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Well apparently the official announcement came out at Black Mountain, The ABA will hold three days of Nationals in the heart of the Florida at Disneyworld, as their "falls" October race. Racing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

How cool could this be?

If Disney is involved it will be quite the spectacle and should be a first rate facility, depending on where they put it. October in Florida should be nice weather and it will give me an excuse to go hit space mountain for a day or so.

Props to the ABA for getting Disney involved.

What are your thoughts about this?
As for me, I give it two thumbs up!!!!
Getting Disney involved is a huge step forward in promoting the sport of BMX racing. Two thumbs up here also. Way to go ABA for this deal........should be interesting.
Think of all the names we can come up with for that race.
Goofy Nationals
Cinderella Nationals (not the band)
Small World Nationals
Dumbo Nationals
Do we get unlimited access to the park with entry fees?
I got to give it up to the ABA for holding a national in a world famous location.
Maybe they could do some live race coverage on ToonDisney TV???????
How about the "Disney Cup"?
Jon Rotten
I am thinkin the *Disneyworlds*
How about the "Disney Cup"?
Now that is what I am talking about.....

I think this is a great step for BMX, I aplaude the ABA for working to get this going, who knows this might become a yearly tradition.....

I have to say, with this national, the east coast has gotten their fair share of ABA Nationals this year. So there is not any excuse to the East Coast to not represent at the ABA Grands.....

I am glad my wife brought with her to our marriage Interval International, this allows us to stay at many resorts world wide, looks like I am booking the 4 bedroom house.....

Thanks to the ABA for something new, this can open many doors for BMX.... I will look for the official press release but this is great....

Big Disney fan and BMX fan, life is great!!!
Steve Bourke
will the ABA have hotel package deals
Look for the track to be a temporary setup built in one of the Parking lots......This would be their way of allowing racers the opportunity to compete without paying theme park entrance fees......

although the disney daily parking rates will make any of our $20 for a weekend look like a real bargain.

We leave this Thursday for a spring break trip to Orlando....Theme Park boot camp is the theme.....7 Parks in 9 days, 15 roller coasters and Daytona Beach during spring break......
Look for the track to be a temporary setup built in one of the Parking lots......This would be their way of allowing racers the opportunity to compete without paying theme park entrance fees......

I just taking a wild guess, but I am betting this is going to be at the Walt Disney World Sport Resort, where there are major league baseball fields, centers built for cheerleading contest, and all other sport courts/fields/areas.....

although the disney daily parking rates will make any of our $20 for a weekend look like a real bargain.

Disney has free parking at the resorts and I am guessing they will have something already worked out, as they host a ton of little league games, cheer competitions, major league spring break games and so on.... Disney also has some of the best transportation, as Disney is bigger then many cities....

I am glad to se something like this and want to focus on the positive and such, until the offical press release is done, none of us will know anything.... Besides, I am sure Gary Ellis will have some very good packages, as he is one of the best out there.....

See you all there.... Well, see you all at other races first, then there......

Fall Nationals - Disney Cup - PRO Series
October 26 - 28, 2007
Orlando, FL,
Disney`s Wide World of Sports® Complex
This be the place:

What a score for the sport and the ABA!
Bill Hayden
Need more info, was ordered by wife to make resevations, and yes I said ordered. Very cool ABA
Cool..... I can't wait!!
Sprite - Caffeine Free
"Need more info, was ordered by wife to make resevations, and yes I said ordered. Very cool ABA "

wait for the press release. The temporary track will be right next to one of the value resorts.

[ March 25, 2007, 11:51 AM: Message edited by: Sprite - Caffeine Free ]
The Tinkerbell Trophies!!!
Since they are calling it the Disney Cup and the ABA does not have a "Worlds" race anymore, make this one the winner of the green plate.

Average the standings over the three nationals and have an overall winner for each class and award them a plate similar to the ROC.

just an Idea.
old bmxcruiser
Richard, did you say 4 bedrooms?, You only need one right? Then there is Stu and Barry. Leave Wellington out. First come first serve, I want in. I may have to come over to the darkside to try it out!


[ March 25, 2007, 08:16 PM: Message edited by: old bmxcruiser ]
Bill... Hmmm, do I see a bidding war??? We might even bring down the Clayborn Team Trailer too.... Mr. Young, you making it to Altanta to try out the darkside, before you head off to WDW for the ABA race there?? We are actually checking to see if we can get more then one house.... I will be letting ya know.... What do you mean leave Welly out, he is the entertainment..... Talk with ya soon....

This race is up against the NBL Southeast Regional Championships in McDonough, GA, so I bet Bill is out again, the Atlanta race is up against a State Qualifier that our beloved State Commish will not skip, and Rockford is up against the Birmingham Regional. So Bill will never be able to make it to an ABA race.

His loss.

I will be in Disneyworld, Atlanta and Rockford. Bunt Welly is booking hotels rooms this week, you need to chat with him before you get your place. I am planning on staying with one of you guys, just keep a bed or bedroom open.
old bmxcruiser
Stu I know exactly when it is. I will probably be in HOrlando. It seems that you and Wellington do better at ABA races, so I should try it if you two can do it.
Major score ABA. Does this mean Mickey, Goofy, and Donald will be riding the parade lap? I don't think anyone makes clips for those big shoes.
Vintage G
3 days of National Racing? Is it true?
I am totally stoked to have another national in Florida!!!!!
3 days of National Racing? Is it true?
Yep, from what I was told, right before the ABA Grands you can get 3 more scores in.... What would be cool is to have special prizes for the Pro winners each day.... Also, for all us East Coast riders it sure helps get the points in for the Grands.... Should be fun and very good for BMX....

The temporary track will be right next to one of the value resorts.

Are we sure it is going to be temporary??? This is what I would like to see, as I know most of the time Disney likes to do things for more then one year..... Sprite, anything in your area developing track wise??

Kudos to the ABA for getting this done
Hopefully this is the start to many things.
Maybe this track stays put and is not torn down after the event.
At one point there was talk about a Disney Woodward and those plans are still open from what I know. The Dew Tour will be in town the weekend before this race. It will be in Downtown Orlando; Disney is a half hour down the road. They do not have a Dew Pro Race scheduled, but that would be great to add that and then the following weekend have the Falls down the road.
Instead of Bike Week, it could be BMX Week.

It's all good, it's even better when it's in your own backyard, well sort of
Thanks for all the great words guys, look for the "official" press release early to mid-week.

And yes G, it is three days worth of fun filled ABA nationals. There are also three more NAG and PRO scores up for grabs. Alot of riders can use this just before the Greatest Race on Earth, the ABA Grands.
Vintage G
Cool. Is the vet pro title being awarded a suzuki of some sorts?
There are more cool announcements to follow too......
man now what race to hit. its cool that the ABA is getten it together in FLA but dang the same weekend as a nbl national so close.
its cool that the ABA is getten it together in FLA but dang the same weekend as a nbl national so close.
Well, being that this is after the NBL Grands, maybe they will not schedule the Southeast regional championship on the same weekend, being their schedule is not out yet for next season, they do have time to adjust it....

Southeast regional Dates have already been set
Screw that race I'm going to Disney World

hey BMX R you just won the NBL Grands, what are you going to do

I'm going to Disney World to race the ABA Falls

how's that for an ad
the dates where already set
Yep, Bunt the NBL dates have been out for a long time. But so has the dates for the ABA as far as having a race on that weekend. It does suck that they have to be on top of each other since they are so geographically close to each other.

Was not as big a deal when it was out west. Oh well, Disney here I come.

[ March 26, 2007, 12:49 PM: Message edited by: HRPdesigns ]
Thumper where's the press release?

Is there going to be an "ABA DEAL" for Disneyworld?
Cool. Is the vet pro title being awarded a suzuki of some sorts?
I believe it is just Nat#1 Am and overall district points leader for the year. Not for Vets.

OK OK, I do not usually keep up with the regional schedules.... Oh well, now I see why I do not go to regionals often...

Stu... Tell Welly he might want to wait till it comes out in a press release before he books his room..... I will try to call him again....

Vintage G
Hey OG, how are you? Are you sure it's not for vets? I was looking at the new bmxer ad and I see the #1 pro cruiser guy and the #1 vet pro guy in the Suzuki ad with it stating that National #1 riders will win Suzukis (with pics showing 4 wheelers and an mx). This ad and pic of Carnes alludes that Vet pro will win one as well. Can anyone from ABA confirm?
Hey G. Doing OK. A little low on power, but I was able to battle and have some fun this weekend. Honestly, I am not sure about the 4 wheelers. My statement was based off some of the announcer comments this weekend. It would be good to get ABA to confirm. Shannon?

OG... Those are the Waverunners going to district winners and such....

Vintage G.... I heard they were going to all #1 pro classes... Which I assumed would be AA, A, Girl, Cruiser, and Vet.... But hey I could be wrong, it would be cool to see that though.... I just checked the ad and it states 8 Suzuki's will be awarded... I am guessing that is also Am Boy, Girl, Cruiser, Girl Cruiser, along with all Pro classes.....
But I could be wrong....

DISNEY WORLD Holding a BMX RACE?!? Sweet! I think a lot of Florida BMX racers will be getting an ABA License now. The website says October, but not too much more info than that. Anyone coming down for the race, make friends with your florida bmx racers, because they get a residents discount on tickets to the parks. This is one ABA BMX race i will be going to. See you all there.
Bunster is Correct...

They are going to all Pro classes..........

[ March 26, 2007, 01:36 PM: Message edited by: mrh ]
I better step up the training.
Is this the final carrot, G?

OG.. we need to connect about this Disney deal, would love to have the Spinners guys staying near us for the race....

Most definitely Buntster. Lets keep in contact as plans progress.

Dale Holmes
I love Florida, G!
Mike Fields
THere were a lot of groans and some dead air in Phoenix when this was announced and the show of support here is friggin' great.

The package I would expect to hear about sounds a bit like this:

- hotel package including parks admission
- 3 days of NAG and Pro scores making the Grands a hell of a lot more interesting for many
- low moto counts in the 125-170 range meaning they'll start at 8 a.m. and be done by noon giving everyone time to actually have time with the family
- two hotels to choose from
- walk to the track
- a special "Stanley Cup" like award for team scores for the three days combined

I think the immediate thoughts of most people, including myself, were around the extra time off school and work and expenses especially so close to the Grands.

However, there's clearly a significant amount of effort, time and strategy at play here as the ABA refuses to go about "business as usual" and the sanctions and many lettered organizations (UCI, USAC, USOC, etc. fight, haggle bicker or just operate independently.

Plus, many of us are West Coasters and this will be a great chance, As The Bunster said, for the East Coasters to be truly competitive at The Greatest Race On Earth. Or just get a taste of well run racing. And Pixie dust.

The strategic value of a long term deal with Disney is ENORMOUS if it brings media coverage and the whole "kid-attraction" to BMX. The kids are the economic engine of this sport. And our future Olympians, pros and role models. Time will tell.

You know what they say about not enjoying the game... If not, then change the shape of the ball, the length of the field or the rules. I think the ABA just did all three.
THere were a lot of groans and some dead air in Phoenix when this was announced and the show of support here is friggin' great.
I would think that a majority of the groans were do to the fact that the westies have had that national in there back pocket for years and probably already had that one chalked up in there schedule for the 2007 season, thinking it would be close. Sorry about that westies, looks like the rat (Mickey Mouse) has some big pull to get the falls this year. Come on over to the right coast and enjoy the southern hospitality, oh wait, it is Orlando, forget the hospitality, it is afterall New England South down that way.

I hope the west coasters start saving there pennies and turn out to support this race. If there is a big showing Disney will have to notice and put more thought and resources into BMX.

If we can prove to Disney that it is something that can draw, think of the possible TV implications, Disney owns the Disney Network, ESPN, and ABC. How does this sound (imagine it in a Brent Mussberger voice) "ABC brings you the Disney Cup, presented by the American Bicycle Association, and proudly sponsored by GT, Gamestop, Redman, Intense, etc..."

The opportunity is there, but we as riders have to show the support and that it will be worth Disneys time and money.

[ March 26, 2007, 05:28 PM: Message edited by: HRPdesigns ]
HRP, you are correct.
...and the kids network Nickelodeon is there too.
Oh the possibilites...................
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