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Just wanted to throw this out and see how many of you have lost baggage when flying to or from races.
I heard a few stories about the trip to and from the Worlds in regards to lost bags not good.

What was it like getting them back or not.

I'm going thru a lost bag and it seems like I won’t be getting it back any time soon.

Also how many of you have or save the receipts for your rims, peddles, leathers, chest protector, Ect
yep, they want you to prove you had what you said you had....
its not there fault they lost your bags.
they make you feel like you should not even ask....
my mom works in baggage claim...

what ever you do, be polite and calm. they have more power than you think. if you're a s**t, chances are you won't get what you want and/or entitled to.

it is infuriating to loose something on a trip, but you've got to keep cool.

it seems that lost baggage is becoming more of a problem for the industry then it used to be.
Kamikaze kid
Damn Luke,

So that's where your getting all your fly gear from.
Kid how do you konw they were Fly leathers??

you have my bag?
i have a relative who used to work for us air in the "putting your bags onto the plane" dept. the part betw when you drop them off and they go on the carts driven to the plane. its not a pretty site. they wuold routinely go thru luggage and take what they wanted( this was back pre 9/11 when folks were allowed to lock the suitcases) plus they used to play toss the bags also which explains why never never pack anything glass in your overnight bag( perfume etc) they would help themselves to cameras and jewlry on a reg basis. so word to the wise keep it on your carry on if its impt. hopefully these ppl were all fired when us air was bought back then...if its any help this was all done on night shift/ slower times. its a shame but there was always a lack of supervision and backround checks back then hopefully its better now.
also there is a lost luggage/unclaimed luggage contents dept at a central location . after a certain amt of time passes it goes on sale and ppl are allowed to buy it..yup all your stuff kind of like an airlines garage sale. i would call and check but agree with luke even though your pi**ed off try to be nice....
DID YOU DECLARE THE bike when you checked your baggage? or sneak it on to save the extra charge....they might look at that...

we got ours back from france 6 days after our kid arrived , they blamed it on customs:)

this doesn't surprise me though...

what about delays..

krystal, Greg R and bennet had to switch planes on monday in Denver and couldn't land because of bad weather after circling around for hours they had to fly to Wyoming to refuel, finnally they get to land and get off the plane, stretch those legs...NO WAY you get to sit on the tarmack for 2 hours no A/C while we do the Fuel paperwork and take off again CANT GET OFF .....Now back to denver , they get to land but of course there connecting flight is long gone. and the next flight will be tuesday afternoon, time to get a Hotel.......

So guess they were lucky it happen on the way home

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And KB arrived in Houston at 4:30 pm and was riding Armadillo at 6:00 pm. Dude is relentless. No time to be tired when you are preparing for the Olympics.
we got ours back from france 6 days after our kid arrived , they blamed it on customs
Yep, it's French custom to mess with US Racers.
DID YOU DECLARE THE bike when you checked your baggage? or sneak it on to save the extra charge....they might look at that...

No I didn’t declare the bike due to the fact I was traveling with BIKE PARTS not complete bikes. I would think the extra cost to declare a bike is for the handling and storage of a bike. There’s nothing in the rules and reg's saying no bike parts allowed in your bags. The bag that is missing has 2 Wheel sets, peddles, leathers, shoes and a chest protector.
They lost my bike on the way home from the worlds... luckily, I was able to get it back the next day when it came in on another flight after a side trip to salt lake. Have to say I didnt sleep much that night though. They were able to track it with the numbers and tell me where it was at and gave me the option of either picking it up or having it shipped. I asked how it got shipped and they told me it would come down with the other luggage and then get picked up by a sky cap and brought to the delivery. Needless to say, I picked it up. I didnt feel very comfortable having my bike in a very expensive looking golf bag sitting there for anyone to grab at LAX. haha. Good luck with getting your stuff back! Hope it all works out for you!
When your bike/bike parts are lost inflight do you claim it the same as lost bagage or do you tell them what was in it? That's the part that has scarred me off from hiding my bike when I fly, I am worried it'd get lost and they give me $250 for clothes and say tuff on the bike.

I've not paid for my bike when flying, but I always have told them it was in the plastic Bow Case.
Any luck?

I just heard a radio host say......

"There are two types of luggage. Carry on and LOST"
Ship what you absolutely need for the races, bikes and gear by UPS or FedEx. Maybe a little more expensive and maybe not, easier to track and you can be an *** if they lose it, insure it by all means. More than often, unfortunately, you have to be an *** to get your money but it pays off.
Most reputable hotels will receive and sign for it if it arrives before you. You also don't get the lame excuse of weight and balance issues with airlines and they had to hold off your bike or bags.
I could go on, I worked for United Airlines and American Airlines for a total of 6 years and I currently work at UPS, I've learned a few things and a little inside info to help the community.
Dong, Want your bag back and quickly? Tell them there was abomb in there they will find it real quick!!!!
The ten day trip for my bag ended Friday I hope it had fun on its extended holiday.
I got a call late in the day and it ended up at LAX. I was in the process of rounding up receipts for my stuff to go battle with the airline. I know they wouldn’t hand over 1,800.00 with out proper doc's.
Thanks to every one that was helping on that end.

Best part is after ten days the rims were still in one piece
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