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I posted this in the "Freestyle" section but some of you's may appreciate it too. There's a couple of (former) racers in there so I'll put a link from here:

pics thread

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I guess I should have said "y'ins" instead of "you's". Sorry about that. Feel free to post your favorite racing pictures on this thread if you want.

I like this one because I am actually out front, notice the smile...(actually almost all my pictures I am smiling, I guess I like racing).

This one is fairly recent..its' my new direct link which I love by the way..
Oh I'll post my no handed 540 flair pictures over in the freestyle section for ya'.
Jon Rotten
My favorite by far

Herb Syntec
He was wearing one of those new speed suits. Someone thought he looked too much like a matador...somewhere through the rhythm someone sent a bull after him. That way he lurn.

My favorite announcer in the sport. Otis Hopkins. Blessed to have him at the home track. Nationals when he announces are that much better. We could probably have a whole thread on OTIS-isms

Get a late gate...come up behind someone talking smack and let em know what's up. Good thing Big Tony was "tougher than alligator meet" BTW anyone seen him. Get him back out to the track. Miss racing ya.

The younger Otis, the man with the style, the one, the only Butterman favorite person to ride with. Even in this irrelevant picture you can see the style.

Sorry about this pics are just a little blur bit.....anyway here is my favorite pics...

This pic is 1983 Sunol BMX, I leaded with a red bmx jersey so four riders couldn't catch me with 3 bikes length away from me.

This is 1983 Watson Park BMX, I am in 3rd (middle with #723) that was 14 novice class....
Not the best picture, but how excited does he look.

Tony Spencer
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