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good job aba way to go see you at disney and i heard aba is getting another track in west palm
Darrin, there is talk, and there is an on line petition somewhere, but mainly it is because there are one or two families who werent treated very nice at the nbl track. i was told thier kids were getting pushed around on the track, so they were trying to get another track so that wouldnt happen. Anyway, the town wont have it, i can tell you that, so it will have to be its own entity. the town will not sanction it. anyway, i dont think thats the best way to teach your kids about competition, and Darrin, i think you know what i mean my friend. Anyway, as for Disney World holding this race, i think this will do a world of good for bmx in general, and a world of good for florida bmx. like i said before, i am very disapointed that the SSA didnt come up with this. I hope i am all healed up, so i can race this one for sure!!
dennis im not going to change doing what i love to do i just hate to have someone tell me something that is not right or a safty issue to my kid that cant even ride a bike. i have more experience on a bike than he will ever have and if i thought for one second what i was doing was a safty hazard to my kid i wouldnt do it. he just has a friend or has it out for me or my kid. but i will get the last word because ill still be riding when hes long gone. hope you are healed up soon so we can race against each other see you soon dennis take care. see you at disney way to go aba
Would love to come down and race!! Especially if they are handing out free memberships for racing class all three days.
Especially if they are handing out free memberships for racing class all three days.
Andy, you might want to re-read that section. Unfortunately you live in the wrong state for that.

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Mike Fields
Hey guys - "Don't ask, don't get".

I bet anyone who hasn't had an ABA membership before, regardless of state of origin might be entitled to a one (1) year membership to the ABBA squad.

But I warn you, after trying the ABA, you might get converted...
Can I get a hoagie?

ABA has the travel packages up on the site:
Mike Fields

I went to both hotel links and didn't see anywhere to specify the "package" for this race. Is that something to do by phone or am I not smart enough to understand their web site.

The Caribbean Resort is in the Epcot are a ways from the Pop Century; what's the transport situation?

Bike lock up or bikes in the hotel (s)?
Mike - my take was that package reservations have to be made through, but the info for the event is not up on their site as of yet.
I went to both hotel links and didn't see anywhere to specify the "package" for this race. Is that something to do by phone or am I not smart enough to understand their web site.

Maybe because the ABA travel packages are ONLY available through GETTravel.


Toll Free 888.877.4445
Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm PST

I will post the ABA hotline on Monday. We posted the packages last night to give you all something to "chew on' during the weekend as the provider is not open. GETTravel is also setting up an ABA link on thier website

Please do not call the Disney resorts directly as they do not have access to the ABA package deals being sold exclusively sold by GETTravel. This was all set up by Disney Wide World of Sports for ABA members.


Shame on you for bothering the big guy on the weekend. You know that the banana bread recipe is a secret. Shannon is on vacation so you won't get an answer there either.

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Mike Fields
Sorry Bill - I'll get your cell next race.

I clicked on the links provided on the PR thinking that was the purpose and didn't see that further down the page was the GETTravel info.

I am delighted that Disney's not in charge of the room bookings as their system is hideous.

Interesting how people are starting to cease the grumbling and think they ought to go to this event!
Awwww, Mike, we eastcoasters haven't been grumbling.... It has been the cause of a lot stir around here..... Even to the point of some funny comments by well, some people, I will share with you in Bakersfield..... I am looking forward to this Disney race, something exciting and outside the box.... Not enough things I can say about the ABA's efforts lately....

Mike Fields
Hey Bunster - the grumbling's all out here on the West Coast.

I think it will be a great taste of something new and fun for everyone back there. I believe you'll see the big ABA teams having to send skeleton squads for the points protection, the moola and the pride!

Looking forward to seeing you next weekend out in Bakersfield. Should be a good 250+ moto turn out.
Hey guys, just wanted to ask about this...

Do you have to be an ABA member to get the package prices? Sounds like a no Brainer, but I'm talking about my wife and myself taking my son down to race.

Does the discount apply to all 3 of us or just my son who is an ABA member
I must be missing something here.

Going by the prices on the ABA site for the packages, it would cost the three of us 813.00 for the 3 night 2 day magic your way with park hopping.

I went to the Pop Century resort webite and put in all the required info for the same length of stay etc, and then added in the cost of three tickets with the park hopping and the price they gave me was 657.92.

So what is included in the ABA package that I'm not aware about? I do know about the clinic, but that is only for the first 250 people who register.

I'm not trying to be a smart ***, I just know there must be something I'm not aware of.
BA Anderson

I did the same thing and got a price of $921.87 for 2 adults and 1 child for three nights hotel, with a 2-day magic your way no hopping.

By all means we want everyone to get the best price. But I'm almost, maybe, possibly 100% positive that the packages are the least expensive way to go. And the packages are for everyone not just members. See you at the race.

Have a Magical Day! (Disney speak)


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oops I did not do my homework before typing

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On the Pop Century site , it says that it is located near the sports complex and tha the Allstar Sports is located by the Animal Kingdom.

I have never been there so I don't know just how close or far away places are from one another, For anyone who knows, how far for example is it from the wide world of sports complex to the Magic Kingdom? That seemed to be the farthest two points from each other.


Under the check rates heading there were two options, one said Vacation packages and the other said rooms. Which one gave you the price you listed?

The vacation package addeded some stuff I wasn't interested in, and they way I got the price I did was just to select the rooms, and then add 3 tickets.
I found out that Disney accepts AAA, so you can book a hotel room only at Pop Century and get a discounted rate.
Disney has just added some more great packages. You don't want miss out on this history making event guys.
Where can we get info on the new packages? I'm just about ready to sign up
Toll Free 888.877.4445 (press option #5 when prompted)
Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm PST
I had just talked to them about a half hour before I saw your post and they only gave me info on the packages that were already listed on the ABA site.
Where will the bikes live when we are not racing?

Will there be a lock down area next to the track?

I'm sure Disney does not want kids riding BMX bikes around the property.

Has this been thought through yet?
Old School Al
Is there practice on Thursday outside of the 3-5pm clinic? Anyone know the schedule?
Practice is from 9:00am to 3:00pm for everyone on Thursday. We'll have some practice on Friday morning as well.

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