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Full Version: Downhilling yesterday & going first class. > Special Interests > Road Racing
Nothing like getting picked up in this brand new rig & pulling into the Deer Valley parking lot looking like pros!
Halvey, Platform Vinnie, d, casey & myself had a great day downhilling at the DV Ski resort yesterday.

Where's the DH bikes? We want pics of the DH bikes!! LOL

Nice rig for sure, were the kids lining up for autographs and you parked it? I'm sure every other biker out there were wonder who was going to be stepping out of that van. Nice way to travel for sure. Gotta any pics on how the inside to set up?
Have ya seen Lopes' Sprinter set-up?

Mike Corvin
Naw, those are perfect bikes to rip up DV on. Except for a couple trails here and there, DV is groomed out, butter-smooth and real fast.
The "groomed" aspect, and trouble with a couple patrollers who liked to throw their weight around, (not Susan, Darrell or Little Steve, they are good people) kept most of us riding at Park City instead. Plus, PC would honor your ski pass from the previous season (they don't anymore, I hear) so, free chair rides. I rode DV usually while "working" for The Mountain Bike School that my good friend Karl Lund used to run (since absorbed by DV) since a day guiding rich people's kids around the mountain would get me a free pass for the day. I'd wear the kids out in a couple hours, drop them off to their P's, get a little tippie (usually 40 bucks, rich people appreciate someone taking the kids off their hands for a while) then go ride for myself. Ahh, those were the days...

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