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Hey, I know its a little early, but any locals recommend a close nice hotel with a pool and hot tub?? Is the track close to the fairgrounds?? I know I have been to the fairgrounds in years past for car events and the hotel we stayed at was kinda in the hood...Thanks
Check out the Crossroads Best Western @ 465 & E Wahington, nicer neighborhood and still only 4 miles from the track.
rodbuilder we have a room booked at the Comfort Suites or Inn (im not sure which) at 70 and Shadeland. Im thinking its got an indoor pool and hottub. My wife is in charge of making all the reservations. I'm in for three days of fun and excitement.
Thanks guys, I will have the wife check into them...we will be in for two days...
Tim I think you and Carrie will have a blast at this race. The track is always fun as a ton of stuff to do in Indy
we will be there as well!
OMG Stoneking speaks!
yeah, and I'll be at Steelwheels on Sat. how about you herb?
I will be there. I started going to the gym tonight so im not sure what kind of shape im gonna be in by the end of the week. I finally decided to add a little strength to my game( and try and drop off some of this extra gut I have picked up over the last year and a half). Look for a fitter Herb in 07.
Has anyone seen a schedule of events for this race yet? Will there be a race on Friday night? I really want to get there with my two little guys.
All regionals and nationals have friday pre-races. Age group practice starts at 2:00 racing at 6:30
rodbuilder we stayed at the Comfort Inn a week ago and yes they have pool but no hotub. I would skip this one not much to it. I think the wife is checking into a place with pool and hottub, I'm just not sure what the name is. I will get back with more info.
stoneking, what class did you race in at Steel Wheels on Saturday.........I saw Herb tearing it up on sat
We didnt stick around to race we were afraid of weather coming in on Sat. night. probably a good idea that we got home when we did, was just starting to snow ended up with 3 1/2" or so on Sun. Will probably get back on Feb 10 for a nice warm up to Indy. Maybe this time I can get my buddy to actually race. Herb is also older than I am, I"m 28 ex.
does cross roads have a web site? with a schedule for practice and race days?
they have a website-but info not correct..go to the hotline i guess...317-524-1633
race is on saturday this week...
besides a regional they have an old school race/swap meet/a gathering if you will. and also some racing-thats march-17th. and according to the vbmx thread, racing also on the 18th of march.

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Rich Coles
ummmm Rich the 17th and the 18 ARE the regional dates.
Rich much laquer thinner cleaning
i corrected it...
WOW!! You guys got me all wacked. The regional is in February, not march. That would be Feb.16-18. Friday being the pre-race. Ed, this is Brad, let me know if you think you might sneak down there some time. I am wanting to go once for race or practice before the regional just to check out the track and get the little guys some practice. I'm thinking it's quite possible to sneak down on a morning (Saturday) and get back for the Steel Wheels race on Saturday night. Kinda like Warsaw in the summer.

The website looks to be a work in progress.
how many motos does this race normally have?
around 100 but with the new rebuild and all the improvements it should be a little me with any questions on regional or local track info.Bruce Balay 317-213-3955
Brad, I think that is the same time as the Gator nationals? But I am looking for teresa to get some gate time in and If its ok to hang a few flyers about the oldschool show. Let me know we will hook up and get down there.

Does any one know if you have to hold a Nbl license to practice there?

I would say call Bruce at the # above and he can answer all your ?? Its worth the drive on a Friday night also.
100 motos,thats pretty good for a reg.,the NBL should make that race a nat.
Rich Coles
"the NBL should make that race a nat"

all though they utilize what they have very well, space is at a premium come regional time.

Gets a bit crowded, but nothing unbearable.

definelty a good regional to hit.

rodbuilder I finally found out what the wife is doing. We are staying at the Hawthorne Inn (Suites) 70 and Shadeland (northeast corner). There is a indoor pool and hottub, she said $94 a night.
We got a room at the Ramada, she liked what it sounded know what ever she wants...LOL
I hear ya - I'll be there all three days be sure and look us up, we're not hard to find.
There is a pile of dirt right next to the big doubles that wold make a really good landing...
I thought if I brought my box jump launch in, we could have a kick-arse jumping contest in there... set up is perfect for it. plenty of run-up, plenty of room, and a perfect landing... all good.

It would really add to the national. Some are afraid people would get hurt, but hey, this IS BMX, and I absolutely GUARANTEE their will be more injuries from the racing than their would be from the contest. in fact, their probably wont be any injuries from the contest. Experience talking here.

They were going to use the dirt elsewhere, but it hasn't been done, and many douby it will be, so if it is still there, no reason not too??? right??? let me know what ya'll think.
Hey Woody, That dirt was put there for that reason!! Tom just ran out of time (and select) and the takeoff was never made. the overhead is clear.
After the rebuild some thought it was a stupid idea and it seems to have been forgot about ,maybe it's an insurance thing. I'm sure you know ways around that!
Matt was in favor of it ,he would be the one to talk to.
Good luck with it.

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