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When the ABA added the SponsorHouse link to the riders at the beginning of the year, I thought about adding the info and pics of my then 9 yr old. Some buddies of mine in motocross said there were fees involved and SponsorHouse was basically a sponsor broker. I checked the SH site from top to bottom and could not find what they spoke of. I'm hoping someone can better explain the ups and downs of an SH listing. PS...My now 10 yr old is chasing state and NAG pts. and just curious if it would be beneficial.
Just JeffB now
Sponsorhouse is pretty cool. A lot of people use it just to get discounts ( sometimes the discounts are pretty deep, sometimes you ca do better with a good relationship with a bike shop), but if you actually cultivate the relationship with the sponsors it can grow to benefits outside of sponsorhouse.

There are plans that you can pay for, and of course associated perks, but you don`t have to pay. The free membership gets you five applications per year that you can send to potential sponsors. If you ar denied it still uses the "credit", so to speak.

If your child is a top ranked rider with a decently high profile chances are good you`ll get a couple of really tasty offers. Post your results frequently and keep the content fresh.

Here`s mine:
my sponsorhouse profile
What Jeff said.
We have found the discounts on some don't make up for shipping, but others can be pretty good. Thought of it as a way to build relationships. 661 has steeped it up for our track too. Check out my son's profile which was done within the free level.
would have to agree with rollin here from our side of things.............some sponsors however will run your discounts through a lbs so you can bypass shipping charges. you just have to work this out with your lbs

i have mixed results when it comes to sponsorhouse......take it or leave it
I don't want use S.H. site so I like ABA site's under the S.H.

Here's mine: Robert
We don't do it so much for the sponsors but more of a website at a reasonable price.
It's fun to have a place to update results, pictures and videos and check out your friends results, pictures etc.
Here's my son's profile...I would definately say it's more for me than him. LOL!

Little Alex!!!
Kamikaze kid
Kamikaze's SH page

Now that I think about it, needs to updated as he turne Expert last night!

web page
A great service and a great way to communicate with other action sports athletes. I even picked a sponsorship with Freestyle watches through Sponsorhouse.

SG's in the house!
Here's Matt's we try to keep it as simple and professional as possible. The biggest pain with SH are all the stupid broadcasts that he gets. He uses MYSPACE for that stuff. He's been blocking people because they seem to send a broadcast out every time they take a leak.

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SH is great a good way of killing off Local Bike Shop that built up the Local tracks and got Kids racing .Why shouldn't the sanction body promote the slow death of local shops they can at the same time kill off your local track/Practice area.
I LoVE it DEATH to the sport by sanction >>>>>

Oop's they may get mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Support your local Shop and Track keep BMX alive for your kids.
my 2 cents
bmxstir - do you say the same thing to people joining teams and getting goods at discount instead of from the LBS? The stuff that does not make sense to pay shipping on try to through SH we try to get locally, but some of us don't live in the BMX Capital so don't have LBS that carry BMX race supplies.

I agree, good place to have a cheap web site - used it the other night to show co-worker photos.
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