tioga 44T CR-1 chainwheel 44T, Tioga fixing bolts
  • Bottom bracket: Tioga "Beartrap" BB-220BT 24T
  • Chain: Izumi ½ x 1/8"
  • Rear sprocket: 16T Dicta freewheel
  • Wheels: Hutch "star" mags by OGK w/custom UNI "Olympic" wheelcovers
  • Front hub: Suzue loose ball "sealed mechanism"
  • Front axle: 3/8" 26Tpi
  • Rear hub: Suzue loose ball "sealed mechanism"
  • Rear Axle: 26 Tpi
  • Front pegs: "Spinner" thread-on
  • Rear pegs: Odyssey Hollow Bullet 26T
  • Tires: Haro 20 x 1.75
  • Tubes: Kenda 20 x 1.75-2.125


My 3rd submission.

Boss Competition Freestyler

-The Dave Vanderspek Memorial Bike-

This was without a doubt one of the most exciting, emotional and memorable projects for me from start to finish. The idea for the Dave Vanderspek/Curb Dogs memorial bike came to me along the way when i was trying to figure out the style and theme for this build. This bike was/is my way of honoring the multi-talented legend who passed way too early.
The bike started off from used '88 (could be '87 too) Boss Comp Freestyler frame set with mismatch forks along with stock Boss FS bars & grips, Tracer sprocket, Odyssey seatpost clamp, Odyssey gyro and Odyssey rear brake. Oh, and for the record the 48-spoke white "Hi-Caliber" wheelset i used in this build was purchased for $25. The funny thing is, the decals i had custom made for this build cost me double than what i paid for the frame and all the parts that came with it, lol!
I chose to use "upgraded" parts in this build rather than creating a stock replica with factory parts because some of the OEM stuff were absolute crap, like the original Unitron-imitation grips for example.
The top tube decals (which would've said "Competition Freestyler") were long gone when i got the frame so i decided to create something unique instead. I hand painted (using a stencil) the the words Vander on both sides on the front end of the top tube. Kind of like when they give name to a ship, car, motorcycle etc. you know.
The biggest thank you's and respect go out to Maurice Meyer who kindly helped me with the image on the wheelcovers by letting me use the original memorial sticker illustration as a template. I can't thank you enough!

Here's the photos.

It all started from this (the ebay image):

And went on from this:

And ultimately after many phases, few parts changes and updates, to this:



Parts & Specs:
  • Frame: 1988 Boss Competition Freestyler 100% Chro-Moly
  • Serial#: T7061346
  • Fork: "Boss type" 1"
  • Bars: Boss Step Ladder Freestyle 29" w/"performer" pad
  • Stem: Odyssey 6-bolt OEM
  • Grips: A'me Round bubble font
  • Seatpost: Odyssey layback 22.2mm
  • Seat: Viscount dynaMAX
  • Seatpost clamp: Odyssey RX-2
  • Levers: Dia-Compe Tech-77 w/buttons
  • Front brake/pads: Hi-Caliber FS2001 w/Odyssey -adjuster, Skyway FS Tuff pads
  • Rear brake/pads: Hi-Caliber FS2001 w/Odyssey -adjuster, Skyway FS Tuff pads
  • Gyro: original Odyssey Gyro
  • Gyro cables: Odyssey
  • Front brake cable: Odyssey Slick cable with "Peregrine" housing
  • Headset: Tioga
  • Cranks: Sugino 1 pc. 175mm Cro-Mo
  • Pedals: KNP KP-111 (Grafight-X style) 1/2"
  • Sprocket: Profile power disc with "Tracer" 44T sprocket, Sugino bolts
  • Bottom bracket: Tioga "Beartrap" BB-220BT 24T
  • Chain: Izumi "zebra" ½" x 1/8"
  • Freewheel: Mongoose 16T
  • Wheels: Hi-Caliber 48's w/JoyTech "Sealed System" hubs
  • Pegs: Rear: used but well preserved Odyssey Hollow bullets 26T, Front: Spinner thread-in fork pegs
  • Wheel covers: Taiwanese, made by CO-Union Industry transformed into custom made "Dave Vanderspek/Curb Dogs" memorial discs.
  • Tires: Avocet FasGrip Freestyle, 20 x 1.75 skinwall
  • Tubes: Kenda 20 x 1.75-2.125
  • Original Retail price: $280.00 (Source: BMX Plus! Boss Competition Freestyler review jan 1989)



91 GT Performer Pit

Frame: GT 16in
Fork: GT 16in
Wheels: Skyway 16in Tuff wheels
Tires: GT Freestyle
Cranks: stock GT
Spocket: Tuf Neck with Tiger disc
Chain: KMC kool chain
Bars: 4130 Mustache bars
Stem: Stock GT
Grips: AME tri grips
Brakes: Dia Compe Bulldog
Seat: stock GT
Seat post: GT layback with GT clamp

This is my first pit bike bought from the local schwinn shop in 1991
RL-20II Guy
No words can describe the build's of 2FRESH!!!

Then the great photo shots too - can't get any better than that!

I'm out! smile.gif
1985 Haro Freestyler Sport

My first build. It's amazing that these bikes still exist today and that I was able to build what I had when I was 12 years old. Nothing but great memories come back when I look at this bike. All parts including the frame and fork is factory NOS original/unrestored. The ACS Z Hubs and Haro Unidirectional chainwheel/powerdisc is original/survivor condition.

--1985 Haro Sport Frame and Fork (NOS orig)
--Haro kneesaver handlebars
--ODI mushroom grips (baby blue/white signature series)
--Polished forklifter stem
--Tioga Bear Trap 2 headset
--Odyssey Gyro
--Baby Blue Upper Gyro cable
--Baby Blue Lower Gyro cable
--Dia Compe front brake cable (blue)
--Brakes - Dia compe 880 front and 901 rear calipers (blue) Brake Levers
-- Dia Compe Tech 6 levers (chrome)
--Odyssey Excalibur 180mm 1pc crank
--Tioga sealed bottom bracket for 1pc crank BB-2205B
--Haro uni-directional chainring and powerdisc (chrome)
--Pedals - Shimano SX pedal (blue)
--Viscount Dominator bmx seat (white)
--Blue Snakepost seatpost
--ACS Z rims "Mike Buff" (white) with blue ACS hubs, white spokes,long shank spoke nipples (blue anodized)
--Tires - Panaracer freestyle (white) 20 x 1.75
--ACS Z pads brake pads (white)
--Peregrine Axle nuts 3/8" 26TPI
--IZUMI chain (chrome)


Hutch Trickstar FF 1985 repowder
Skyway Tuff II's new school
Comp Pools NOS
Bullseye Cranks NOS
Tuffneck Chainring repowder
Sugino Disk repowder
Hutch Pedals repowder
Jive Grips NOS
Shot Gun II seat used
Pacific Freestyle Seat Post repowder
Hutch Seatclamp used
Dia Comp 880's Nos
Skyway Brakepads NOS
Terrycables NOS
Hutch Deep H Stem used
Izumi Chain NOS
Hutch Rad Caps NOS
Hutch Head Set repowder
Custom Frame Pad By Brian Britt

This was my first attempt at a full resto and show build, this bike placed first at the Shoreham 25th Anniversary celebration and took second at Brian P's Summer Slam.

Brian P
1st gen. MCS styler

this bike was built up with the idea having something different for the time. most bikes were either white or chrome or some flashy color. black freestyle bikes in 85 or so were pretty uncommon.
MCS offered these frames in chrome or "raw" for you to paint your own.

frame/fork - MCS gen 1 originally dinged up rusted chrome (repro decal set)
headset - new tioga beartrap 2
handle bars - MCS gen 1 bars, same shape as the f/f was... i believe they were all together from 85
stem - tuf-neck freestyle mint used (off showbikes)
grips - new faun
seatpost clamp - no-name NOS tuf-neck look a like
seatpost - NOS uni pro 14
seat - clean used shotgun II
hubs - clean used suzue sealed
spokes - NOS asahi
rims - super clean used acs z-rims (made to match from 2 fronts)
tubes - whatever used
tires - NOS tioga comp st
cranks - super clean sugino CT (repro decals)
bottom bracket - NOS tioga
chainring/sprocket/nuts - super clean sugino 44t generic bolts
chain - new KMC
pedals - NOS kkt lightning
brakes - NOS speednet MX1000 imitation with new white brake cables
extras - black alloy valve caps
it was also my idea when building it to NOT use what may have been the BEST parts BITD, rather parts that may have been stocked at a bike shop

Brian P
1986 Haro sport

this build was my "bling" build last year, it was built around the brake calipers and gone from there. i put this together to be a fully rideable trickable bike, while at the same time having some rarity to it

frame/fork - re-chromed 86 haro sport f/f, c-4 labs repop decals
headest - new tioga beartrap 2
handlebars - re-chromed 86 haro bars, c-4 decals
stem - 86 haro group 1, OG bottom re-finished top cap
grips - clean used ODI wilkerson grips
seatpost clamp - NOS peregrine with red decal
seatpost - clean used haro straight fluted, repro decal
seat - NOS viscount dominator
wheelset - NOS peregrine HP 48's
tubes - whatever was laying around!
tires - clean used red haro
cranks - NOS sr tubular
bottom bracket - NOS tioga
chainring - repro peregrine disc
chain - new red/silver
pedals - super clean shimano DX
brakes - NOS red anno DC nippons, NOS tech 6, translucent red cables
extras - NOS haro flip up forkstands, red alloy valve caps

Hutch Trick Star
replica of my childhood bike.

F/F - Hutch Trick Star (Japanese frame/and American forks) was chrome, repainted by me, like one I had done BITD
Bars - CW California Freestyler NOS
Grips - ODI Mushroom II NOS
Levers - ACS Mini Mountain
Stem - ACS Rotor (with an NOS Rotor)
Wheels - Skyway Tuff II's NOS rear Coaster Brake, sealed new front Tuff II
Tires - Hutch Freestyle NOS
Seat Clamp - Dia-compe Hinged
Seat Post - fluted alloy NOS
Seat - Skyway Hot Seat NOS
Brakes - Dia-Compe MX900 front, Bulldog rear
Brake pads - Skyway Tuff Pads NOS
Cranks - Redline Flights new
Chainwheel - Sugino green disc NOS/Pro Neck chainwheel NOS
Chain - a green and an orange one taken apart and put together as this.
Pedals - Beartrap
Skyway pegs on the back NOS

1985 SE Quadangle Freestyler

I built this one up last spring for my wife. It started out as this.

and ended up like this,

F/F - 1985 SE Quadangle Freestyler, frame painted by me.
Bars - CW California Freestyler NOS
Stem - GT Mallet stem NOS
Headset - Tioga Beartrap II
Grips - pink/black Mushroom II copies
Wheels - Skyway Tuff II's, ACS freewheel
Brakes - Odyssey 1999's front and back
Odyssey Gyro NOS
Levers - ACS locking levers NOS
Tires - Pink, something new, brand??? (rider tires)
Cranks - Redline Flight
Chainwheel - Redline 43T w/old logo
Pedals - CW Grinders NOS
Chain - Pink and chrome
Seat - Tricktop NOS
Seat Post - chrome layback
Seat Clamp - Odyssey
Skyway NOS pegs front and rear

Can't compete with the premium scoots shown. But somebody has to
throw in a DYNO to represent! This is basically a replica of my last
real F/S bike, stolen from me lo so many years ago. Started the
process around 2000, when I first discovered the internet and ebay.
Finished about a month ago.


Dyno D30 Compe, believed to be among the first few hundred
88 Detour forks
GT Block (Mallet) Stem
Redline F/S Forklifter bars with tabs
(All the above painted by Lou the Paint Pro. The stem was just a mangled mess
before he worked his magic. The finish overall may not look as good as real life
due to my goofball digicam. Thanks again Lou!)
Mid school double-pinch Flights with
Euro conversion cups and Sealed Euro BB
Redline Flight Sprocket
Retro MKS Graphite Pedals (on almost all my bikes now)
Primo Rod s/p (best 22.2 microadjust out there, when you can find it)
Profile s/p clamp (every bike HAS to have some Profile)
No-Name seat that worked good for the build, but green might look better
D-C Nippons green/silver. (Got them from someone here, but too long ago to remember who.
Same with the Pacific Freestyle rear standers. I think it was a package deal but it's been awhile.)
Dia-Tech levers
The whole gyro system I custom cobbled together with a primo top plate, Odsy XTR sealed gyro, and
bottom plate. Primo Pervert dealie. And massive slik cables. Spent HOURS and BEERS cutting, clipping,
stretching, swearing, and starting all over to get that spinner perfect. Lots of pretty blue cable ends too.
It is SWEET.
Beartrap 2 Headset
The wheelset:
Vintage Suzue Sealed Bearing hubs, Wheelsmith dbl butted spokes, gold alloy nips.
My thanks to Plainsbikesouth (member here) for building them up at the same time as
the wheels for the Champ Pro. I recommend his service. Dead on balls perfect.
Some DK grips
Some Holy Rollers (1.5", I like thin tires, just like BITD)
GT Flipdown forkstanders, exlnt cond.
The first BMX magazine I ever bought was the March ’85 issue of Super BMX which featured a test on the complete Hutch Trick Star. I was completely smitten and dreamed of some day owning that bike. Fast forward to 1987. A classmate who had worked at the bike shop offered me his Trick Star for sale. It was loaded with top end components including RL flights and graphite Tuff IIs. I promptly sold my ’86 model straight chain stay PK to pay for it.

Here’s a pic from the day I bought it:

Soon after getting it, I installed black Comp STs and more chrome parts including Dia-Compe brakes, a Hutch stem and Hutch seat clamp. My initial restoration was built as I had it set up BITD with just a couple upgrades.

Submitted for your consideration is my actual ride from BITD:

It is the same frame, fork and bars I bought used in 1987. It’s a USA frame with matching early Hutch freestyle forks (same as the later Hutch Judge forks) and Buff Bars.

The following parts have been rechromed: frame, fork, bars, stem, & seat post. These parts were NOS: seat, pedals, head set, brakes, levers, 1984 dated cables, tires, 2-in-1 flex fighter, chain, sprocket, disc and 1 grip (the other is very nice used). Only the decals are reproduction (although the handlebar decal is legit).

Here’s the parts breakdown from the 3/85 Super BMX test that I always dreamed of owning.

This was truly a labor of love. It would definitely be the last bike to go of the collection!
Smokin Endo
1986 Profile Prostyler

I wanted to build this one a little different then most of my projects and decided to go with a color scheme that I wouldn't usually use. I think it came out pretty well and I only had to restore a few small things. The TRP seat post was pretty thrashed when I got it, cut down, bent, and badly abused witha ding in the handle. The pedals also needed some attention but were already taken care of before and powdered white for a different project. The white powder came out really thick & I wasn't happy with it so I stripped the pedals to have them redone in lavender for the Profile. I didn't have a chain wheel in the right color so I had to strip a green one and have it redone in lavender as well.

The only other parts that I refinished on the bike are the blue annodized parts (the stem seat post clamp and the Profile spider. None of these parts really needed refinishing but they didn't look right on the bike in plain old silver.

All of the other parts are original unrestored, some used and some NOS before building

Frame & Fork - (Original Finish & Decals) 1986 Profile Prostyler

Bars - (Original Finish & Decals) Profile Prostyler

Wheels - (Used) Peregrine Master Mags

Tires - (New) Panaracer Freestyle 20x1.75

Freewheel - (used) Chrome Suntour 16 tooth

Stem - (Re-anodized) Hutch Western H Freestyle

Head Set - (New) Tioga Bear Trap

Detangler - (New) Odyssey Gyro

Grips - (New) Oakley O Wings with Oakley crud plugs

Levers - (New) Dia Compe Tech 4's with O'Neil brake lever boots

Cables - (New) dated 85 Dia Compe frt, (New) Odyssey Gyro rear with rubber capsule covers

Cable Straps - (New) Jamsco

Brakes- (New) Dia Compe Nippon frt (New) Dia Compe 901 rear

Brake Pads - (New) Dia Compe gummies

Cranks - (Original Chrome with Repop decals) 2nd gen Profile box cranks

Power Disk - (Re-anodized) Profile Spyder

Chain Wheel - (Re-powdercoated) Tuf Neck 44 tooth

Chain Ring bolts - (Used) Tioga Chrome

Chain - (New) TBS

Pedals - (Restored & Re-powdercoated) Shimano DX

Seat - (New) Cycle Pro Shotgun II

Seat Post - (Repaired & Re-powdercoated with Repop decal) TRP Laidback

Post Clamp - (Re-anodized) Hutch overseas clamp

Accessories - Small bits of grip tape and color matched dice

RL-20II Guy
1988 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

guys,congratulations to all of you,and no matter who wins,you're all winners in my book,from calb's chromed assisted builds,to rob's superb restoration,to dans haro variety pack,and specially the attention to detail on timo's ozone(no wonder you used to do all those drawings of pete brandt!,dope,I still have some,used to motivate me to ride!),and the ammaco freshness,it's all incredible,I havent even looked at the second page,so Ill be back I just had to say something!WOW!
ok,Im through all the bikes,unbelievable!the vander is just awsome,the trickstars,prostyler,and of course my personal fave bike from all time,the pro freestyle tour!timo,you overdid it with the ad bit!
The R
Pretty much all of these are great. I don't know which to vote for. Good job, everyone.
something not right here...
When does this end, by what timezone?
Holy landslide batman.

Only 5 bikes bikes were really in

The 2 that are in the lead is who I expected to win anyways.

Nice job eveyone and thanks to the one who voted for me.... laugh.gif

It should be at least 22nd everywhere, regardless on what timezone you´re living. Guys, step up, close the vote and declare the winner. Or, do I smell conspiracy here?
yeah conspiracy that must be it.. darn
hehe... 20th was a typo, this friday it's over for real.
I'm going to go out on a limb and go ahead and congratulate TIMO! Such a great bike.

Funny how I didn't vote for it, even though Ozone was my favorite personal bike BITD and my favorite to look at in the whole bunch, great though they all were. I even liked the Ozone a bit more than ROBERTO'S Master, which I voted for. You are equally terrific guys, so that was a draw, but the Haro and Roberto got the vote from me for all the blood, sweat, and tears he put into that back-from-the-dead restoration/rebirth. Everybody used there own criteria, I guess that was mine.

Anyhow, this is the Ozone shirt I've been holding onto forever. Just now took a pic of it, so here it is:

This was given to me by Danny Meng in 1989...the year he won the AFA Masters Pro Flatland Year End Overall title on his Ozone, the year I did the same on mine in the 16-17Ex class. Great bike, great guy, great comps, great times. What terrific memories.

Given that I only know of maybe six of these frames, and I've never seen another one of these shirts for 17 years, I'm guessing it's pretty rare.
It's definately used. I've mentioned the extent of Danny's sponsorship with Ozone, and know he didn't get tons of free stuff. He put about a million miles on this shirt before handing it down to me, some from competitons and in magazine photos, no doubt. Some small stains and one or two tiny "washing" holes (that's what I call them...I know they're not from moths).
I really treasured this shirt and probably only wore it myself a dozen times to school or something before retiring it.


Please send me your address again so I can get this shirt over there to ya, bro. smile.gif

You dont have to be a moth to want to take a bite at that shirt, that's a fantastic prize Josh.

Congratulations Timo on your build!

Thanks to all who voted for my Master, and thanks to all who voted and participated in this competiition to add some much needed spice around biggrin.gif
I must say ROBERTO, your Haro is just plain sick !! Once I saw it I knew my sport did not stand a

The Ozone is also just as badass and I agree with Axlepeg that there was something about the Ozone that just drew my attention to it. Congrats TIMO.

Mention should also go to caleb_k21 for that AWESOME RL20ii.

Those are my top 3 in my book (mine of course being on the

Kudos to everyone else who participated. There are some absolutely phenominal rides out there. I'd take any one of em!


I can't believe there was only 91 votes....thats an interesting commentary right there....

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