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If you surf around other BMX sites all you see is nothing but negative threads & genuine hate towards the biggest sanction, the biggest website & some of the biggest names in our sport. It's always "them" who are bringing the sport down, causing low rider counts, low moto counts at nationals, causing sanction wars, hell, probebly even causing global warming from driving gas guzzling pushers across the country. I love it because those who are on the outside looking in really do, deep inside want to be a part of this great site but just like a cancer, they are cut out & thrown away. They still come & go by getting up on soap boxes & declaring to the BMX world that the black helicopters are 5 minutes away, but when it all comes down to the brass tacks, they just want to be part of the best in BMX.
I give it less than a day before this is trolled, cut & pasted on another hater site then yours truly will become the target of thier lunacy.

No need to reply to this, just making a few observations after an evening of surfing BMX sites. If you agree with me just give me a quiet "hell yeah" under your breath & go ahead with your day. Thanks for reading. smile.gif

b. - "Boom! goes the dynamite! laugh.gif
Bruce, (based upon what I've read on the intermaweb, because I haven't met him yet) is a man with hella sense and ability!
LOL! wink.gif

Hell ya, There just haters.
I belong to two other sites now, just checking it all out. but I dont know why there is so much negtivity??
but I'm happy!!!!
The power has gone to my head. Those are my favorite threads.
Kamikaze kid
Elvira is so hot.

Keepint it positive.
Ben Barron
Elvira is so hot.

AMEN to that brutha!! wub.gif
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