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QUOTE ( @ Jan 26 2008, 10:29 PM) *
If it left LA you may have seen it this week. You might be lucky but my guess is early the following week.

I had something stuck in Chicago for a couple of weeks. When the seller made enquiries, it was found that the tag had been ripped from the package accidently and nobody knew where it was supposed to go! This was in there:

Moral of the story - monitor the tracking.

I'm looking to thin the collection a little as I have too much to build. I've just listed an 83 JMC Shadow F/F on aussie ebay if anyone is interested.

Will also be offloading the following frame and fork sets if anyone is interested: 82/83 GTP Pro (Chrome) and 84ish Profile Champ (Black). If anyone is interested let me know, make an offer or wait for ebay.
Added fresh pics to my Moosegoose resto topic. biggrin.gif
QUOTE (waza007 @ Feb 4 2008, 10:35 PM) *
Man that floval only went for $705 and the mini riper wenmt for $770
thats crazy. the floval had se cruiser bars on it!!

waz , i had a few email swaps with the seller and missed the ending by 2 mins , nearly got a speeding ticket for the effort . i bid early to show interest . that was a good buy for the winner .
The seller told me they had a $900 cash offer on the floval , i told her it would go for $1000+ ..... OH WELL !
QUOTE (ACGTO @ Apr 7 2009, 11:51 AM) *
Mike, not sure who it is but they're repro's so don't think I'd be paying that much.

Do you know when these repro's where done? Looks like the tag on the pads from Justin (Joker).

Hehe, oh yeah, I know they are repro's, and they look to be Bill C's ones. Thats why I asked, as I agree, the header tag looks like Justins header tag. I dont know what is up with that. Those repro's were done about two to three years ago from memory. I have two sets of them.

$150 is just plain highway robbery!
I didn't even pay that for these:

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