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Chinchilla DAD
Do not need to have Goofy there. I will be bringing him with me. This is great news!!!!!!!! Vacation BMX National all in one............

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BA Anderson

All ABA #1's will receive a Suzuki; Vet, AA, Girl Pro, Pro Cruiser, Amateur Boy, Amateur Girl, Cruiser and Girl Cruiser.

We will also be giving away one Waverunner to the top District Point earner in the country (amateur, Girl, Cruiser, Girl Cruiser) then we wil also take all the district #1's who earned more than 2000 points and do a drawing for another Waverunner.

For Disney, everyone should wait and make reservations when we make the packages available later this week.

I just notice that the Northeast Legend is back...LOL!!

And he's got something brewing!!
This is so cool, I have griped for many years about traveling to strange small towns with nothing to do/see after the racing is over. Orlando....This is the ultimate thing to do after the racing is over!! Way to go ABA. We have been to Disneyworld a couple of years ago when my son broke his leg just before the Grands. The locals said that fall was a great time to visit. We rented a house in Kissamee so cheap it was crazy. My greatest fear is that there will be too much to do!!! Lucky me!
Thanks ABA! looking forward to my first aba season!

I think BA answered your question G, I'm guessing with a sweet new Suzuki on the line we'll see you in Rockford?

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Mike Fields
HRP - you are absolutely right about us Westies.

However, I'll bet you'll see some folks making the trip ANYWAY to take advantage of the three day's scores, the park or just to block.

If the ABA offered a couple of practice sessions Friday evening or Sat morning, I bet they'd get folks coming in for two of the days.
My only complaint is that I know I won't be able to make it... But outside of that, I say 2 big thumbs up for the ABA for making something like this happen. This has some big potential...

For those who have been to Disneyworld.

Do you need a rental car to get around if your staying in Disneyworld?

I've got three little one, so we don't like being stuck or waiting in a long line to ride a tram...
John, I can't exactly remember where the Wide World of Sports complex is in relation to everything else, but you can generally take all kinds of resort provided transportation (water taxis, monorails etc) from point to point.

You might get a car to be on the safe side (and for convenience) but it isn't a necessity.
Vintage G
Thanks for confirmation BA. That is awesome and it's good to see an incentive for the local racing scene.
Great way to take the whole family for a week and have a blast. Granted, like Mike said, with Grands three weeks away it will be a stretch, but this is Disneyworld!

One question: I went to the complex web site ( ) and did not see any viable indoor facilities. Is this race going to be outdoors? If it were, that would be my only hesitation. Florida is known to get some "weather" during October. Or is this race in a different part of Disney altogether?
Disney has the capability to disassemble Cinderella’s Castle in the event of a hurricane, hopefully they can accommodate a rain free facility to host a BMX track.
Thats pretty cool that they can disassemble Cinderellas Castle. I had no idea...

So, is this going to be indoor or are they going to rebuild Cinderellas Castle over it if it rains? Not that it wouldn't be cool if they did. It would be neat to ride by the Its a Small World crew while blasting down the last straight.
Thanks ABA

We have been racing since '02 and I think this is the most exciting news I have heard.

Count Fusion Force/Mike's Bikes in.
Dale Holmes
Count the FA World Team in also, we just love Florida!
Is this race going to be outdoors? If it were, that would be my only hesitation. Florida is known to get some "weather" during October. Or is this race in a different part of Disney altogether?
I hear that it will be outdoors race and the ABA will introduce a whole new obstacle, the Hurricane dodge. Actually there may be a shower in the morning or in the evening since that is the florida way, but it is usually brief and you can come hide under the HRP tent until it passes.

It should be fun regardless, so do not hesitate, make the trip, it is not like you can not go hang out in some other cool places if it does rain, heck head to sea world and look at fish.
The Fall is one of the nicest times to visit central Florida. the weather is nice, and there are not a lot of tourists. Also, the Snowbirds (old people who live in the northeast in the summer, and Florida in the winter) arent here yet. I have spoken to a bunch of riders here in Florida, and everyone is psyched. And with the ABA's Marketing team on top of this, i believe this will be a step forward for BMX in General. I am just disapointed in the SSA (Sunshine State bmx Assoc.) for not thinking outside of thier box to do something like this, as big as BMX is in Florida. Kudo's to the ABA!!
I heard a rumor that the grands would be moving to where the falls would be this year. That was before Disney was announced.
Air fare to Orlando is probably easier to find than Tulsa so even if it isn't central it wouldn't matter that much.
I have heard there is a lot of potiential with the Disney Cup.... Orlando in October is a great time, not humid and usually pretty cool in the evenings.... I hope everyone makes plans to support this race, as it is a good step to have a company like Disney involved..... As mentioned, their resources are unlimited..... I did hear that when the press release is out, there are a lot of great things in store.....

For those who were in Sarasota this weekend, what is the talk??

Gary Mason WWR
Welcome ABA, Thanks
How about the other to be anounced race being at Disneyland on the west Coast..About the same time of year..double promo and fun for all...
The other TBA is Cutting Edge from what I heard at Phoenix.
It's still TBA last I heard.
What is the oldest amateur 20-inch class in the ABA, and what would a 43 year old NBL Novice sign up as? I'll for sure be hitting this race.

K Robison

36 and over is ABA's oldest 20 inch class. You would race intermediate. Novice is ABA equivilant of NBL rookie.

I plan on racing cruiser there. Would love to get the families together.

Ken Robison
This is great.
To bad the ABA only has one track in Fl.
To bad the ABA only has one track in Fl.
I hear ya... But I heard there is a track being built in Ocala area, any word on the sancation? Also, I have heard this from many of my friends in Florida, well like I told them, only the riders in Florida can add ABA tracks....

This is great.
To bad the ABA only has one track in Fl.

This is true for now Ian..... Who's to say this won't be a local track after we leave in October??? It's in the works as we speak. Think Texas and New Mexico on this one.

On another note, let's just say have recieved a few calls at the office from the other side wanting to talk with John David while we are down there.
That's going to be a great race weekend and surely a Classic....

<putting my UCI cap on> Did I dream or the NBL and Florida BMX was trying to get us there for a couple years for the UCI BMX Worlds? < UCI cap off ....and hat off to the ABA>
Your not dreaming. I remember Bob telling me a few years back that he was meeting with Disney to talk about the World's being held there.

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Mike Fields
"Free, free, set them free"

Sting as performed by John David as he tries to explain the issues, requirements and responsibilities of "tantric".
The thing which strikes me: Disney has a massive budget and a massive marketing arm. For them to engage in this doesn't so much show they're into BMX as they see BMX as a viable sport for attracting families to its resorts.

I wonder how many people understand the implication of this? It's not so much BMX appearing in Mickey-town, it's BMX as a viable family sports outlet. When Disney signs on to something it means more than Disney, it means all sorts of recreation outlets are wondering what that massive marketing budget saw in BMX and how can they get in on that action? This says as much about the second coming of BMX as anything I can think of outside the Olympics.

Holy crap, we're moving out of niche!

Edit: Should I be putting on a clean shirt or something?

[ April 07, 2007, 01:23 AM: Message edited by: Elvis ]
8.5 million subscribers to Disney Kids magazine.

Clean shirt?? No, I wouldn't change a thing Elvis. That dirty 'ol wife beater looks great on you. LOL!!!!

[ April 07, 2007, 01:30 AM: Message edited by: Thumperpilot ]
We have scheduled meeting with Disney media coming up real soon. Check out just a few of the avenues they have to offer.

Disney Media

Pretty impressive list eh??

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To any Southeasterners reading this: The locals at McDonough's NBL track hosting the regional/national the same weekend as the Falls are lobbying to have the date moved up one week, partially so not to compete with this event and more importantly, not to have to compete with the NASCAR race the same weekend. Cross your fingers that thr NBL listens and you can get double your RDA of national racing in back-to-back weekends.

Shannon, et al at the ABA:

We FLA BMXers are proud of what you have done with Disney.
That said and I know this is asking for a special request BUT
The FLA racers, as you know, are mostly NBL.
I don't know if anything can be done or not, but can a discount or something else be done for FLA NBL Racers. We are ready!!!
I understand whatever decision you guys make and I will be there either way.

ocala bmx is probley going to be aba after the way they treated my kid this weekend. the nbl need the competion maybe they will appreciate the riders more or aleast ill have a choice what santion i wanna race good job aba way to go see you at disney and i heard aba is getting another track in west palm
Im with AG on the discount,looking forward to racing at disney

More info on the ABA Fall Nationals at Disney`s Wide World of Sports Complex
by Shannon Gillette

Disney Packages and Incentives to Attend

Disney is offering two deeply discounted packages for the ABA National weekend. These will be attainable through the Disney web-site link available on our web-site soon.

The Accommodations three (3) or four (4) nights stay at one of the Walt Disney’s World Resorts.

The Disney package #1 is a 3 Room Nights/2-Day Theme Park Ticket

The Disney package #2 is a 4 Room Nights/3-day Theme Park Ticket

Theme Park Tickets – which includes a 2-day or 3-day Magic Your Way w/Magic plus Pack which entitles you (2) or (3) days of admission to the Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot Park, Disney-MGM studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, with the opportunity to visit multiple parks on the same day. It also includes a 1-day admission to Pleasure Island and your choice of 1 admission to a Walt Disney World Water Park or Disney Quest Indoor Interactive Theme Park .

ABA is including an unprecedented National weekend that includes practice on Thursday followed by three National events Friday, Saturday and Sunday . Racing will start at 11am Friday and 8am Saturday & Sunday ending early afternoon each day, giving your family plenty of time to enjoy the fantastic Theme Parks.

Race registration will be available through the ABA web-site until noon on October 23 and at the Disney track 9am through 3pm Thursday Oct. 25th and Friday morning Oct. 26th from 8:00am to 9:30am. Additional registration for racing Saturday & Sunday will be Friday from 12 noon until 3pm and Saturday from 9am until 2pm for Sunday racing. Practice schedules for Thursday and Friday morning will be placed on our web-site with in the week.

ABA is including with each purchase of the #1 or #2 Disney package one (1) free open class entry to be added to your registration for the Disney Cup National day of your choice.

ABA is including with the first 250 a purchases of the #2 package free (2) two hour clinic on Thursday October 25, 2007 on the Disney Cup National track. The clinic will be presented by the ABA and run by 3-time ABA National #1 PRO Bubba Harris and four to eight additional Pros to be named later. Each clinic participant shall receive a commemorative T-shirt and an autographed souvenir booklet.

Disney will be charging a minimal parking fee for the BMX event.

ABA is including with each vehicle that pays a parking fee one (1) free open class entry be added to your registration for the Disney Cup National day of your choice.

ABA is including for the riders in Florida that have never held an ABA membership the following:

Sign up for class for all three days and receive a (1) one year membership FREE.

DISNEY CUP for Teams – Three days of team scores and team payout will be complimented by the addition of the DISNEY CUP which will be given to the team with the best total score when combining all three days. The Cup will have the winning team name and the names of all the riders from that team on the Cup. This will be for all three team divisions. One additional Cup much like the Stanley Cup will remain at Disney Wide World of Sports and be displayed in a prominent place and continue to grow in size with each year’s winners.

DISNEY CUP Payout for Teams – The payout for this weekend is based on the number of teams in Factory & Bike Shop that compete in this three National weekend.

Factory and Bike Shop Teams can enter up to (2) two sheets per day. We only count the best sheet for each day’s payout.

Regular Factory 24 team sheets 32 team sheets

1st = $500 1st = $750 1st = $1,000

2nd = $300 2nd = $500 2nd = $700

3rd = $200 3rd = $400 3rd = $600

4th = $100 4th = $300 4th = $500

Regular Bike Shop 24 team sheets 32 team sheets

1st = $300 1st = $500 1st = $700

2nd = $200 2nd = $400 2nd = $600

3rd = $150 3rd = $350 3rd = $550

4th = $100 4th = $200 4th = $400

The overall Disney Cup Bonus payout will be counting both of your scores each day and the best overall scores will be paid an additional Bonus purse of:


1st = $1,000 2nd = $700 3rd = $ 600 4th = $50 0


1st = $700 2nd = $600 3rd = $550 4th = $500

DISNEY CUP for Riders – Three days of competition will lead to the DISNEY CUP winners in each age class using our State Championship points as the scoring system. These Cups will be presented to the winners after the competition of their main event on Sunday.

PROS – You will have three Pro Series paydays (Women, Vet, AA, A, Pro Cruiser and Pro Open) along with three chances to close the gap on the Pro leaders going into the Grands.

PROS – You will have two hours of autograph signing during each of the three National days. ABA will provide the material to be autographed and promote this locally through the media.

Talk about getting it done


[ April 10, 2007, 06:50 PM: Message edited by: AG ]
Anytime AG, anytime.

I look forward to meeting you at this history making event!
ABA is including for the riders in Florida that have never held an ABA membership the following:

Sign up for class for all three days and receive a (1) one year membership FREE.

Now that is how to promote a race. This one announcement deserves its own thread, Damn Shannon you guys are going big on this one.
This race is gonna be HUGE!!!!! EVeryone needs to make sure to mark this race on your calanders! Big things are coming in the BMX world!!!!!!
I stand in AWE..... It has been a while since I have been this excited about a race.... Not because of the race its self, but I see bigger and better things coming for BMX in the near future....

Mike Fields
I'm coming around and thinking this will be bigger than I originally thought. Point chasers, experimenters, NAG protectors, Disney-lovers and teams interested in making a few bucks.

So far, so good.

And then there's the Disney stuff the ABA folks haven't told us about or finalized.....
The other TBA was mentioned to be So-Cal by Redman at Phoenix. Which Fall race do people think will be bigger. They have always had an East and a West Falls race with the West always being called the Falls. Now with the Disney connection will it finally be the year that the East beats out the West??
Mike Fields
Nah -I'm betting the SoCal TBA (Cutting Edge anyone?) will be 260 motos and the defacto "Falls".

The official Falls will be a medium race of abour 140-160 motos and a huge strategic move for the ABA and the sport. And it will be done in about 3-1/2 hours meaning lots of time for chasing Cinderella!!!
I am putting mouse ears on my helmet, I hope they do not slow me down any more than I already am.
It's weird, I worked at Disneyland in the summer of '92 (for a college program) and had a job offer to work at Disneyworld once that ended. Now I get to work at a national at Disneyworld......full circle.

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