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Sorry Stu. I devloped the same drinking problem as Matt last night with a client and couldn't help myself when I got home. Hopefully none of that carried over into the project reports I was writing and sent off last night.
You guys seen this...
QUOTE (JMCGT @ Aug 5 2008, 07:59 PM) *
i am talking the long red brick cleaning gloves..very H/duty.. the ones that take a few seconds to take off when you have caustic in them..

These aren't suitable for heavy Acids, they're "heavy duty" to help you handle bricks without tearing thru gloves.

Even when it comes to using REAL gloves, the trick is NOT to immerse them in acid anyway, you use tongs and hooks to pull your job out of the bath, the gloves are used to prevent spillage and drips from skin-contact.
IF your gloves become sprayed-dripped or dipped in acid then you're meant to dip your gloves in the clean-rinse (water) bucket next to your job to remove the acids, then resume your work again.

Of course you all have a clean rinse bucket filled and nearby dont you?????? oops!

I can't imagine anyone would lift their frame out of a tub, walk across the back lawn to the tap for a rinse??? that'd never happen huh???? cool.gif ,
Don't worry about the kids or pets walking on the lawn getting itchy burny feet....She'll be right mate cool.gif

All i can suggest (again) is you all go download the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for ALL the chemicals you use, and understand see how letheal they are and what affects they have on you, you'll be amazed how quickly you can be blinded,paralyzed,stroke,cancer etc etc by ignoring the information.

Upto You laugh.gif

BMX, Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll - and safety!
Hopefully the material safety data sheets aren't as condescending as some of the posts here.

Marty, whilst we appreciate being reminded of these things, you're giving me the impression you think we are lucky to have survived all these years despite our ignorance and stupidity.
LOL James. Generously diplomatic!

Hey - did you see Kings of Leon released a new single this week - new album around the corner.
Maybe it's EXACTLY that, people have been very lucky, whilst being stupid & ignorant wacko.gif
Why is it every time you come in here you are lecturing us, MrBMX?

T e d i o u s....

Only time he seems to come out from under the bridge.

Anyway - probably best to just ignore him I think!
Brick cleaning gloves , Marty..
Brickies done use gloves...
Not the ones that built the last 60 homes i built...and Friday mornings were when i did my oh&s safety walks with my employees.
But thanks for the headsup....Guess sometimes you have to be there to see how someones conducts there operations..

And Adam!!,, i dont
Geez Paypal is a ripoff.

US to Aussie exchange rate has dropped a little this week - but still just under 92c to the USD.

Paypal did a currency exchange on a purchase for me today at around 89c to the USD.

Rogues - but we're stuffed without them buying from the USA I guess. We're definitely a milking cow though...
I just got a lime green haro delivered...Ha Ha... race Matt goes freestyle..
thats why i was interested in yours James..
Don't tell me your turning now Matt??
Stu. I think he could be.

First he's now into "POLISHING" and now green freestyle bikes. Bit concerned about the no protection policy too. Didn't you ever see the grim reaper ads Matt.
JMCGT guys...blush ....
just want to come riding with you Stu, cant have you busting moves on your trickstar by yourself
QUOTE (ACGTO @ Aug 5 2008, 12:24 PM) *
Matt - My wife had that problem one time. Too much polishing and it got her in the eye. She's never been the same since. Hope you're ok mate.

I believe there are web sites dedicated to this kinda stuff!!

tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif
My new project is here and I am ready to begin building it! It wont be a show stopper, more of a restored "survivor" so to speak.

I just need to find some Team Jag stickers now

At least it doesnt need an Oxalic Acid bath!!!! wink.gif

Holy Crap! Reece. Thats mint. I do love a good Jag. We had a green one in a shop near me as a kid and nobody wanted it. Typical.
I have an 87 FST F/F I need to off load. Gotta a kuwi I need to pay for! Freestyle? Whats that?
It's OK too Marty. I do take safety issues very lightly I know. I get it from my old man. Gloves?? Pfft.
I had my bath locked in the shed. I did have it on the back table and it was very shaky. It could have got ugly. The grass was dead anyway...
That looks in great condition Reece.

Matt, my green 86 Sport will be a little way off because I need to get the brakes off Stu and plan on picking them up next month. I thought you were talking about my white one which is what I worked on last weekend.
Beautiful Jag Reece. Love your new GIF mate. Torched meathead! Don't forget kiddies - put fireworks on your todger - but check the MSDS for gunpowder first - lol
I'm with you too Reece - really love the clean survivor "style" nowadays.

It's OK Matt - you have to love yourself before you can love someone else. Who said that - Bonnie Tyler or Celine Dion or Warwick Capper or someone. Just be sure to check the MSDS first and wear protection! Hey - did you see the repop Patty pads...
That's a very nice frame Reece, it's looks super clean - has it had a re-chrome? I remember them with more of a 'tarnished' finish (?)
A mate raced one of them BITD, I remember he picked it up 2nd hand at the LBS, he's such an old hoarder I'd say it's still sitting in his folks shed somewhere, along with his first car, model cars/sailboats etc etc....
Thanks for all the comments guys! I believe it to be original finish but it looks to have been polished I think. It still has signs of the candy red paint near the BB and head tube
NO James.. i got a green haro...but love your white one..and i am STILL waiting for pics>LOL
and Kurt, i love myself all the time... oh thats it... go away please!! i,m busy
unsure.gif Worksafe is here, quick hide. ph34r.gif
HowardinOz are one very funny man. I'm still not sure if Marty caught on.
So Marty...did I deserve this?

The culprit:

I always, Always, ALWAYS wear protective equipment. Whilst mowing...ear muffs, glasses, overalls, work drilling or handling chemicals such as MEK, Ammonia as well as other BAD stuff...gloves, goggles and when necessary a respirator.
I had a 'brain fart' and didn't 'think' to put on glasses.
The lid of the paint stripper can actually split around the neck where the screw cap meets the top of the can and BOOM! A face full of industrial paint stripper.
The 'Bali Bombers' 'deserve' what they have coming, Rapists 'deserve' what they get in the can. I don't think I 'deserved' this.
One stupid....yes...'STUPID' mistake.
I learn't from it....luckily for me no damage to my eyes.
The 'blink' reflex is pretty quick.
Please...everybody...make sure you ATLEAST wear goggles/glasses when handling ANY chemicals. You have no idea of the INSTANT anguish and FEAR I went through.
First thing to go through my mind..."Oh hell....not my eyes".
Second "will I ever be able to see my kids again?".

P.S. Would you believe...I'm the chairman of our safety committee at work...and am known as the 'safety nazi'. Lol!

P.S.S. Sorry for the ugly pic's...hope no little kids or cute furry animals are scared by them.
howard ffs, not the eyes... 15 years in the auto trade i found out i had magnetic eyes... diddnt matter what it was, it was destined for the eyes... and that was always wearin safty shizzle... they dont grow back.. thats what the doc told me anyway...
farkin scary i bet...

headin over your way tomoro to...

and no animals or children were hurt here...

We WILL catch up for a beer one day!
hell yeah sounds good...
At least Howie has shown a simple everyday example, it CAN and DOES happen to i said earlier, and now howie says "at least try" to wear glasses or a mask etc.

I'm just highlighting that ignorance to these chemicals will only get you in trouble, acid in the eye doesn't give you a bad day, it changes your life!

Helmet-polishers with smart attitudes like Kurt and 84profile can laugh all you want, Ignore me, but dont ignore some common sense when you're playing bikes in the backyard.

From one passionate oldschooler to all you others, just be careful with the chems you meddle with.

Otherwise, go suck on seatpoles angry.gif
No one is arguing the need not to be safe with chemicals - what we dislike is when people only see fit to pop onto the thread when they need to act all high and mighty. Does it help your polishing to act that way Marty?
This one of the reasons I have avoided this thread in the past...and I know why others still do...

I normally just igonore this junk....

Marty, every single time you come in here, you have the holy than God attitude...seriously boring...time after time you have a crack at people for no good come on here spray a bunch of B/S then you are gone...not the spirit of hobby...

You have no idea how I handle chemicals, let alone anyone else..start flying off at people about leaving acid on the grass in the backyard for the kids to walk over??? I've seen the results of Matt's work first hand and you don't get results like that if you are careless...accident do happen, precautions should be taken for sure...Thanks for stating the O B V I O U S!

I guess I'll get detention now...

I must not respond to knobs
I must not respond to knobs

Kurt, i dont live on this site 24/7, i have a job and do far too much 'offline' with bikes'n'hobbies to be here as a regular.

Besides, with all the postings of hot cars, boats, wives'n'kids (none of which i have), what would be the point of me posting anything then?

When i see something blatantly silly, like the lazy attitude to chemicals whilst restoring bike parts, i feel compelled to give people a wakeup nudge, not to treat safety so lightly, now that howie has shared with us, i'm hoping that's helped all you guys go buy goggles in the next few days....

Laugh it off all you like, but chemical accidents will change your life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next time you dip your hand into oxalic acid, think about what it's REALLY doing, even though "i don't feel anything wrong, it must be ok"....

FYI: i perform a lot of Oxalyic work, plus copper/nickel/chroming & anodising too, i work with some bad-a$$ chem's and although it's a real pain in the butt to put on all the protection each time i do a 'run' of items, i live to talk about it.

I'm here for BMX, but many of you guys lead it astray and easily off-topic....

Enjoy your BMX passion, and live to share it !!!!!!!!!!!
Marty, are you a forum moderator here?

Do we need to be told, by the teacher, that there are no cars, no boats, no wife, no kids comments ever to be made...seriously...I'm actually interested in brief information about all of the above...what's the thread called??? "Who is from Australia?" not "Health and Safety 101"....

The ridiculous crap that has gone in here previously, like oh don't show all those exotic parts unless it's a complete build, don't show a boat, it's not BMX, no cars, ever...blah, blah

When was the last time you posted a build Marty? Do you have any? Why don't you change the subject and show us something constructive?
here we go again........o........k.......
Those tins of paint stripper are really dangerous, I have had the exact same thing happen to me. Open the lid and bang, out shoots paint stripper on to your face. Luckily for me I was wearing safety glasses, so it was only a few spots on my face, but could of been worse. I try to avoid that stuff altogether now.
You would think they could come up with a safer way to package paint stripper.
Unfortunately no matter how it's packaged it still becomes fairly pressurised at moderate garage temperatures.

People are often impatient and want to open the container immediately....a big No No.
Instead, You should De-Gas the container (also called 'cracking').
Unscrew the lid 1/4 turn only (or lifting 1 edge only for paint/chemincal tins) to release the pressurised air first, wait for all air to escape (no more hissing) THEN, continue to remove the splats!!!

Oddly enough, people are very cautious about opening a bottle of soft drink in fear of it fizzing and spraying everywhere, but slam dunk into a can of acid without hesitation.....what the ?????/

When a container says "store in COOL dry area" they mean it ;-)

The best bet is to always wear a full-face shield (bunnings $5) it's like a flipdown welding mask, but it's simply a clear plastic curved screen (like a medical blood-shield).
Also point the tin away from you when opening.

Inferior human design makes us always lean 'over' a can when we open it, try to modify this practice by always opening cans at ARMS LENGTH away from yourself.
The amount of splashes, splats and ruined clothing will be diminished some 90%+ using this simple method.

ALWAYS Keep a bucket of WATER next to you while playing with paint stripper.
Water neutralizes paint stripper into a gelatonous goop upon contact, this can save you from immediate burning before needing to call an ambulance with one of your remaining stubs ;-)

QUOTE (onefivetwo @ Aug 7 2008, 12:36 AM) *
Those tins of paint stripper are really dangerous, I have had the exact same thing happen to me. Open the lid and bang, out shoots paint stripper on to your face. Luckily for me I was wearing safety glasses, so it was only a few spots on my face, but could of been worse. I try to avoid that stuff altogether now.
You would think they could come up with a safer way to package paint stripper.
I always de-gas the cans when opening. That can also had a hole in the bottom so one woud pressure.
Unfortunately, the contents had 're-sealed' the can and when I tried to de-gas it...the can actually split at the neck where the thread meets the top of the can (guess I twisted it too hard).
My mistake (apart from not wearing glasses) was to 'ASSuME' the hole in the bottom meant the can was depressurized.
Two obvious improvements to the packaging would be:

1. A big warning sticker on the lid, (not in small print on the side of the tin!) would help remind users of the danger.

2 Impoved lid designed to release any pressure build up before the lid is fully off.

Paint stripper is serious stuff, I do think it could be packed better to reflect the fact.
Maybe it should all be 2-part mix
Piston Broke
QUOTE (Mr.BMX @ Aug 7 2008, 02:14 AM) *
Instead, You should De-Gas the container (also called 'cracking').

I open my paint stripper slowly. But what I find a simple technique is just to hold a rag over the top of the can and open the lid with the rag. The rag is draped over the whole can.

QUOTE (Mr.BMX @ Aug 7 2008, 02:14 AM) *
Inferior human design makes us always lean 'over' a can when we open it, try to modify this practice by always opening cans at ARMS LENGTH away from yourself.

No. Human ambivalence to danger makes us lean over a can when we open it. Our "inferior human design" as you put it just means we need to adapt our behaviour to play safe. I can't speak for everyone, but I happen to think my design is pretty darn good. biggrin.gif

Sorry to bring this back to some sensibility, but is Oxalic Acid really that nasty? I mean, I ain't drinking it or washing the kids in the stuff, but I have no problem putting my hand into the tub to pull out a seatpost or chainring or something. Obviously wash and rinse afterwards, but I feel no discomfort, burning, tingling or nagging from the wife. Gees, how strong are you guys mixing this stuff!?

Good question.

The MSDS on OA refers to the pure version of the chemical. I wouldn't want to lick my finger and dip it in the pure crystals.

I use rubber acid gloves and eye protection when I handle the stuff - but it is so heavily diluted I personally doubt there's any long term health effects from it.

Probably the best argument to protect yourself is that if you are slack with OA - you could get in the habit of being slack with chemicals in general - and if you are slack with paint stripper, or caustic soda or hydrochloric acid, you are in a world of pain.

Contrary to belief in some circles rolleyes.gif most have the guys here have made it to 40+ due to a bit more than dumb luck and ignorance! No need to teach grannie to suck eggs!!!


Oxalyic is like many chems, you dont feel it do anything, therefore it must be ok?????

Over time (many many hand dips) there'll come a day when yourt hand becomes paralized for no apparent reason.
Other than that, secondary chemicals as simple as basic metho or petrol etc can create a new chemical imblance within your skin structure (mixing with embedded oxalyic particles) and overnight your hand can swell, shed skin, turn black or fall off....neiterh of which you would want to experience.

Please be aware that although you don't feel most chemicals causing any pain or burning on the day of contact, it is soaking into your skin and even into your bones for a nasty surprise sometime in the future.

Washing your hands after any chemwork is great the for the exterior surface, but beware of the timbomb asking deep inside....waiting....waiting......

(i'll try try find the official links) but here's an example:
A lady worked in he car detailing industry for 10+ years, her specialty was wheel detail, polishing mag wheels with an assortment of alloy/magaznese polising chems.
No gloves, just a cleaning solution on a rag and wipe the wheels.

10+ years later, she's cleaning her kitchware with a mild caustic solution to remove silverware stains and corrosion.....and overnight she awakes with hands that she cant open or control.
The doctors examine and find that the caustic solutiuon has eaten all the alloy/maganese products in her hands (from her wheel-wiping days), eating the marrow out of her fingers, leaving them with no choice but to amputate both hands.

At the end of the day, just dont dip bare hands into ANY chemicals.

Agree with Kurt, "if you get slack in one area, it'll probably spread to other areas" when it comes to chemical handling.
Forgot to put the washing up gloves on this morning when I did the dishes...crap I'm in for a world of pain...

Perhaps this topic should be moved to Tech and Restoration, seems a little off topic...
on topic:

I'm looking for some Cheng Shin C183 knobbies.... or any leads on a good seller?

thanks smile.gif
like this?

If so, I remember seeing these in a local shop over here. I'll make a couple of calls and see if I can get a price and avail for you Mark

Piston Broke
QUOTE (Kurt. @ Aug 7 2008, 04:34 AM) *
Contrary to belief in some circles rolleyes.gif most have the guys here have made it to 40+ due to a bit more than dumb luck and ignorance! No need to teach grannie to suck eggs!!!

No, I think in my case it's dumb luck.

I recall when I was in my 20s, helping my father weld up some linkage on a gearbox for one of his FJs, a spark hit a drum of petrol he was using to wash parts. The petrol ignited and we both lost eyebrows and sideburns. Dad went for the garden tap to splash himself and I grabbed a heap of rags to smother the drum. The same rags that we were using to wipe off the washed parts. As I got to the tap myself, the drum with rags went up.

And where does the "instinct" to lean over a carby come from when you're tuning it and the bloody thing backfires and you cop a face full of flame? Yep, done that one too.

broke L345
here's a pic of my wife and I at FIJI on my birthday.

OH ooops, for those BMXres who find this offensive, picture us chrome plated or better still with a hutch in front of us. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

I think Australia has gone a bit safety crazy personally, I mean I have to drive at 40k outside a high school. If those kids don't know how to look before crossing by that age there is something wrong. I also have to put up a pool fence even if I don't have kids just incase one jumps over my fence??? I hate to say it but if the little bugger can jump my fence I reccon it could jump a little pool thingy.

what about the carbon??

sorry guys just messin around. I just wanted to show off my hot wife rolleyes.gif

She's the one in the skirt on my right.
You're looking a lot happier than I did on my 40th, although the only photo I have from the day was taken at about 5:30am so that might have had something to do with it.
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