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ANT DOG 3:16
these kids do not play(btw Pat Cordaro is one of my "kids"
Tulare's Big Kid
Not a bad move. It's not fun being on the receiving end of something like that but that was a good aggressive move.

My question though is, what skill level is the kid on the pink bike?
My question though is, what skill level is the kid on the pink bike?
I second that question. Factory Felt jersey in Novice?

Or was he the only 14X at that race?
ANT DOG 3:16
hmmm have to check. Oh and watch out for pat at the grands. Reppping CJS Racing to the fullest.
cool vid ant... you are getting better... did you get a tripod?? lol your boys are holding their own i saw them in the pit area...real nice kids and fam too, be proud..
Scot F.
My question though is, what skill level is the kid on the pink bike?
I second that question.
Maybe the 14N didnt qualify and that was the main event.
ANT DOG 3:16
Deb thanks, and At a track like p-town it is easy to video tape in one spot. HC is kinda hard with the camera i have becuase i do not have the zoom. Ann cj has that tree at the finish line area.
Mike Fields
Great move.

Pink bike rider novice?????

Must be saving it for Louisville or has some 14X holding him down.
That happens to me so much I thought I was watching a video of myself. I can get pimped in a turn better than anyone!
Ken Aman
Matt Bonnett (the pink bike rider) is awesome. He isn't sandbagging, just moving thru the ranks real quick. Started the year as a rookie (only been racing 2 years). Felt Jersey...yes, Maybe someday though....

Great kid!!!!!
Thanks Ken, He looks the "factory part". I did not realize felt sold jerseys other than the factory ones. No disrespect to the kid, he looks good on the bike.
HaHaHa! Yeaaa, Oh yea, Oooooh yea! ???
That's my boy!!!!
He moved to novice for the East Coast Nats in Egg Harbor. He'll be 14x after the grands.
Like Ken said he only started in June 06. I didn't think that he would progress as fast as he has. He can't wait to run 14x. He knows that he's gonna get smacked around, but he'll learn from it too.
I know some don't agree with it but he'll be at the grands looking for the skinny digit plate.
We were thinking of moving up before the grands but then that would potentially bump and ex that's been busting his butt down a spot somewhere.
But he'll be at Woodward as a 14x.
Felt sells jersey's. But I get them lettered with his name and a couple of his local sponsors.

Thanks for the compliments. The kid has no idea how proud I am of him.

Clint Bonnett

BTW ANT great kid you have on your team there. Pat has his act together and Matt hopes to see him at the grands.
Tulare's Big Kid

It's a cool feeling to be that proud of your kids when they succeed. He's a smooth rider and I wish him luck.

Again, great video!

Let's Race!!!!
Matt Bonnett is a good rider with a good head on his shoulders. He comes by the pit all the time and says hi. Very respectful and well mannered.

His progression through the ranks has been very impressive and don't think we haven't been watching. The jump from Novice to expert in that age bracket will be HUGH and I'm sure he'll be up to the task.

The Felt jersey that Matt wears is a stock item that can be purchsed through the website it looks alot like the Factory jersey but doesn't have all the sponsors names. It takes a good rider to pull off a pink bike and Matt has done it very nicely this

Matt good luck at the Grands and don't hesitate to come by the pits and say hi.

Carlos Perez
Factory Felt
ANT DOG 3:16
Um carlos you might wanna keep an eye on Pat, And Dan forte, and Ryan Heally. . This is their first full season and what type of T.M. would I be if i did not try and put my kids name's out there.LOL

Carlos anyadvice you could give me on being a T.M. would be helpful, sometimes I feel like I am not doing enough.

Your doing a great job with your team this year!

My only advice is to be passionate about your riders and the sport. Promoting your sponsors and riders is very important.

Mostly, have fun with it!!

Come by and see us at the Grands I would like to meet you.

P.S. Keep all your riders away from Jud Ciancio, it's rumored he has
ANT DOG 3:16
NO grands for me. BUt I will be there in spirit.
Thanks Carlos. That means more to him than any complment I could give him.
Thanks for all the help so far also

Clint, get him to commit more to the first jump and he will be able to step up his game. Good luck at the Grands and with the move to X. He has the drive and motivation, he will do good.
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