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Is this the same guy that got hurt last year at Yukon and was always preaching about how bad they were?
Just JeffB now
yeah, I posted about it earlier. He never really hid the fact that he had done the stuff, but I would have never thought he was in THAT deep. Scary thing is I think he had a few local clients at the track. I hope the news doesn`t follow the story in that direction.
I would doubt that any Bmxer needs to go that route to get some pull. GNC is probably the biggest thing we get into as far as enhancer.
Just JeffB now
there is one person i would bet money that has been a regular user, but I won`t say any further on that. Steve used it to win in the 28-35I class. I`m sure he`s not the only one in BMX who just wanted to win and took that route.

Thing is, there will always be people that want the best result with the least effort. There`s no doubt the stuff can make a person faster, but it`s far too fleeting. How are they gonna feel when they go from winning nationals to not making local mains in 3 months?
dude..if you gotta sauce to win a 35 intermediate main, you're pretty pathetic.
Just JeffB now
Yep, that`s why the same cat is about to do some heavy time in the pokey, got his wife involved, and is leaving 4 kids behind in foster care (and his oldest daughter was already on a pretty rocky path as it is).

Just goes to show you can`t put anything past anyone
Tommy I agree, but I'm going to step it up a little bit, we race a bike to have fun, it not paying the bills, if your using, quit now and get some help.
if you gotta sauce to win a 35 intermediate main, you're pretty pathetic.

This is a crazy story. Sirjuicealot was using more than apple juice.
Sad, Sad, Sad
it is sad if you have to suace up to beat my lazy butt you are definatly pathetic, because even though Steve used the stuff he still never beat me or DPTX09 that i know of. we always ran hard and beat him.
there is one person i would bet money that has been a regular user, but I won`t say any further on that. Steve used it to win in the 28-35I class. I`m sure he`s not the only one in BMX who just wanted to win and took that route
Your right Jeff, there are more users than we know of. Pathetic. The stories are everywhere. People will do some extreme things to make themselves into winners. They're just losers to me.
The local gyms have plenty of users that do not compete or belong to any sports.
Just JeffB now
Yeah, people are pretty naive about the extent of `roid use. having worked in gyms on and off for 10 years or so I`ve seen everyone from the wannabe pro meatheads to the quiet, reserved lawyer or CEO using them. I`d go so far as to say that if you went into any high profile gym in the country on a monday evening, half or more of the guys in the free weight section are on it. It does NOT automatically turn a person into Lou Ferrigno, nor does it automatically make a person a raging maniac.

As for me, (especially now that I got my wake up call about pulmonary health), I`m not willing to put that kind of strain on my heart. As you said, some will step outside of bounds to be a "winner". I`ve found that a couple of week`s worth of hard work in the gym and I`m pulling like a freight train again. And as I learned when I first came back, skill frequently beats strength, and you can`t inject skill into your butt cheeks.

[ August 22, 2007, 06:03 PM: Message edited by: Just JeffB now ]
The Riddler Al-F
I should train harder or at least more regularly, but life doesn't always support that. But that should be OK w/ the 30/40 somethings we have in the sport.

This is BMX; a fun place to go outside of some pretty harsh realities for some. Be competitive but don't juice up. It's not worth the health consequenses.

If We're not the fastest on the track does it really matter? aren't you kickin *** in other arenas of life? Most importantly, are we investing in our kids success and work "ETHIC" as "positive" role models so they can achieve success the right way?

If anybody on here of any age, but especially parents are juicing up to win I ask you to really think about what you want for your kids. If you're screwed up please don't drag them down with you.

It's just BMX and your choice of trophy or saver stamps.

Also it's pretty evident that being a pusher didn't get this guy out of the trailer park; unless jail was his ultimate goal.

[ August 22, 2007, 11:11 PM: Message edited by: The Riddler Al-F ]
Whats the big deal? 10 -20 years off your life is nothing when you can win one of them 4 ft trophies...

totally worth it imo.

pass the needle

Chris made a funny...
By the way, I must be naive...50% of the dudes in the free weight room? You've got to be kidding me?

There's only one dude in my free weight room and that's me. And now you're telling me that 50% of me is on the juice? Which half? How did I not know about this?
Bryan Teague
I wonder if Steve will make it to the state finals this weekend?
Police said they arrested Steven ------ and his wife, Alice. Their four children, who range in age from 3 to 13 years old, were placed in foster care.

Don't know the guy, but thats really sad....
Steve might make it in about 10 to 20.
BS, lay off the caffeine or whatever is keeping you wired.
The owner of my old gym and his helper were talking about juicing and what it does for you. The owner was entering "natural" body building contests and his helper was getting ready to begin competing in the regular ones. The owner says juicing would add about an inch to his body all the way around. Rodge(the helper) just wanted to juice and said he wanted to get so big he'd look funny.
Anyway Rodge became addicted and had big problems a few years later. I would work out with these dudes once in awhile and man they would turn purple sometimes! Muscles in their face buldging like a cave man. Yea, he'd looked funny alright. You know what was cool was when my buddy who never juiced would out work some of those guys.
Umm, Brian you kinda look funny on both halfs! What the hell happened? Just kiddin'!
I can't say a thing about myself, I look funny and don't work out at all. Yutch
Every time I see the post bump up I think of wheezing the juice on Encino man! Noo Wheezing the Juice! I could not believe that this is the same guy. I guess the best cover up is to put it on front street(sirjuicealot) it catches up to you everytime.
So is this what happened to Carrot Top?


Its from laughing at all his own jokes. Lab studies show that laughter can increase body mass by 3% bi-annually if performed twice daily.
50% of me is on the juice? Which half?
The left half. That's why when you get excited you just run in a circle.

Anyway Rodge became addicted
Addicted to steroids? What?
Actually my right side is bigger than my left. You must have got confused because you were looking AT me.
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