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Hey fellas, thought I'd share my latest Holmes build. It's the same frame I built up a couple years ago with mags and a bunch of gross newschool parts. This time it's era correct and put together like a bike I would've rode back then. Thanks to Jake(Spur) for the pedals!

Frame: 95 S&M Holmes
Fork: Pitchfork I bought in 1994
Bars: Early S&M SlamBars
Stem: 1" shafted Redneck with Wedgie Jackson
Cranks: Redline Flights
Sprocket: Profile Ripsaw 44t
Pedals: GT platform
Seatpost: Brand X titanium I bought at Orange Y in 1993
Seat: Black
Seatpost Clamp: Half of an Odyssey Pozi-Stop I've had since 1993
Grips: NOS ODI Longnecks
Brakes: 990's
Lever: Tech 77
Chain: kmc
Tires: rear Cheng Shin Comp III skinwall, front Cheng Shin knobby
Rims: Sun Ryno Lite
Hubs: Redline sealed
Freewheel: Shimano 16t
Secret Spin
I love it. Very similar to what I have in mind for the '95 Oversized DB I am picking parts for now. Very inspiring.
Awesome!!! The Holmes and the Dirt Bike frames are amongst my favourite mid school frames of all time.
i love it.

awesome stance. nice patina. thoughtful parts selection.

this is a great 'all purpose bike' example of the era.
Nice build for sure! Very true to the time and look of S&M's BITD...Ridden, and ridden hard!

Thats a true S&M that you'd see at the track and trails in the 90's.
Nice ride, real nice. cool.gif
cru jones 2
i dig it! need some bitchin' bolts for the flights!!!!
Secret Spin
I was out of BMX on the most part between 92-97 except for a GT Mach One I bought new and beat up for the summer of 96 and got it stolen. Didn't even read more than a couple issues of BMX Plus! during those years. So what I am getting at is when did the Sun Rhynolites come out? I know the welded seam XL's are a much later thing that actually started with the BMdoubleU wheelset by Sun around 2000-ish. I was just wondering because your bike is both VERY era correct and VERY realistic to how a S&M rider would have had his bike done up from 92-95 from what I have seen. I didn't think RhynoLite's were out that early. If so, then I am very happy because I won't have to pay for the NOS Araya Super 7x's I have on hold at the LBS...even though I am getting them for only a little over $100. I probably will still get those for my DirtBike build actually cuz they are sweet anyways, but it would great to know that I could correctly use RhynoLite's on future mid 90's builds. Basically when I left BMX they weren't out, and when I came back they already were around. So idk.
I believe they came out about the same time, both same design. Have Dans catalog from 97 shows both. I thought super 7x were still avalable? Replaced one a few years back ,very expensive though.
QUOTE (Secret Spin @ Dec 30 2007, 12:03 PM) *
when did the Sun Rhynolites come out?

Good question Secret, I have no idea. The wheelset I remember running the longest was a Sun Mistral w/GT flipflop hub on the rear, and a black mag on the front.
Faust Wurstkotzenhauser
Wow! Nice looking bike! I like the fact that it's built as a rider... the S&M bikes were always meant to be abused and not shown... that's killer!
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