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Just JeffB now
Well, since Greg Hill was out here last weekend I have been on a regular sprint regimen. Call it motivation, call it whatever, but it clicked that if I`m going to get where I want to be I have to , you know, TRAIN

I also figured that if I was going to measure the effects of my efforts I`d have to keep track of my daily performance over time. Here`s the routine and today`s efforts. I only started keeping track today, so I`ll have to wait another week to have any chance of comparison, but I figure in three weeks I should show a measurable improvement.

Starting, I run a rolling 40 yard sprint to get my max speed on a flat surface in a short distance. Then I do 2 sets of 3 30 yard sprints from a dead stop, rest 30 minutes, repeat the whole thing but sets of 5 sprints, measuring max speed for each set.

Today`s results:

Max: 28.7 mph set 1: 24.8mph set 2: 24.5mph 30 min. rest

Max: 29.9 mph set 3: 25.8 mph set 4: 25.5 mph

Fatigue started to set in so I ran one last sprint at 24.6 and quit.

My goal in three weeks is to hit 30.4 mph top speed in 40 yards and brake 26 mph in 30 from a dead stop. OH YEAH....this was all on flat pedals. I do this routine twice a week and once a week I do 50 yard sprints, 2 sets of 8 and just take the max speed.
Just JeffB now
Sorry folks, it seems my computer has two calibrations in the event you might have two bikes and only want to use one computer. The above figures are based on a bigger wheel and are about 25% too high. My top speed was 24.6 over the same distance about ten minutes ago , so now I`ve got to wait untill my next session to establish baseline numbers
Bike Crazy.
I call it, I want that but I can't use my Visa. For me the motivation only ends up cutting of the third bowl of icecream.
Audacious V
I was about to say. You must be doing some seriously booking to get up to 30 mph at 40 yards, lol. Seems like that's a very long break to take in between sets. I dunno. I usually do 15-20 continuously. I go say about 30 meters sprint, roll/ride about 170m and sprint again. I just go in circles obviously. I'm going to have to get a log of my speeds too so I can see what I'm doing.
Thats is a great idea. I think that I will get a computer for my BMX bike. I have one on my rode bike. It just didn't click untill now...thanks bro!!!

Just JeffB now
Hey V, I rest about 30 seconds between sprints, and 3 minutes between the first and second sets. I wanted to simulate time between motos so I took the 30min break. It was wierd that I was significantly faster the second time around.

Tom, I can`t really take credit for the computer idea. I`ve had one for almost a year, but I crashed and broke mine about 6 months ago...didn`t even bother putting it on the new bike untill GH reminded me of it. Just make sure to get one that records max speed `cuz it sucks trying to ride fast and watch your speed!

My goal with the computer is to not necessarily improve my top speed, but whittle down the distance it takes to hit my top speed. Who cares if you can hit 30mph in 75 yards when there is going to be a big mound of dirt to slow you down less than 40 yards from the gate!? (it`s 25 yards to the first jump at desoto).

What`s funny is that my biggest problem on the track has been overthinking EVERYTHING, and in an effort to stop doing that I`ve gotten so "scientific" about my sprints. What`s even more funny is that it`s working! Riding is so much more fluid and natural when I`m not struggling to get up to speed.
Hey Jeff, great work!

But, I've got one word for you...

Power meter. Okay, that's two words. You can find some great sprint training info by searching the forums here...

Fixed Gear Fever Website

Most of the main contributors in these forums are national or world track champions or national coaches, so you can't get much hotter info than this.

And, yes, don't overthink it, man. Feel it and enjoy it too!

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Vintage G
3 letters.... S R M

Speedos are good for sprints as long as the barometric pressure, tire pressure, wind speed are consistent so your comps are accurate. Power meters are going to hit BMX big time to quantify power in watts here in the next 1.5 years. The guy who has the highest watt-to-kg is going to dictate positioning in the first turn. They don't lie.

[ March 26, 2007, 03:03 PM: Message edited by: Vintage G ]

I have a Power Tap hub (haven't used it in a while, but plan on trying to use it more in the future). It would be better if its sampling rate was higher than once per second, but you can get interesting data from it regardless. The most difficult part is figuring out how to use the data to change things in your program.

Vintage G

I heard you had one! SRM "scientific model" does .5 second reads. I also seen Sammy Cools on an SRM. Powertap is for sure the most affordable way to go, but you have to convert the axle to fit 120mm dropout spacing. How did you do yours? Sean Dwight and I converted it with using Shimano DX internal engagement (2001) and it worked. But your right, you have to be able to understand the data. Hunter Allen is the man for all....He is the founder of cyclingpeaks software and wrote a book called "Training and Racing with a Power Meter" and has a good section about bmx gear ratios using a powertap on his cruiser.

As for you using the data to improve consistent power outputs....that's where a coach comes in my friend.
How did you do yours? Sean Dwight and I converted it with using Shimano DX internal engagement (2001) and it worked.
That's exactly what I did. It also required a 32 hole rim.

I will look into the book and software.


I was doing sprints and realized that I only really crank w/ power on my right leg. I put a little more thought into trying to use my left leg equally and it literally threw me off balance and made me squirrelly. Is this common. I ride flat pedals to practice and train but, throw on the clips to race. If this is common how should I correct this issue. More sqauts only left leg?
How about redline trainer?
Just maybe, Glynn, one side of you, is longer than the other! Not a joke. Lots of people are built that way.
Rollers will force you to ride with mostly equal even force on the pedals. You will learn to get a good pedal form or you will sell them and never try them again. Force may be too harsh a word. Wish I hadn't sold mine, I thought Jeff was the fool buying them in the spring in Texas; boy was I wrong lifejacket anyone?
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